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    Dunlop Hand brake cable, early Rover 2000.

    Does anyone have an idea who might have these. I have checked Mark Grey, Wadhams, and Wins without success.
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    Tab washer.

    Rover part number 2819 is missing from my car along with one of the 3/8 in bolts fixing the front mounting bracket to the base unit. The bracket holds the extension housing of the differential. This looks to be a rectangular washer that spreads the load over the bracket a bit. However it shows...
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    Oil Filter Dissection.

    A suggestion came up in my youtube feed a month or so ago to view oil filters that have been cut open to inspect for quality. So I decided to purchase an oil filter cutter, since there are no videos on youtube covering filters that fit the Rover 2000 motor. The most commonly available filter...
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    Immersion heater.

    I have been enjoying the New York Winter. The temperature has not been above freezing now for about 2 months. My Rover does not like the New York Winter. I need to start it to move it a short distance to the workshop where I am going to do some welding. Looks like I will need to used a...
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    Improving Cooling 4 cylinder motor.

    I was inspired by Demetris to go a different route to improve the cooling on my Rover 2000 automatic. I was going to fit an electric fan, however I decided to install an 11 blade fan and a fan clutch instead. Then fan clutch I installed was for a Jaguar XJ-6, Hayden 2765. This has a flange with...
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    Exhaust valves.

    Looking at my 1966 parts catalogue (2000 SC) it shows 2 part numbers for exhaust valves, one for 4 speed models and the other for automatics. Does anyone know what the difference is? I suspect that they started running the stellite valves first in the automatics, as they tend to run warmer, and...
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    BW35 gearbox mount.

    The last time I had my BW35 gearbox serviced I was told that I need to replace the gearbox mount, as the old one has broken down somewhat. I have bought the mount, and looking at the diagrams it looks like I can support the box, undo the two nuts which hold the shaft for rear mounting to base...
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    Jaguar versus Rover 2000 dunlop brakes.

    The handbrake on my 66 Rover 2000 do not work that well. I did improve them by fiddling about with the adjuster bolt. While doing this, I noticed that the retractor plate forks were broken. I have found something very similar on ebay, for and E type jaguar. Does anyone know if the are the same...
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    $2000 for a steering wheel.

    At this price it should be gold plated. ... 19c2bfbdec
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    Rover P6 and SD1 parts.

    I just bought some bearings off a gentleman in Germany off Ebay. He has a whole list of P6 and SD1 parts, which he it trying to move out of his barn. His email address is gockelnc at a​ and the guy's name is Christoph. I just tried to upload a list of the parts he has for sale, but could...
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    Engine Sideplate Removal.

    Does anyone have experience in removing the right engine side plate with the engine in the car. I suspect that I have a build up of sludge in the block, and I do not have access to lifting equipment to remove and replace the motor. The other option I am thinkng of is to remove top and bottom...
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    Rover 2000 hoses.

    I was doing some filing today, and found some NAPA receipts for a complete set of coolant hoses for my Rover. Some of the hoses that they sold me did need cutting, and took them about 3 days to get. I decided to record the part numbers on my Rover spreadsheet. I have also visited the Gates...
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    Kenlowe Fan on Rover 2000 automatic.

    I was wondering if anyone has experience fitting a Kenlowe fan to a 2000 automatic. The car is a 1969 2000 automatic, with an separate transmission cooler, which is fitted in front of the fan. So I need a fan which fits behind the radiator. I could with the extra hp not having that mechanical...
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    Hello from Upstate NY.

    I have just joined the P6 owner's forum. I own 2 Rovers, a Rover 2000 automatic, which is in Australia, and a Rover 2000 TC, which is in upstate NY. I live in Prattsbrugh, which is about 60 miles south of Rochester, NY. There is another Rover 2000TC just 15 miles to the north of where I live in...