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  1. Phil Robson

    Rostyle Wheels From a Rover P5b

    Will the upper links at the back foul the wider tyres? The V8's are bent to accommodate them.
  2. Phil Robson

    1971 Bridge Street, Walton Surrey

    Looks to be in a remarkably nice condition..... for a 6 year-old P6 back in the day! :LOL:
  3. Phil Robson

    3.9L With new party frock

    Lovely cars :thumb: How do they end up with 'period' registration numbers?
  4. Phil Robson

    Oily, dirty, happy

    Those sills look largely original - a very good sign :cool:
  5. Phil Robson

    Hello from Fife

    Hello & welcome! Interesting combination of parts & good-looking with it. On the face of it, the non-opening rear quarterlights do date it as a '69 season car. It has been updated in the past, not only with side strips but with 'series 2' door handles too. Are those rear quarter panels vinyl...
  6. Phil Robson

    "Hazel" - a series 1 V8 daily driver

    Hazel's rear wings are now getting a bit tired after a lot of use, the N/S one particularly: This one was subject to a bit of shunt damage all those years ago, so will probably get replaced as it doesn't fit that well any more. The other side is not as bad as this one, so will perhaps get a...
  7. Phil Robson


    BOP has been running around a bit over the last few months without much fuss: It's still not quite a smooth as I think it should be & I've been meaning to give it a good service for a while (especially the carbs). However, a few days ago it started running roughly as if not firing on all...
  8. Phil Robson

    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    ‘fraid so. I’m prepared to have a bit of a trade-off with an imperfect car - I can drive it occasionally when it’s wet. I won’t do salt anymore though.
  9. Phil Robson

    Replacing your Rover

    Thank-you, but as I'm getting older it's a bit too much :(. P6s still aren't worth a huge amount, so it's not like I've got tens of £'000s tied up in them, hence keeping them doesn't matter too much. But maintaining them as reliable classics is a never-ending job, which is losing its shine a...
  10. Phil Robson

    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    I've now finished hand polishing the passenger side doors: This was the rear door before I started (with a fair bit of 'orange peel'): & this is the completed door: As I say, I'll do a pass with a machine polisher which should improve it a bit more. It's not perfect, but overall the car...
  11. Phil Robson

    Replacing your Rover

    Fortunately most days my commute is by foot, although when going out to see my work clients, I almost always take a P6. The drive is usually no more than a 40 mile round trip & often on lovely B-roads in East Yorkshire. However, over the last few years particularly, I have used my P6s less in...
  12. Phil Robson

    Replacing your Rover

    We have an early Freelander 2 in good spec. It's not worth a candle but is a truly great all-rounder, whether taking rubbish to the tip or cruising the motorway & wouldn't really need anything else if we had to stick with one car. We bought it 7 years ago when we regularly towed a caravan...
  13. Phil Robson

    rear bump stops

    That looks great! There must have been a few bump stops lying in the roads over the years, with all those that have fallen off ;)
  14. Phil Robson

    Power steering crank pulley

    I have now amassed all the parts I need to put power steering on BOP except a crank pulley with the extra pulley for the PAS belt. Does anybody have one kicking around that they are prepared to sell, please? An alternative may be to get an SD1 version, but I'm not sure if it can be used as I...
  15. Phil Robson

    Mid-life crisis!

    I won't dwell on this car (it's a Rover forum after all...!) but I'd done a bit of research on SA Alfas & although this one was sold as a 1976 car, I was starting to think it was a much earlier 2000GTV; it has a reasonably early chassis number (588 of around 37,500 cars) & the whole homologation...
  16. Phil Robson

    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    I have now cut & polished the front passenger door by hand: This took some time & involved passes with 800, 1200 & 2000 grit wet&dry, followed by Farecla G3, T-Cut & then Autoglym polish. It really still needs a machine polish but I'm pleased so far. I did put a lot of paint on so I can do a...
  17. Phil Robson

    Vinyl Rear Quarter Panels on Series 1

    It wouldn't be 'original' for a 'series 1' but then it's your car, so if you want to put them on, why not? :cool: And like most things on a P6 - they could soon be changed back!
  18. Phil Robson

    Three Thousand Five

    On the face of it, this looks cheap - particularly for a relatively early car: 1968 Rover 3500 V8 P6 Saloon Petrol Automatic | eBay
  19. Phil Robson

    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    I've generally replaced the window guide pads using ones from the inside rivetted to where the original one was. Here's the new one in place on the N/S rear door, with the old one for comparison: Much better :D I've stripped the innards out of each door as I've gone round. This is a...
  20. Phil Robson

    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    Many thanks! I do say it's a "10 yard car" though (ie: looks good from 10 yards.....;):LOL:)
  21. Phil Robson

    Driving with an automatic

    I sometimes use ‘2’ for going down steep hills (brakes as well) although this may not be great for the ‘box :hmm:
  22. Phil Robson

    Wanted Wabasto sunroof

    Not really Rich. I was just asking for some more details so that others could see what you wanted. I do have a Webasto roof which is a bit tatty but hopefully it will go in my V8S in due course, unless I sell the car beforehand - I’m a bit undecided!
  23. Phil Robson

    XYU 201N - 1974 3500 Auto

    That’s a great phrase :cool: :thumb:
  24. Phil Robson

    Wanted Wabasto sunroof

    Hi Rich, What are the required colour & condition & what is the price you're willing to pay, please? Also, whereabouts are you & would you collect?