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    Zircon blue P6 on Call the Midwife

    A very interesting P6 apppeared on tonights episode of Call the Midwife......... A rather naff looking Zircon Blue P6 wearing the number plate DYD370C (false of course) and displaying a 1960 tax disc ! I wonder where the BBC got that one from ? Arthur Daley 's used car lot ???
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    2200 Auto to 5speed manual conversion

    A buddy of mine who is into cars has come into a 2200 Auto that is in fairly tidy condition. Being an auto 4 cylinder the performance is somewhat lethargic and he is thinking about converting it to a manual. This guy usually is up for a challenge, and I casually commented “4 speed or 5 speed ?”...
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    1967 Rover 2000 P6 Auto

    There is also a rather tidy '67 P6 Auto on Ebay. It appears to have had a PAS conversion on it. Can anyone on here complete my education as to where the parts are sourced from etc? Cheers, Adrian.
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    CAR S.O.S. - Mango P6

    Does anyone on here recognise the Mango P6 in the garage of the man with Land Rover being Car SOSed??
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    Salvage Hunters - Classic Cars - Rover 2200SC

    Did anyone on here watch last weeks show where they rejuvenated a black Rover 2200SC ??? If they did, do they know the name of the trader (and contact info??) where Paul Howland purchased the complete sunroof assembly who also had a yard full of P6s and a couple of SD1s ? Thanks, Adrian.
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    Orange P6 2200

    There is currently an orange P6 on eBay for sale that is wearing the badges of a TC, has a V8 interior, but has an SC (single carb engine). Can anyone on here tell me how I can identify from the VIN number or similar whether the car was manufactured as a TC or SC ?? Thanks, Adrian.