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  1. stevewilliams

    Fuel Filter

    I'm trying to replace the fuel filter, it came with two nuts and olives, although I've no idea how to fit the nuts past the pipes on the filter? Brut force? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. stevewilliams

    Throttle linkage HIF 6 Carbs

    HI, Having an enormous problem after servicing my HIF 6 carbs for my 3500. Working my way through, using the manual and the instructions with the service kit, all went well until I tried to refit the camb return spring. It just refuses to sit right and is trying to escape. I've located each end...
  3. stevewilliams

    Front Wing

    Hi, I'm after a front drivers side wing for my 3500, preferably Cameron Green in colour, although any other colour will do.
  4. stevewilliams

    Recolouring seats

    Hi, I'm embarking on an interior colour swap from bronze to black and have acquired some buckskin coloured seats as mine are falling apart. Obviously the seats are part leather, part vinyl. I was going to dye the seats with a furniture clinic kit and recolour the vinyl parts with a black vinyl...
  5. stevewilliams

    Engine out tasks?

    Hi, I'm just about to embark on taking the engine out for bearing replacement. This is the first time I've taken a car engine out since 1988! What other tasks/maintenance would be wise to undertake whilst the engine is out. I also plan to tidy the engine bay and replace the knackered electric...
  6. stevewilliams

    Removal of roof gutter trims

    Is it possibly to remove the gutter trims without removing the roof panel?
  7. stevewilliams

    High Capacity Oil Pump

    Does the fitting of a high capacity oil pump put increased starin on the engine?
  8. stevewilliams

    SD1 wheel trims

    Hi, do any of the SD1 wheel trims fit P6 wheels?
  9. stevewilliams

    Engine removal without removing auto box

    Think I may have asked this before but after much stalling etc, finally about to take the engine out, seeing as I've time on my hands due to lockdown.... Crane and engine stand standing by. Question is, is it possible/easy to take the engine out without the auto gearbox? Ex mechanic mate of...
  10. stevewilliams

    Ebony trim required

    Hi, I'm after any ebony trim as I'm hoping to change my interior colour. Mainly after C/D post trim, rear trim above parcel shelf and door cards.
  11. stevewilliams

    Ebony trim required

    Hi, I'm changing my interior trim colour to black. Would anyone have any black trim they want to sell? Looking for B Post trims and the rear parcel shelf trim. Cheers
  12. stevewilliams

    Sundym Glass Series 2 Wanted

    Hi, has anyone got a set of Sundym for a series 2? Cheers
  13. stevewilliams

    Engine removal

    Hi, finally time to pull the engine, been contemplating this for a couple of years. I've only ever removed VW bug engines, so this is a first. A mate has lent me a stand and crane to undertake the task, although there are no straps/chains, just a large hook. It may be obvious but which is the...
  14. stevewilliams

    Ceramic Coating

    Hi, has anybody had their exhaust headers ceramic coated? Any idea of cost? Cheers
  15. stevewilliams


    Hi, is it possible to take the series 2 P6 seats apart to replace squabs/backs etc.
  16. stevewilliams

    V8 engine removal

    Hi, perhaps an obvious question. How easy is it to take the engine out and can it be done without removal of gearbox? Its an auto. My only knowledge and experience of engine removal is with VW Beetles.
  17. stevewilliams

    Fuel pump

    Could anyone suggest a good replacement fuel pump. My p6 is currently fitted with an aftermarket electric pump which came with the car, leaks all over the place, has seen better days. I remember on here a few years back someone talking about replacement pumps which looked quite retro, can’t...
  18. stevewilliams

    Webber/Elderbrock Conversion

    Hi, been offline for a while but just started to play with the P6 again. Low oil pressure, been advised engine out and new shell bearings..! Also, has anyone fitted one of Rimners Webber carb conversion kits, was thinking of doing this as the SUs are a real pain to keep in tune.
  19. stevewilliams


    Straight rear bumper needed for series 2.
  20. stevewilliams

    carbrettor icing

    Hi, does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on carb icing? My 1973 3.5 p6 auto keeps doing it and makes driving during the winter almost impossible. :( :(
  21. stevewilliams

    Rough running

    Hi all. Bit new to Rovers, twin carbs....! I have a 1973 V8 Auto which I've owned since August. It's now starting to play up, very sluggish on take off, needs loads of choke but after ten mins and a bit of throttle its ok for half an hour, then the oil light blinks, the engine coughs a bit...
  22. stevewilliams

    Centre Consul

    Hi all, Does anyone know if there are different types of centre consul? I've a 73 V8 Auto and the small letterbox type hole above the radio seems to be missing a piece at the rear, the end result being that stuff ends up falling down and behind, never to be seen again! I've seen a couple of...
  23. stevewilliams

    manual steering box re-build

    Hi, has anyone re-built a manual steering box/is it difficult and where to get parts or know where I can get one reconditioned? :D
  24. stevewilliams

    Rear Fog lamp wiring

    Has anyone done this? I acquired a p6 3500 auto which had a fog lamp at the rear, although it appears that it was just for show as it wasn't connected to anything! I'm crap at electrics, any tips on this job, easy/difficult would be appreciated. :?
  25. stevewilliams

    wiper delay spring 73 3500 P6

    Hi, anybody out there have a spare spring they don't need for the delay on the wiper motor? I've been informed that it was never offered as a spare part. Everything else works fine on the wipers except for the delay, the spring is broken in half. somebody may know where to source a similar...