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    P6b oil filter for the Antipodeans

    Just asking for feedback on this oil filter from my Oz and Kiwi V8 mates Silverline Oil Filter Spin On - OF3SL Its available through REPCO Aust. and NZ very cheap ,but their own promotion states its better than RYCO- mmm Anyone using this filter? does it do the job? very cheap price wise!!
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    BW35 inhibitor switch

    Ive just had my old BW35 box upgraded with Aussie spec innards. I took it back to the mechanic for a fine tune and he noticed a slight oil leak at the inhibitor switch. Nothing a regular rag wipe won't fix. Im looking into a replacement but most auto outlets are saying "no guarantee" as the new...
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    windscreen lower glazing rubber

    I pulled the wiper valance off as I want to address the untidy heater box top. Can-o-worms underneath. The curved bar needed dressing and moulded glazing rubber was broken and useless. Easy fix -ordered a new rubber from Scott's Old Rubber. Sorted the holding strip with rust kill and new paint...
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    BW35 upgrade ?

    Ive pulled my BW35 out as it has lost reverse gear and was slipping in top when cold. 50years of faithful service -120,000km[gen] Ive found old school mechanic in my neck of the woods to work some magic and he has suggested I replace the bands with new Kevlar ones. He recently did a P6b auto...
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    What ya reckon?

    Bit of old and new
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    Auto gear Lever rubber bush

    Any leads on where I can get a new rubber bush that holds the BW35 gear lever knob in place. The bush that sits at the top of the lever and under the knob. Mine had gone like jelly in the heat and is next to useless
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    Stiff gear selection BW35

    As the title implies my P6b selection went from smooth to very very hard to move between drive positions. The gear box performs well in all stages. Before I start the console removal process from the top to get at the selector housing. Anyone else had this problem? and what was the cause. happy...
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    Google street view NZ

    Tiz Mine- only just spotted it
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    Call Me Mellow Yellow

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    Alternative Alternator

    Ive just picked up a new unboxed alternator for my 72 P6b old one has a worn stator , is not charging ,so is basically snafu. Local Repco agent have matched old with new alternator except it chucks out 65amp. wich is 15amp more than my old one. Is this extra power output OK? Limited knowledge...
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    Pot O'Gold [almond]

    Always knew Almond was the new gold So all you Almond-haters out there. Eat your little leprechaun hearts out
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    Flying the Flag

    Flying the Flag
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    Hot Almond

    some people cant spall
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    Almond goes with anything

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    Identifying parts

    Can anyone tell me what the two bush carriers are in this pic. [on the left between the icecream containers]
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    V8 spark plug gap

    Hi guys - Ive got electronic ignition on my 72 P6b. Is there a gap difference for these spark plugs c/f point ign.? thanks Gerald
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    V8 Fuel starvation

    Anyone throw some light on this ? Ran low on fuel , so pulled on the reserve knob. Engine died. Refueled with two 20ltre drums from the local servo . Bit of a walk with 2 full drums- Im sure my arms are now longer. Cranked her over . Would not fire. Flattened the battery. A passing friendly...
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    Two types of Gear levers for BW35

    I have a flagged out spherical bush on my 72 P6b auto BW35. In stead of just replacing the bush I plucked another gear selector from my spare parts shelf. I notice the housing and bush has two pins holding the "ball" into the housing. The two gear lever set ups look identical bar the two pin...
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    Runaway P6b

    My P6 self drove over a small retaining wall today. No damage on retrieval by two capable woman towies. Lost my exhaust -thats all .And my dignity. The pics show the extremes of travel on the dedion rear system
  20. GRTV8

    Door map pocket

    Can anyone with a door pocket give me a few pointers on how to attach these to the door? Ive scored one in the exact colour of my interior and want to attach it to the drivers door Were these a NADA option? Gerald
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    Anyone on here driving with Rostyle wheels that are colour co-ordinated with the body. Ive seen them done on the Zagato P6 and was wondering if anyone has been inspired enough to do it to theirs. Bloody coffee in the morning gets my head racing !!
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    Rear gearbox mount BW35

    Im about to replace the large rear metalastic gearbox mount -BW35. The rubber has gone mushy after 45 yrs. Not a bad innings. I have the new bush . the centre is offset. I havnt removed the old bush yet. My question is : how/where does this offset , sit? Ive only got the bush not the complete...
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    Rover P6B or Rover 3500

    Just had a head bang with a bloke on another blog.. I said I drove a 72 Rover P6b . He said no - you drive a 72 Rover 3500. Then the fight started. I went to bed . My head hurts.
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    Electric P6e

    Ive sold the farm and moving into a sedentary lifestyle village by the coast. Im looking for something to do. Ive been "thinking" along the line of buying an electric car as our daily driver which is currently a Pug 3008. Then theres - do I rearrange a perfect Rover P6b I have at the moment that...
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    V8 engine gearbox[35] drive chain diff weight?

    As in the title Cant find the total weight of the V8 engine to diff weight. Someone on here will know. I can only find the total curb weight including the body. thanks guys