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    International Conference on Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering

    That’s wonderful news. Well done. Just shows that Rover enthusiasts are amongst the brightest and most useful folks around!
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    overriders for beginners

    Found an old post from Harvey: bolts are indeed 3/8 UNF and are 1 1/2 inches long.
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    overriders for beginners

    I fitted mine a couple of years ago. If there’s no other way I could take one off and photograph/measure the spacer. Bolt length could be checked then. I think there are old posts on the Forum which might yield some answers.
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    overriders for beginners

    I think the bolts are 3/8 UNF
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    I’d like the tool roll and spanners please. Would need shipping ( Hermes?) as Suffolk is a long way from Carmarthenshire! Please let me know cost and best way to arrange payment.
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    winguard door mirror,

    replacement Unipart/Desmo glass on ebay at the moment. I bought one a couple of years ago and with a tiny bit of filing/sandpapering it fitted into a Wingard body. You may perhaps bend open the edges of the mirror body a little bit and not have to file.
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    Rover iron on patch/crest

    I found a few different sorts advertised on eBay at the moment. I just typed in “Rover patch”.
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    Romantic Road

    Sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to the new James Bond film. No P6 in any JB film to date to my knowledge but I found this record of P6 film and tv appearances: Rover P6 in movies and TV series
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    Breakdown cover

    Contact GEM Motoring Assist on 01342 825676 and see what they can do. I’ve used them since 1981 and found coverage excellent for my vehicles over the years. My Rover is insured on a Classic policy via Peter James, and rescue/recovery in U.K. and abroad is included.
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    At last, a day out.

    Car built Aug 70, sent to dealership in Swansea in September but kept under wraps until the model launch in October. The owner is older!
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    At last, a day out.

    First Show outing in two years: yesterday at Midway Motors Vintage Show in Crymych, Pembrokeshire. Reasonable weather too. The only P6 amongst over 250 exhibits, but then we haven’t got a huge number of them in West Wales. I see lots of pictures from other members so here’s one from me. Still...
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    Thanks for the forum

    Agreed. Lots of useful information and much kindness (I've been given a good few spares for which I'm most grateful).
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    Base Unit Fatigue Failure

    The website address didn't copy! Google Kingsdown Classics and you should find what I did.
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    Base Unit Fatigue Failure

    Re Colin Gould: found this after a quick internet search: Kingsdown Classics - Classic and Vintage cars directory - restoration, dealers and Parts
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    Strange days indeed

    Both nauseatingly corny posts shamelessly forwarded to others who share our warped sense of humour! Thanks for sharing.
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    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    I found Tobacco Leaf with the original paint code in their Classic list, and have sprayed 3 wings getting a good match. I appreciate that they won’t be able to do everything but I was impressed with what was listed.
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    Petrol reserve tap – how does it work?

    Might try that: could save on additive since it might help in raisin' the octane rating!
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    Petrol reserve tap – how does it work?

    Another possibility: Ferguson petrol/tvo tractors have a split tank: small part for petrol to start off then larger part for tvo supply once the engine is warm. They have a changeover valve to accommodate the different feeds, usually available from classic tractor parts suppliers.
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    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    regarding paint: I've mentioned this before on another thread but I think it's worth repeating; Martin Brown Paints of Blackpool have a good range of classic paints. They supplied me with an outstanding match to original, far better than my local paint shop and at about the same price.
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    what gearbox is in series one rover 3500 1970

    If still original then BW35
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    Medium grey paint

    Try They have been making car paints for over half a century, read an old paint code for me, and produced an excellent match.
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    FBHVC Survey

    Survey completed and submitted.
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    Wanted boot mounted spare wheel cover for 3500 and boot support stay rod and bracket.

    I think Geoff has the smaller covers only: no V8 s left. See his ad on eBay.
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    Wanted boot mounted spare wheel cover for 3500 and boot support stay rod and bracket.

    Saw a very nice cover for £20 on eBay today, for a TR6. These had 185.15 wheels so cover maybe a bit big, but quality looks good. Quite a few cheap “universal” covers available too.