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  1. PeterB76

    Windsor Safari Park

    :) Great stuff! I don’t know where I got Canvey Island from though....
  2. PeterB76

    Windsor Safari Park

    There was a cracking video of a similar car on Google some time back, on a family trip to Canvey Island iirc (with a Barbra Streisand sound track!). Was that your vid by any chance?
  3. PeterB76

    When was this engine used?

    It looks to be the early export-spec EFI, as was produced for the USA and Aus in around 1980. Unless the EFI has been retro-fitted, it should have a 8.13:1 compression ratio. Interestingly, the Plenum looks to be the opposite way around from what I've seen on a NAS SD1 too. Must mean that two...
  4. PeterB76

    Napa NADA Makeover Underway

    Quite right too! :) Lovely colour, one of my favourites. Looking forward to seeing some pics of it out and about again soon.
  5. PeterB76

    Square Wheel Award

    Ah yes, I've remember that episode too. The film I mentioned came out in '71 I think, probably filmed in the autumn/winter beforehand. Next time I see it I'll look for a red P6 parked up, though I'm sure I would have remembered seeing one!
  6. PeterB76

    Square Wheel Award

    Shocking list of faults there Mike, especially from Rover at that time! Glad you got thing sorted eventually and kept the car all this time. Such a nice spec too, in Brigade red I'm guessing? To deviate entirely, I noticed from your letter that you were staying at Kenilworth Court at the time...
  7. PeterB76

    Does Anyone Know What This Is?

    Fiat 130 Coupe. Very nice too!
  8. PeterB76

    V8 Block Coolant Drains?

    Great stuff, I'll try and source something to suit. Thanks, Scott.
  9. PeterB76

    V8 Block Coolant Drains?

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know what the thread is in the two coolant drain holes either side of the engine block, please? I'd like to get hold of a suitable tap or thread chaser for them if possible, as some decent soul in the past had Loctited in one of the drain taps, and I think some of the stuff...
  10. PeterB76

    Rover 3500,3500S workshop manual.

    Thanks, PM sent.
  11. PeterB76

    Rover 3500,3500S workshop manual.

    Hi, I'd be interested in that. Let me know how much to post please. Thanks. Peter.
  12. PeterB76

    Nada Down Under

    Beautiful colour though 8) Is it an original colour option for a NADA? Lance LaCerte's NADA looks to be a similar shade, as seen over on British V8.
  13. PeterB76

    Petrol sign

    Nice to see places like that still around. It reminds me a little of Mike Hawthorn's Tourist Trophy Garage.
  14. PeterB76

    My mate Casper.

    Very sorry to hear this Pilkie. :( I always enjoyed seeing him pop up in your various thread pics, he seemed to have a charmed and full life at least.
  15. PeterB76


    Yep, that's the P6 pump.
  16. PeterB76

    Steering Wheel Cover

    I believe that the PAS wheel with the leather covered spokes was specified for both the auto and manual V8 models from around the time of the '74 model year for cars such specified. Though the auto's may have had them before this.
  17. PeterB76

    Richelieu red 3500 in Chester

    'P' reg I think, spotted on my way home tonight near Lookers 8)
  18. PeterB76

    Dashboard mat

    Probably for a Metro, rather than a P6.
  19. PeterB76

    Ouch !!

    That is very nasty to see :( Looks like this was the car beforehand:
  20. PeterB76

    how long have you been hanging around the forum?

    2003 for me too. I visit here often but don't seem to post much these days. Love hearing about other members cars though!
  21. PeterB76

    Shall I,Shan't I,Should I,Shouldn't I,???????

    Ah well, as long as they're kept safe then 8)
  22. PeterB76

    Shall I,Shan't I,Should I,Shouldn't I,???????

    I've voted no as well, the car looks fantastic as it is with the purity of the S1's lines. I'd also keep the original number plates on if it were up to me too, it just looks so right with them on.
  23. PeterB76


    Hi Dave, It's best to just use the standard Bluecol blue Antifreeze. Mixed 50:50 with de-ionized water, after a good flush through of the cooling system. Avoid the modern Organic Additive Technology (OAT) antifreezes, which are usually orange, red, pink or purple, amongst other colours. You...
  24. PeterB76


    Nice! Was this ever in or around Chester? I remember one very similar that I used to see (and hear!) quite often around the Broughton area some years back....
  25. PeterB76


    How about these Stina; I've bought some Bosch plugs from them previously for another car.