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    3500 Brake Calipers

    Does anyone have a full set of serviceable front and rear calipers they're willing to sell? Common sense says buy recon exchange units but they're a little beyond my budget for the foreseeable future. Thanks in advance.
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    Spot the P6

    Petrol cars will vanish in 8 years, says US report
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    Interceptor wheels

    These have been on ebay for a couple of days with no bids as yet: Jenson Interceptor Wheels Classic Car V8 Rover P6 | eBay Not connected to sale in any way.
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    Outstanding 827

    Not what many would consider to be a 'proper' Rover I know, but possibly worthy of a mention here as these early cars are becoming very scarce particularly in this condition and with this sort of mileage: Rover Enthusiasts & Collectors Dream For Sale (1989) on Car And Classic UK [C828715] Not...
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    New old stock 14" Rostyles

    Three unused 5.5" x 14" Rostyles for sale. Was going to fit these to mine, but have given up waiting for some more to come along. Two are in fairly nice undamaged condition with a deep lustre to the chrome, however there is some minor pitting in evidence to the outer section of the rims...
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    Wanted - 2000 differential

    Looking for an oil tight differential. North West/Cheshire/Midlands ideally. Thanks.
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    NADA rear bumpers

    I have eight new old stock NADA rear bumpers for sale, four are in fairly good condition and I would describe as presentable, there is some pitting in evidence, particularly to the undersides, and scratches from being in storage: £100 each. The other four I have require rechroming and...
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    NADA rear bumpers

    Stumbled across at least a dozen unused NADA rear bumpers today, there's maybe some fronts in there too. Are they worth saving?
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    1969 Three Thousand Five

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    JET 1 Re-creation

    I quite like this. Anybody know anything about this particular car? ... ctionID=55
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    Mota Lita steering wheel boss

    Has anyone got a boss for one of these steering wheels please suitable for a P6? Thanks, David
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    1964 Wedgie on the 'bay

    Looks like it needs a full resto. Link not working, ebay item number: 261747460281
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    A familiar reg?

    The reg number on this rings a bell with me for some reason, have a feeling this car was quite a well known S1 V8 a few years back? ... 1330921302
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    LHD baseunit

    Not often you see a base unit in this condition, pity they didn't at least throw a tarp over it for the time it was stood. Easily converted to RHD I imagine? ... 2ed856d205
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    Very Tidy 2200 TC

    On the face of it, a very nice example: ... to-content
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    Bronze box pleat cloth seats

    A complete set from a later P6, a bit scruffy and dirty so will need some TLC.
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    Allycat alloy wheels

    On offer is a full set of four 6x14 Allycat cross spoke alloy wheels. Similar in appearance to SD1 Vitesse wheels, finished in gold with a polished outer rim. Wheels are in excellent condition and come complete with chrome wheelnuts and centrecaps. Will fit the SD1 as well as the P6. Tyres...
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    Full set of ebony ET headrests - SOLD

    I have for sale a full set of ebony ET's (front and rear) in good undamaged condition. £350 o.n.o
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    2000 TC engine

    I'm currently breaking a 1967 2000 TC that has an engine which was apparently rebuilt in the 1980's. The car came off the road in about 1992 and has not been used since, although according to the last owner was started up regularly. £200, but open to offers. Does include carbs. manifolds...
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    V8 front valence

    Just spotted this on Gumtree, asking price is maybe a little optimistic but open to discussion according to the seller. ... 1062326790
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    Roof panel

    A complete roof panel required please. Ideally as close as possible to Cheshire/Staffordshire.
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    1971 Ser 1 2000TC ?

    I have a feeling this car has been discussed on here before? It's apparently an ex Malta car which, oddly is showing a 1971 reg. Seems to have a Ser.1 V8 bonnet fitted too: ... to-content
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    Good source of spares?

    These two poor old things look a bit beyond saving, might yield some useful spares for someone though? Seller has a Triumph Acclaim too! ... 3a906fe509
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    Series2 2000TC Wanted

    Need to get a P6 back in my life, so I'm looking specifically for a 1972/73 2000 TC to restore. Tobacco Leaf with a bronze leather interior would be perfect, but any colour ( apart from Lunar Grey or Almond) would be fine. Can anyone help? Thanks, David.
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    2000 TC wanted

    Can anyone advise me of the best place on the forum to put a wanted advert for the above model? I can't seem to find an appropriate section to place it in. Thanks.