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    no speedo gear

    Hello all of you. I have zf 4hp22 which came from a jaguar. i changed the bell housing to rover type. but there is no speedo gear on the transmission. is it possible to convert it to mechanical speedo gear ? Or does any zf 4hp22 come with mechanical speedo gear? Best Regard Multi
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    4,6 heads flownumbers.

    Hello everybody. is there any who is able to share standard 4,6 cylinder heads flownumbers. best regards Multi
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    Edelbrock performer inlet manifold

    Hello all of you. I fell over an article on facebook about edelbrock 2198 manifold which was missing two holes/passages from the water channels to the thermostat housing. but now i am not able to find the article again. The Rover ,Pontiac and Buick manifold would have these holes. the point is...
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    timing tape

    Can anybody tell me the exact diameter of the standard p6 crank damper . so i can make a timing tape . its a little hard to do a exact measure when it is sitting in the car. thank you in advance, best regards. multi
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    timing gear

    Hello everyone. I have changed the timing gear . and now i have cooling problems. the timing is spot on. i have flushed the radiator and engine. controlled top dead center. the positive stop way. it was also all right. cooking the thermostat. water seams to to be circulating. i have testet for...
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    to tow or not to tow

    is it possible to tow a borg warner equipped car without damaging the gearbox. is there a max towing speed and distance.? Best regards Multi
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    any performance in P6 exhaust manifolds ?

    Hello everybody. I have these P6 exhaust manifolds . ( see pickture) I really like the look of them but i understand that they are a bad choice in a performance perspective. But where are the limit? does any have some experience with them in a high performance matter? is possible to port them...
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    core plugs

    Hello everybody. is there a smart way to remove the small core plugs located in the cylinder heads? looking foreward to hear from you. Best regards Multi
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    borg warner 35 weak reverse and no top gear.

    Hello everybody. i have this bw 35 gearbox. which was working fine. but it was leaking badly everywhere. so i decided to take it out of the car to change the seals. to remove the front oil pump i had to take the valve body of. i took the pump apart to press in a new seal. put it all together...