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    Aluminium brake master cylinder cap for a 1968 2000TC P6

    New ones are available, more or less. C18617 Reservoir And Switch, Round | Moss Motors Yours Vern
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    p6 rover

    Here are the instructions for the distributor gear. Yours Vern
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    Fitting very early doors to a later series 1

    Yes, one of those claims to fame I wish I didn't have. Three write-offs + a fourth that was my car but I wasn't in it at the time. All except the roll over car were really nice TC's. Only one was my fault. Yours Vern
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    Rough running 4 pot

    1342 is the firing order alright. Yours Vern
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    Rough running 4 pot

    OK, it doesn't sound like you've got a valve clearance problem. Can you fit the locking pin to the flywheel at EP and get the locking piece on the camshaft to fit in? If you can't do that it's something that needs to be fixed. If it runs a bit it must be close though. Upper chain tensioner is...
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    Rough running 4 pot

    Some questions: 1. You've had the head off and replaced the piston rings? If the answer to 1 is yes, then 2. Are you sure you got the camshaft timing correct when you put the head back on? 3. Did you adjust any of the valve clearances and/or are you sure you have the right shims on each...
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    Carb Removal TC

    And that 90xxx number is actually Rover's 503663 part number, if that helps any. Yours Vern
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    Master Cylinder Seals Kit

    It sounds like a single circuit kit, and not suitable. The proper full kit should include a tipping valve (cone shaped bit of metal with a seal & a spring) though there are kits of just the seals and no tipping valve. I've attached a pic of what i would expect for a proper kit (except for the...
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    Fitting very early doors to a later series 1

    The anti-burst pin was added because of US regulations, not any direct safety concerns. Having experienced a number of write-the-car-off crashes in P6s, the only time a door came open was a rollover (several times!) in a car with rotten sills, which collapsed and allowed the ground to get at the...
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    Gearknob thread

    It is 1/4-28 UNF. Yours Vern
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    Rear seat belt anchor point

    Also, without the spacer you can't be assured the anchor would hold in a crash as you can't really tighten it much. You could make up a spacer from a bit of iron pipe the right size. Yours Vern
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    Rear seat belt anchor point

    Yes, that's what it should look like. Inside the car you should have a cylindrical aluminum spacer equal to the thickness of the insulation pad & parcel shelf trim and a large chromed steel washer on top of the trim, with the seatbelt bolt going through the lot. Yours Vern
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    Find your P6's base unit number:

    As Colin says, the base unit number has no relationship to the chassis number. Each base unit type were number consecutively throughout the P6's run, while chassis numbers had many serial number sequences, one for each subtype (the first three numbers of the chassis number, generally 4xx). The...
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    Carb Removal TC

    No, just normal 5/16 UNF x 1" screws will do the job. Do not get stainless steel ones, they'll tend to stick to the aluminum head. Yours Vern
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    Switches on 1968 2000TC are they supposed to illuminate?

    Lighted switches were not really a thing in the late 50's went the car was designed, so I don't think there was much deciding going on. The switch shapes was deliberate of course. Yours Vern
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    Vinyl Rear Quarter Panels on Series 1

    Are you sure the new wouldn't fit an early car? I looked it up and the later numbers replaces the earlier numbers completely in my 1973 parts catalog and I have a 1973 BL price list that has the early numbers handwritten beside the later numbers, which in this particular list seems to indicate...
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    Ignition timing? Something else?

    Last few years? I think Champions have been substandard for decades, if they have gotten worse it doesn't surprise me. Long time NGK fan personally, though I like Bosch plugs too. Yours Vern
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    Vinyl Rear Quarter Panels on Series 1

    Phillips & Pozidrive look very similar, but there are almost no Phillps head screws on a P6. Yours Vern
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    A little low on the driver side.

    On the P6 Rover never speced different springs for right & left sides, something they did do with the Land Rover. Instead, they used spring shims to level the car. I discovered this when I noticed that an extra LH front shim was called for if a series 1 2000 had air conditioning. For the case...
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    Carb Removal TC

    The filled copper rings are a very effective sealing solution, and quite common on all sorts of applications where you have a high temperature swing in operation. For example, many motorcycles use the arrangement for their headers. The theory of operation is that the rings have a thin seal...
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    Carb Removal TC

    The copper rings do all the sealing and are quite forgiving, so as long as the deck isn't shaped like a banana its finish doesn't matter. But then again you've got it apart because it was leaking. Yours Vern
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    Not just the plastic tip. The base is also close but not quite right. Yours Vern
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    Disconnect the Clock

    Seems weird to me. The battery will self discharge long before the clock discharges it. Yours Vern
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    More specifically for SC & Auto cars, the change points are all in suffix E range of serial numbers and the final version from suffix G onwards. For the TC the final version is on suffix D cars forward. Yours Vern