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    2200TC 'overdrive' gearbox (on eBay....)

    Hi all, I just spotted this 2200TC engine with what appears to be an overdrive 4sp gearbox on eBay........ Rover P6 2200 Engine, Gearbox And Overdrive Unit Plus Spares Now before anyone starts shouting 'they never built one...', I must just mention that I have seen a 2200TC so equipped many...
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    Problem with flooding.......!

    No details, but an interesting photo I thought.
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    Ouch !!

    Do we have any idea who's P6 this NADA look-alike was?. Looks a very heavy shunt - I hope everybody was OK.....
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    Triumphant 2000 Mk2 prototype? ... 2ec94b4200 Now Triumph's are not really my thing, and I am no expert at all, but would a 1967 Mk2 prototype really have full production spec Mk2 seats, dash, steering wheel, body shell.....etc?. ....................buyer drove away happy. Car...
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    1968 S1 2000 on Copart

    At Sandwich, Kent..... ... CH_RESULTS
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    Fire damaged LDD750P heads North......

    Spotted just after lunch today on the Northbound A1 near Peterborough. This car belonged to forum member Neil, and very sadly suffered a severe engine fire. It was sold on Friday via Copart Salvage Auctions in Sandwich, Kent. The phone number of the transport firm shown on the truck cab was...
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    3500 with potential?.

    Just spotted this... ... 0596546336 Laid up for 28 years and with a good webasto roof!. Doesn't look a bad car for £550 - if the seller's description is true...
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    Tunnel finisher for manual car wanted.

    Hi guys, I am looking for either a NOS or really good used tunnel finisher for a manual P6. I am talking about the long black plastic piece that holds the gear / handbrake gaiters and the ashtrays. No chips, cracks etc. Thanks,
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    S1 2000 Auto in Peterborough.

    Spotted in a car park in Peterborough a couple of weeks ago....
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    Rear headrests in Ebony wanted.

    Hi, Does anybody have a pair of rear headrests (original, not JRW) in Ebony (Black)? Good price paid.
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    TNX727G - Very nice 2000TC on wire wheels.

    Spotted in Tansor village today out on a local classic car club driving event. It is as good as it looks, and is not a car I have seen before.
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    Base Unit restoration kit!. ... 1558.l2649
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    Differential hanger bushes.....any ideas?.

    Hi all, I have just removed the two differential hanger bushes from my 3500S for replacement. The parts manual lists two alternatives, one has an overall height of 1.375", the other 1.700". Mine measured 1.700", so they are part number 578080. I ordered a pair of 578080 bushes from Geoff at...
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    What do we think this clutch fits.....?

    Just spotted this...... ... 416b5097d4 Is this a bit of a double-dutch listing?. As far as I know, the P5B was never available with a manual 'box, so that must be wrong?. The LT77 was indeed available as a 4 speed 'box, but was launched in 1976, so that...
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    Very desirable.....!

    I don't know what to say.... ... 27ca23f777
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    Rostyles in Germany (eBay)

    There is a set of 5 P6 Rostyles on German eBay. They are 14 inch, I'll post the link later, unless someone does it in the meantime.
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    Rear of floor pan repair panels.

    Hi All!, I have just made a batch of 3 pairs of P6 rear floor / side repair panels as close to the original specification as I could manage, complete with the mounting bracket used only during assembly at the factory. These were not cheap to produce, the blanks were laser cut, the press tools...
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    New V8 Tappets - is this correct?.

    Hi All, I had a friend call round today who is rebuilding a Range Rover 3.9 engine. He bought a set of 16 new tappets from eBay, from a seller claiming they were OE parts manufactured by Delphi. They came in a plain white cardboard box, and there are no identification markings at all on the box...
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    White 1976 2200TC

    Just spotted this one on eBay.... ... 4d033eb240 This car was sold at the Bonhams auction held at last Septembers Beaulieu Autojumble. I did look over it there myself. At that time it was known to have a...
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    3500 Auto ... 3f1a261d99 I'm not keen on all the Almond paint on the radiator cowl and top of the radiator!.
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    Not a 2000

    Just Spotted this.... ... 1423.l2649 It is registered as a 2200SC - Looks to be Brazillia, with odd front seats!. One flat deck, one box pleat.
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    Cheap James Taylor P6 Books.

    I think these are the cheapest I have seen so far.... ... 2ebfd2463c
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    P6 Base Unit Repair Panels.

    I thought it might be of some interest to members to actually see a comparison between Genuine Rover base unit repair panels and those reproduced today by the specialists. This is not a complete list of available panels, only those I am able to show a comparison of, and it is in no way aimed to...
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    1977 Rover 3500S

    Some things about this car just don't ring quite true to me. ... 35bdb3d5c4 "Export spec...." Possible, but unlikely. "One of the last made...." Not in my opinion, Lunar Grey was not a late colour, the car has a short gear lever, it has a V8 badge on...
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    PAS Filters.

    I'm pretty sure that these are the correct PAS filters for a P5 and P6. ... 1423.l2649