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  1. jp928

    Seat belt ebay seller vat issue (if outside UK)

    I bought 2 rear Securon inertia belts on ebay from kcponline... They charged me the full UK VAT, on shipments to Australia, and have ignored my feedback and emails....
  2. jp928

    14cux injection loom, MAF

    Have a 94 inlet manifold off a 3.9 , fuel rail, all sensors check out OK, have an ECU. Need a loom and MAF off a Disco1 V8 please? Thin on the ground down here in Oz. thanks
  3. jp928

    leds in dash indicators problem.

    Series 2, 74, D chassis. Putting LEDs in the dash, testing each as I go. Indicators have LEDs in the lamps, and have always flashed slowly. RH arrow bulb stays on, no sign of flashing, works OK with original bulb. LH arrow with LED, nothing. Anyt suggestions ? While I am here, what was the blck...
  4. jp928

    Head studs

    Couple of questions:- can you get the heads off in car with studs fitted? Somewhere I have read that ARP studs dont use all of the block thread depth, but somebody makes studs that do, but cant find that reference now. JE? John Eales? Anybody ? thanks
  5. jp928

    Brake light oddity

    Noticed this a while ago, just decided to investigate. Somebody fitted a high brake light (LED) on the back shelf - good idea, pretty neatly installed. It has a small telltale hole on the inside so the driver can see that its working. I noticed that it comes on when the sidelights are on, and...
  6. jp928

    Boot Lid R&R issues?

    Are there any real alignment issues when refitting a boot lid? I have seen a warning that its easy to mark the outer skin if the lid loads the hinge arm while moving it on/off. Do they go back where they were easily, or not? WSM says very little here. thanks.
  7. jp928

    Australian Reinforcement Mod

    Just got my kit from the Club - dont need it yet (AFAIK?), but wanted to have it available just in case. 2 sets of 8 laser cut plates, 11 page manual on how to fit on the car. Designed by a professional engineer. Very strict notes on the sequence of fitting and welding to avoid stress raises or...
  8. jp928

    Reserve tap Wanted

    Preferably the rear type (572518), but 534977 would work also - I hope. If its from breaking up a car, with the pipes and nuts etc included would be a huge help in fitting it. thanks
  9. jp928

    Service covers..

    Sort of body related - has anybody designed or made covers for a P6's front wings so one may work on the engine bay without fear of damaging wing paint? On the 928 they are pretty much essential due to the width of the wings to avoid paint damage. Very easy to do if you wear a belt with a metal...
  10. jp928

    Wanted - V8 manual flywheel in Oz

    Servicable obviously... thanks
  11. jp928

    Dizzy Advance curves ?

    Looking at a new dizzy for my rebuild. One from SimonBBC looks good, and affordable. Planning on a 9.35:1 CR 3.9L engine, with an SD1 front cover, so late drive gear will work. Most LR engines down here come with 8.13:1 CR, and I dont have its original dizzy anyway. I asked Simon about advance...
  12. jp928

    Need help with engine version.

    Just took delivery of a 3.9L I intend to overhaul for the P6B. Some aspects have me beat. Its out of a 1994 Discovery. 38D serial, suffix B, 8.13:1 CR markings. Serpentine front cover, crank driven oil pump. Block is 38A as it has the bosses for cross drilled main caps. 10 bolt heads. On these...
  13. jp928

    Which red is this ?

    Anybody know if this a factory colour (Pimento?) and its code please? SWMBO is onto me about changing the colour from Mexico brown. While its in pretty good condition, the recent incident has produced some large flakes , indicating the prep was not very good. thanks
  14. jp928

    Early Rangie Demo in Oz

    Dont quite recall why, but I got invited to a Demo day with the first RR in Melbourne. In an old quarry so they could show off its ability. Most impressive was the stationery start BACKWARDS up that slope.
  15. jp928

    Unused wiring near coil?

    Very close to input connection to coil I seem to have 2 wires bound together in insulation - looks like factory, very neat. Any idea what their origin is please? I found that my coil is getting full battery volts, so there is no ballast in the supply. Series 2, RHD, chassis suffix D. thanks.
  16. jp928

    2000 non-linear throttle set up ?

    I am trying to recall how the 2000 (certainly the TC, not sure of SC?) achieved its non-linear throttle response - the shape of the curve in the countershaft plate that engaged with the other shaft. Does any have a pic of the set up please, showing the two shafts please? thanks
  17. jp928

    V8 4 speed gearbox - difficulty with reverse.

    The forward gears work fine, but getting into reverse is marginal, and unless I keep pressure on the lever it slips out very easily, and silently. Anything obvious I can look into please? The tunnel boot seems fine... thanks
  18. jp928

    Temp Sender Hex?

    Another one of life's mysteries. Why is the hex on the temp sender 18mm? This is a rarely used metric size, I only had one because I had a special need for a stubby 18 for some work on the 928. In the larger sizes 17 and 19mm are the standouts, 13 and 14 in the smaller sizes. 11/16 AF is a poor...
  19. jp928

    Parking Light position on switch

    74 S2 S. My light switch does not have a P position marked, but push and anti-clock turn puts all the side lights on. My possibly faulty memory said that only the right hand sidelights should come on, as in S1 2000s -? With all the side lights on this is the same as the first position...
  20. jp928

    Seat runner bolt stuck

    Passenger side outer rear bolt - head badly mangled, and its frozen about 1/4" from tight. With enough force I can turn it, but it feels like the captive plate is turning. Trying some penetrating stuff, but not hopeful . The whole area has new underfelt and carpets, including the cover over the...
  21. jp928

    Heated rear Screen

    My car has a heated rear screen fitted, but does not have a switch for it. I dont know when the heated screen was fitted. There is a new switch provided. Is it likely that the wiring for the screen is in the loom ? There appear to be leads coming off fuse 4, of the correct colour (SN) but I dont...
  22. jp928

    Choke lock in place?

    My choke doesnt seem to lock in place with twisting the knob - it untwists as soon as released. Both it and the reserve are plain round knobs...was this normal for a 74 S2? thanks
  23. jp928

    Key replacements - keys4classics

    Cant find a reference here, so want to post my experience. Here in Oz there is a man who can make new keys from photos - he does many for US people as well as locals like me. Contact and send a picture of your key(s) and he can decode from that and reproduce. He will also...
  24. jp928

    Turning V8 over by hand?

    Is there a trick here, or ? dont even know what size the bolt head is, much less have a deep enough socket to reach it. With the multiblade nylon fan (viscous type) its VERY difficult to get fingers in there at all... ? thanks
  25. jp928

    Led Flashers

    Put LEDs in the turn indicators, bought a LED flasher can, supposed to be adjustable. Fitted it - flash quite slow. Tried to adjust it, no change. Tried too much, adjuster thing fell out of can. Put the original Bosch can back in place...still the same slow flash rate. Usually LEDs make flashers...