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    Low Brake Fluid level switch.

    The brake warning light is on all the time in my 1972 2000TC. On checking the switch on the brake fluid container, I found that the "float" is moving on the pin which operates the switch. Could anyone tell me what material the float is made of? It looks like cork It seems that the tiny washer on...
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    Cold Start (Choke) Switch and Choke Warning Light

    I know this topic has been covered before so please excuse silly, stupid questions. According to the circuit diagram, the choke switching has two switches. One on the engine block to operate, on warm up, the switch behind the choke cable knob. Please ;let me know if this is correct and also if...
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    Hello from Newcastle NSW Australia

    Thank you for allowing me to become a member of this forum. I look forward to picking your collective brains about my 1971 Rover 2000 TC P6 which I acquired about two months ago. Regards Tom