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    Rear Calipers Ready

    A fresh set of rear calipers ready to go on the car tomorrow. Yours Vern
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    No fluid through the rear calipers

    Working on the brakes on a 69 NADA TC (dual servos) and I've got fluid to the rear calipers, but nothing out the bleed screw. I'm using a pressure bleeder. No obvious leaks apparent around the rear calipers. I suspect one or both hoses are collapsed, and in any event I've talked the owner into...
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    I've got a question for anybody with a functioning Mk2 Icelert, in the rectangular case: When it's in operation (i.e. weather cold enough to be flashing or solidly on) can you alter the flashing or cause it to flash if it's solid by switching on the high beams or signalling a turn? My does...
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    No Rover content, Question for Harvey on SUs

    Just last night I had to install a new set of metering needles on my sister's Spitfire. One of the needles had sheared off flush with the bottom of the piston and dropped down into the jet. Needless to say, the car was barely running, I was quite impressed she got it the 4 miles & up the hill...
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    Measurements of Factory Ball Joint Tool

    HI All I'm looking for the dimensions of the factory ball joint tool 601476. This is the tool for breaking the tapers on the lower and upper strut ball joints, looks a bit like a L. Anybody have one? Yours Vern
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    May need hood (bonnet) lock for RHD car

    Hi All I may be installing a radio in the 2000 TC I've added a factory Delenair AC to. If I put it in the factory location, I'll need a bonnet lock assembly from a RHD car as the release gets relocated to the right hand side. If you haven't already guessed it's a NADA car. Yours Vern
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    P6 Clutch Master Question

    HI All This is a problem with a 69 TC that I'm working on. New clutch, new slave cylinder, master cylinder condition unknown. There was considerable confusion over the proper clutch cover, but that has been sorted correctly. Using either Harvey's method or the factory method for adjusting the...
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    Air Conditioning Idler Pulley Bearing

    Hi All I have a two NADA 3500S owners in the States that are looking for a bearing number for the bearing in the idler pulley (I think Rover actually calls it a jockey pulley) for the A/C. Can anybody offer some insight? Yours Vern
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    AC Compressor Model

    Hi All I'm looking for either the model number or the displacement of the York compressor for the Delanair A/C fitted to the 4cyl NADA cars. The goal being to replace the York with a modern axial compressor of similar displacement. Yours Vern
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    Reproduction Walnut Shifter Knob

    Hi All I'm looking into doing a run of reproduction wooden shift knobs, as originally supplied on NADA TC's. The wood part is pretty easy, but the clear gearshift pattern top of the knob will require injection moulding & and expensive tooling for same. Before taking the plunge, I'd like to ask...
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    Just Joined

    Hi All New to the forum, from beautiful British Columbia. Not new to the P6, specifically the NADA versions. Have had one since the early 80s. Started out buying my parts from the dealer! Own three now, a 67 white/blue sails/red interior (waiting restoration), a 68 in April Yellow/black...