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    Aluminium welding repairs / modifications - Nottinghamshire

    Hello People I'm brand new to the Forum so bear with me. Based 15 minutes North of J30 M1 & 10 minutes from J34 A1M I offer repairs and modifications to aluminium parts such as inlet manifolds, bell housings, gearbox casings etc. Also work in both steel & stainless steel, again for repairs...
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    Rover V8 3.5 Rocker assembly parts

    Hello New to this Forum so bear with me if any mistakes. I have quite a few parts I'm clearing out which may be of interest. 602162 / 602163 / hrc 1050 Rocker Arms - £3 each Rocker Posts - £3 each Rocker Shafts - £10 each Springs - £1 for 6 Rocker arms without hardened tip £2 each. All items...
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    Hello from Nottinghamshire

    Hello all. New to the site so hope I can add something to hrlp