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    Power Cut

    Well it's like the end of the world here. Currently 22:42 and the power has been off since about 14:00 :cry: Wouldn't be so bad, but being easter weekend all the kids are home from uni, and of course without pc's, web or tv they think they're going to die. I have a mains invertor and a fully...
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    Rover 216 Cabriolet - SOLD

    Mrs Webmaster's Rover 216 Cabriolet for sale, 1997, K series engine, 75k miles (although engine has been replaced by previous owners, receipt for swap with paperwork) I was considering keeping this as a summer car for me, but my illness means I can't do any work on it, and I'm trying to keep...
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    Accident at Hospital

    No, not me... :D But I narrowly missed being mown down by a runaway car on friday at the hospital, I came out seconds after the accident. At the hospital there is a multistory car park, and the exit has 2 lanes, with a fairly sharp left hand bend after, to join the road the passes the...
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    Raspberry Pi

    .... from the colour thread.... Farnell have taken my order for the next batch, they're saying I'll get it in may. I was all excited about the philosophy of the device, get kids programming etc. Exactly like I did starting on a TRS80, through to the BBC B (still my favourite computer) before...
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    Spark amplifiers

    Whilst browsing ebay earlier, I spotted this Thinking back, my dad had one of these fitted to his Range Rover, so I presume it's...
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    My Wednesday Fun..... NOT !

    Well, after never being in an ambulance in my life, I managed 2 on Wednesday. Recovery from my transplant is generally going well, and I'd probably been doing a little too much the day before, took a load of junk from the garage to the tip, bought some trousers at ASDA and even made it to our...
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    P5 Parts

    With the sudden influx of P5 buyers recently, spotted this guy selling a load of P5 spares.
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    YRC Oakwell Hall 10th June 2012

    Hi everybody, about time I posted our show details for this year. We will be repeating last years successfull Oakwell Hall show, near Leeds. On Sunday 10th June 2012 A wonderfull country house venue, with gardens and victorian hall to visit, along with plenty of walks, cafe, visitors centre...
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    Practical Classics March 2012

    Just reading PC and spotted a letter from our very own Fraser, with a lovely photo of his yellow 2000 Well done !! :D
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    P6 Kit

    Interesting one to value.. The shell has been dipped and phosphated, which we know isn't cheap, but it's basically just a big box of bits. You've still got all the welding to do, and paint, and reassemble, I wouldn't want to put a value on it.
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    Following on from a previous thread about smartphone access to the forum, I've been made aware of this Tapatalk system, which allows you to access multiple forums from a single phone app. It should be relatively easy to add the system to our forum, the question is, would it be worthwhile ? Does...
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    "Spring Forward / Fall Back" - Or forum time.....

    For our UK members, if you're bothered about the time displayed on the forum being correct, you may need to adjust the settings in your user profile. To do this, click on the "User Control Panel" link at the top of the screen (just under "Board Index") Click on the "Board Preferences" tab Set...
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    Nice Beetle Project...

    Brace yourself !
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    Lots of P6 Piccies....

    I've just stumbled across all my old gallery pics, so I've tweaked the gallery code and popped them on the p6index website. Enjoy !!
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    Rear disc diameter

    Anybody know the diameter of the rear discs ? are they the same across all models ?
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    A4 P6

    Ok, going back to the convertible theme, many of you will know I build a semi-convertible many years ago, but it died, and was replaced by a new project, which may or may not end up as a coupe, we'll see..... Anyway, I've never forgotten the convertible, and one of the main issues with building...
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    Engine swaps, new information...

    According to this months Practical Performance Car, engine swaps in pre 1973 (i.e. tax exempt) vehicles will NOT require evidence of purchase etc. Regardless of capacity, so you can stick that Chevy small block in and just register the capacity change and engine number change, no evidence...
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    Saltaire 18/9/11

    Hi everybody, just got back from our Saltaire show, didn't think I was going to make it but I felt ok this morning so we went. It was a great show, weather was pretty good except for a short shower later on, but the sun came out again. Good turnout with over 50 cars, a good selection of Rovers...
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    CD Player repairs....

    Had to report on this as it made me chuckle. My trusty Marantz CD40 which was the first CD player I bought roughly 22 years ago decided to finally fail on me. The tray started to make all sorts of clunking noises on it's way in and out, and finally decided it wouldn't open tonight. Having paid...
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    Rear suspension / drive shaft design

    Rather than go totally OT on Ron's thread, I thought I would start a new discussion.... So I asked about the angle of the driveshafts from the diff to the hubs, my suggestion was that ideally they should be straight and level when the car was in a normal operating condition, and then deflect...
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    NSU Ro80

    Doing the usual ebay - dreaming, and following a recent discussion on Ro80's I found this Cheap, but no doubt needs loads of work. Drop in a more conventional engine (rover v8 anybody ?) and it would make a very unusual motor. Can't say I've ever seen...
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    2 door V8 Racer !

    Just landed on my doormat, this month's Practical Performance Car mag, featuring a 2 door V8 P6 racer. Seeing as it's so new it's not even on their website, I won't scan the article, but just to whet your appetite....
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    Engine failure on dyno.

    Brace yourself for this one, it's quite nasty ! Maybe a touch too much boost !
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    Contact Details

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    Spotted in "Custom Car" magazine

    Spotted in the for sale section of the latest edition of Custom Car....