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    Is buying a new car just the same as buying a toaster?

    Bit of a theme emerged this morning on FB and I thought I'd translate it to the forum: "Life was so much more interesting back then (the 1980s). Now the choice is basically a silver BMW with a grey interior, a silver Mercedes with a grey interior, a silver Audi with a grey interior, a silver...
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    Up to 15% Discount with Heritage Classic Car Insurance

    Hi, We work with a number of car clubs across the classic car world, and would like to extend our offer to the Classic Rover Forum Simply state that you're a member of the Classic Rover Forum (or your car club) when you call. You can contact Heritage Classic Car Insurance on 0121 248 9372...
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    Very much looking forward to this event, i'll be attending on behalf of Heritage Classic Car Insurance, we'll have a small team there on the day to take photos and offer insurance advice and generally admire the classic cars! See you all there.