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  1. sdibbers

    Romantic Road

    I live five blocks from Holstens Ice Cream Parlor, The site of the last scene in The Soprano's, plus featured in the Many Saints.
  2. sdibbers

    Rovers and Life on Mars plus a Ford DCI Hunt style!

    Ooo, Farscape! And of course Firefly.
  3. sdibbers

    Rovers and Life on Mars plus a Ford DCI Hunt style!

    @gche Nice one on getting it available again. It’s a pain to find in the US
  4. sdibbers

    Short Wife

    I’d add the thread is 1/4”-28 UNC. If you can get Allen head socket screws it’s a lot easier to fit than the original cross head screws.
  5. sdibbers

    a minor thing, but wondered if its just me!

    Yep, that's what I do. Have the handle facing across the boot and slightly towards the rear screen.
  6. sdibbers

    2200tc rough idling when hot

    As for the fuel system and ethanol I made these changes: (1) Replaced any rubber fuel line with ethanol safe hose. (2) Replaced the o rings with Viton O ring as the originals swell and break down in ethanol. (3) If you haven’t already get a new seal kit for the HIF’s as the newer Burlen kits...
  7. sdibbers

    2200tc rough idling when hot

    Hi Tom, you’ve just switched to ethanol fuel in the UK right? I fitted hif6 carbs to my car here in the states a few years ago and had major problems with idle on hot days (even flooding from the overflow ports of the float chamber!). It took me a good while to find the culprit. ethanol lowers...
  8. sdibbers

    Driving with an automatic

    I used to have a VW Golf auto and only really used '2' for snow. Its rather like using second gear to pull away in snow and ice on a manual to limit torque at the wheels.
  9. sdibbers

    leds in dash indicators problem.

    Can’t help you on the circular speedo removal but on the indicators I can. Those are classic symptoms of poor connections in the indicator system. First suspect would be the earth to the front indicators and their mazak housing. They tend to get pretty corroded from the back causing a poor...
  10. sdibbers

    Heater air flow leaks

    I believe the matrix are the same for all markets. You can try hooking the hose to the hit tap and running it through the matrix. Feel for cold spots in the mesh as that’ll indicate a blockage.
  11. sdibbers

    Rovers and Life on Mars plus a Ford DCI Hunt style!

    It was in an underground car park in Caprica, when Starbuck went back. I agree, a really great piece of story telling as a whole series.
  12. sdibbers

    Rovers and Life on Mars plus a Ford DCI Hunt style!

    There’s also a P6 in the background of some episodes of the re-booted Battlestar Galactica. I guess they are seen as futuristic in some parts.
  13. sdibbers

    QH part number.

    Might be worth calling him. I think the website is sometimes a little behind reality.
  14. sdibbers

    QH part number.

    Mark Grey had them for a good while. But his website says unavailable at the moment. TOP BALL JOINT [UK Manufacture] (top) BOTTOM BALL JOINT [UK Manufacture] (Bottom)
  15. sdibbers

    Heat always on

    If I recall correctly the heater hoses also provide heating and cooling to the intake manifold, I agree with @roverp480 that closing it off isn’t a great idea.
  16. sdibbers

    Heat always on

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned here yet is that the foam gaskets in the heater degrade and fall apart. I had that on my car and had too much heat in the summer and not enough in the winter. So, if the flaps look like they are moving it could well be that. I dismantled the heater unit and...
  17. sdibbers

    3D design and printing

    @chrisw the challenge with the steering wheel centres and 3D printing is that they need to be printed in a clear material. At present there’s only a couple of 3D printing technologies that can produce clear parts: (1) FDM is a technology that extrudes a filament of plastic in layers to creat...
  18. sdibbers

    Engine whine at mid RPMs

    I had a Rolon tensioner fail in the bottom of the engine within 500 miles. The sound came from just next to the alternator. When I drained the oil the were swirls of aluminium from where the foot’s baseplate had been eaten by the chain. Not fun to replace either.
  19. sdibbers

    Engine mounts (4-cyl)

    I didn’t have to on the brackets (they have pretty open holes for initial alignment). You do have to open up the holes in the base unit a small amount though.
  20. sdibbers

    Instruments playing up .

    It means that there’s A good ground to the binnacle and the problem is related to just the affected circuit. I would suspect that you might have another ground that’s not working or dirty. With the instruments I would also suspect the voltage regulator. I think your first thing to do is go...
  21. sdibbers

    Securon 500/30 front inertia seatbelts

    @Demetris and @PeterZRH Thanks for the positive ID. Time to find them!
  22. sdibbers

    Securon 500/30 front inertia seatbelts

    That's going to be a problem, I'm 6'2". Static it is then.
  23. sdibbers

    Securon 500/30 front inertia seatbelts

    Wins state it doesn't. So now I'm more confused than ever...
  24. sdibbers

    Securon 500/30 front inertia seatbelts

    I know what you mean, I feel like goldfish these days.....
  25. sdibbers

    Securon 500/30 front inertia seatbelts

    Does anybody know if the Securon 500/30 inertia seatbelts will fit into a series I interior? I know the SII seats had a cut out to feet the reels but I vaguely remember that there was a 'slimline' option available now? I do need to replace my belts due to age, and although the static ones look...