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    1973 3500s- front caliper pistons

    I need to rebuild the front calipers on the red rocket as the driver's side has started to drag occasionally, and the pistons look past their best. I have seen various places doing rebuild kits with pistons, but seems there are variations with different diameters? Is anyone able to confirm...
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    Balljoint boot sizes

    Hi everyone, The balljoint boots on the front of my car have disintegrated after only a few years (I replaced all the joints and boots probably 3-4 years ago). I would like to replace the boots with polyurethane equivalents as I have seen these online and think they should hopefully last a...
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    Engine steady/stay - what thread?

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me what the thread is on the engine steady bar that ties the passenger side head to the inner wing? I took mine off some time ago to repaint, got distracted and now a year has passed and I have lost my nuts! Many thanks Jamie
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    LT77 - Clutch release bearing carrier

    Guys, Looking to finally (Changing the chassis of my Land-rover has delayed me a bit) get the LT77 that i have had sitting around into my 3500s, as the 4-speed has had it. Googling around for the bits I need - I was going to go down the non-self centering clutch route as this means I can use...
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    scarab blue? 3500

    Spotted a scarab blue 3500 in one of the "refuge" areas on the m3 northbound somewhere around lightwater at aporox. 16:00 today. If it was someone on here I hope you got going again without too much trouble. Saying that, even they aren't on here I still hope the same!
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    3500 rear suspension bushes - large washers

    Hello all, I need to replace the shock bushes on my rear shocks again, they don't currently have the correct washers fitted and instead have the smaller diameter pressed versions (same as on a Landrover). I suspect this is the reason for the failures so have decided to do things properly this...
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    Balljoint boot sizes

    Morning all, The boots on the balljoints I replaced a couple of years ago have all started to perish, so I need to get some replacements. I'd like to if possible try to find a source of boots from a modern that I can use (on the assumption that if I buy Genuine parts these should be better...
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    Dark grey 2000, M3 southbound 20/09

    Spotted and pulled alongside a lovely dark grey 2000 on the M3 heading southbound betwen junctions 2 and 3 last night around 17:45(ish). I was the chap in the M-plate Monza red 3500s waving and grinning like a Cheshire cat. :D
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    Steering idler - 3500s

    Afternoon everyone, I am in need of a steering idler for my 1973 3500s. Can anyone help me out? Many thanks Jamie
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    Diff housing - Same or different across models?

    Morning everyone, Before we go any further, I have a confession to make - i have never changed the oil in my diff. I regularly check it is still up to level, which it always is, as it doesn't lose any. The reason for this is that I have never been able to undo the drain plug! I have spent...
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    3500s - jumps out of 3rd on overrun

    Evening all, Just got back from a week in Cornwall, the car ran perfectly for the most part (as expected) and we covered around 800 miles during the 7 days, including the 255 miles home today! Who says classics can't be reliable eh? Only small niggle was that on some of the steep Cornish...
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    3500s Chirruping/Squeaking PAS - driving me mad!

    Evening team! As the subject title says my 3500s has recently started to squeak like mad at idle. This is coming from the PAS pump or belt. The belt is maybe 6 months old, and was a Dayco one i think. The temperature of the engine bay doesnt seem to have any effect, it does it at any time...
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    Monza Red 3500s in Wigan

    Chaps, *Mods -remove this if it is out of line with the board rules, but I thought I could save someone a wasted day* Just a headsup on the Monza red 3500s that's for sale in Wigan currently on eBay. I went to view this car with a friend the other week. The car is saveable if you have a lot...
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    3500 auto propshaft wanted

    As title really, I am after a 3500 auto propshaft for my LT77 conversion. I live in RG27, but work in KT1 and can collect from somewhere around those postcodes, or I maybe could organise a collection. Many thanks Jamie
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    Oil pump covers - Range Rover pump cover on P6?

    Chaps, Is there any reason that I can't remove the P6 oil pump cover from my 3500s and replace it with one from a Range Rover? This would rationalise the fleet for me and mean that I only have to keep one type of filter in stock instead of two. Thanks!
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    3500s - Newmarket

    Chaps, my colleague saw this and tried to purchase (he's been after a P6 for a while) but sadly ran out of time as he is now out of the country on hols for a week, apparently it supposed to have to go by the end of today (ad says must be gone by 19/07). Its got a flat tyre and handbrake is...
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    Decent quality ball joint boots?

    Chaps, On my MOT last week the tester highlighted that my suspension balljoint boots are just starting to perish and will need changing before they split - thing is that they are only 18 months old, being fitted with the new balljoints just before my weldathon! So question is - where can I...
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    Black SD1 - Farnham, Surrey 05-06-16

    As I headed down to Goodwood this morning I passed a black SD1 heading up towards the A3016 Upper Hale Road from Castle Street in Farnham at 07:40 this morning. Had NAS spec headlights, looked nice!
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    Blue S1 3500 - Hampton Hill

    Saw a blue S1 3500 this morning at around 07:45 at the crossroads at Hampton Hill - I flashed and waved, think I caught them by surprise as they only saw me at the last second :).
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    Almond? S2 on the A435 south of Cheltenham

    As per title - saw a lovely Almond S2 heading northbound whilst my wife and I headed south from Cheltenham in my Monza Red 3500s. This was around 1-2pm today, somewhere near Colesbourne (I think) I'm afraid I was so excited to see another P6 I forgot to get the registration!
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    LT77 conversion - any auto prop or 3500 only?

    Hi guys, had a search but couldn't find the answer so am asking here... As per the topic title really, I have an lT77 to go into my 3500s, there are many posts stating that you need an auto prop but nothing that says if it has to be from a 3500 specifically or whether it can come from a 2 litre...
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    Are all Rear Bottom Links the same?

    Morning all, Was just wondering as per the subject title really - are all Rear Bottom Links the same across the various models? I want to re-bush mine and have some spare in the garage I picked up cheap. To minimise downtime it would be good to be able to get these cleaned up, re-bushed and...
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    AAR Jim Lad?

    Spotted a lovely Brown Series 2 driving up Woburn Hill, Addlestone whilst I was queuing down the hill in the opposite direction to the Addlestone Moor roundabout at around 17:00-18:00 last night. I was unfortunately not in my P6, but in my Green Defender with a bike on the back! I was on the...
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    Rear top link mount - photos needed

    Hi guys, Has anyone got any photos of what the rear top link mount should look like? Turns out that my car has a repair panel welded on the inside, and the bodgers that did it didn't bother to cut out any of the original (rusty) metal. They simply welded the plate on top inside, and then put...
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    Swivel Pillar - TOP balljoint undersize?

    Ok, So after my other post now I have a correctly sized replacement bottom balljoint which has been fitted- but....! The TOP joint now seems undersized, and just falls in. I have an OD of 40.88mm on the joint, against a bore size of 41.17mm. Does anyone have any topjoint lying about that...