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  1. rockdemon

    New donations link

    Hi All, There's an issue with the previous paypal link, so i'd appreciate it if you could donate to this one going forward! Donate Here :) Thanks, Rich
  2. rockdemon

    Happy New Year

    Wishing you all a fantastic 2020 :-)
  3. rockdemon

    sad day

    Giving something up because of an unexpected disability is hard. Goodbye sleipnir or Rovey as pj called the car.
  4. rockdemon

    Future of the forum

    Hi all, As some of you know I've had health issues for the past year which mean I couldnt drive or maintain the rover anymore, and the car has now been bought and will be going this week. I had Cauda equina syndrome, which meant I had to have a disectomy and decompression surgery to alleviate...
  5. rockdemon

    keys to the forum

    Hi everyone, For those that dont know i've had a bit of a rough time recently culminating in surgery on my spine on saturday. Whilst on this occasion it seems that everything is well, it did occcur to me that i'm a potential point of failure of the forum so i think i somehow need to make sure...
  6. rockdemon

    East Midlands Rovers meet 2nd April.

    2nd April 7pm at the anchor in hathern. Organised by the rover P6 club but all rovers are welcome :-)
  7. rockdemon

    Sleipnir/PAE (OR Rovey to Phoebe!) - SOLD

    I’m putting up for sale my much-loved Rover P6 3500. I’ve had several issues with my back and an operation and I think it’s come to the time when I know I can’t maintain or look after it anymore. I’ve loved owning and driving one of the oldest production V8 cars. I’ve learned to weld to keep it...
  8. rockdemon

    Merry Christmas and a happy New year.

    Just wanted to wish a great Christmas rovering or otherwise to you and your families :-)
  9. rockdemon


    Hi all, Please have a look around the new functions! Let me know what you think about the new functions/layout and I'll try help/fix anything that is disliked! Thanks, Rich
  10. rockdemon

    Engine time :)

    Finally making a start on building a less noisy/tappy/clattery engine for Sleipnir. The engine came from Stan - a kind donation :) I've just been cleaning off all the muck. The next stage will be to remove the cam and crank/pistons. Is there any sort of retention for take the cam out...
  11. rockdemon

    Doing silly things for money...

    Hi Everyone, It's been a couple of years since I did anything silly to raise money for a good cause. I'm two years older, and not as fit as I was back then, but on october 14th I'm running The Royal Parks Half Marathon in london to raise money for 'Ambitious about Autism'. Those of you that...
  12. rockdemon

    Rover p4 and p5 sections

    Hi all, I've noticed we have a few rover p4 owners joining recently and i'm wondering whether we should create p4/5/3/SD1 sections? I know there are other forums for most of these cars, but if the people are here should we cater? All opinions welcome :) Thanks, Rich
  13. rockdemon

    They say sex sells...

    @cobraboy I was parked next to this beauty at Burleigh....
  14. rockdemon

    Anybody interested in any of this lot?

    There are a couple of starters - maybe good for exchange, the relay for the charging circuit, 1 exhaust manifold, an inlet manifold, bonnet insulation holders....
  15. rockdemon

    LT77, pedals and a bellhousing

    I'm not sure if the bellhousing is the correct one (it was sold as being so but looks big to me!) - tell me how to tell the difference and i'll let you know. Box was sold to me as good, but i cant tell you 100% as i obviously have never run it. I'm going to stick with the BW 35... £150...
  16. rockdemon

    Merry Christmas

    Just to wish you all a lovely Christmas and a happy new year :) Hopefully Santa will bring lots of Rover related goodies for everyone.
  17. rockdemon


    Hi all. I've been offered a decent 3.9 at a good price. Just wondering if besides swapping all the ancillaries sump timing cover and swapping the needles there is any other engineering required to fit it? If not I'm very tempted to pay the money.... Thanks Rich
  18. rockdemon

    Should we allow negative reviews and feedback!

    A long time coming... so have your say. I'm not promising to carry out the result but I want to know what exactly people do think of this. Thanks Rich
  19. rockdemon

    New for sale watch page

    Federal Rovers Andries is trying to keep a watch on p6s for sale in different places. Always good to have extra sources!
  20. rockdemon

    snatching in and out of gear

    A couple of weeks ago i was forced by a flat battery on the saab to take sleipnir on a 200 mile jaunt at very short notice - so where normally before a long journey i'd have checked levels etc, i didnt have chance. On the journey there it seemed to have issues when going over 70 - i though...
  21. rockdemon

    Sleipnir's very early original engine

    Hi guys, I've finally started dismantling the original engine from the car from the point of view of getting it in tip top condition before the 50th anniversary celebration of the v8 in August. I'm concerned that there seems to be some rust in the bores. Obviously I need to remove the...
  22. rockdemon

    Interior colouring

    HI guys, I Have a complete interior which I'm thinking of swapping in. I would like to colour the leather and the vinyl so I was wondering what has worked well for other people.? Thanks in advance!
  23. rockdemon

    Water & rusty bits coming in at the top of the front windscreen...

    Didnt have much time yesterday but did have a peek inside the front bit of the headline and it looks like there is condensation or drops all along the front inner roof rail. Any advice before i start dismantling the rest of the headlining gratefully received. Rich
  24. rockdemon


    Just a quick note to wish you all a great Christmas. May all your rovering yuletide dreams come true :):)
  25. rockdemon

    Engine Stand

    Hi All, I've recently procured an engine stand to begin stripping down Sleipnir's original engine. I'm guessing it's usual to attach it to the bolts where the bell housing would go. Does anybody know what sort of studding/bolts i need to procure in order to hold it in the air securely? THanks...