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  1. 1396midget

    The Other Car (a distraction!)

    Hi all. Here's a video you might like, of the "other" car. It's a heavily modified MG Midget and I've started doing Sprints and Hillclimbs. Once the P6 is finished I fully intend to tow the MG to events with it. Here you go - turn up the noise! 1400 K series MG Midget Harewood Hillclimb by...
  2. 1396midget

    Rover V8 distributor - any condition

    Hi everyone. Looking for an early type Rover (P6) distributor. Condition is not important, I need it to cut apart so that I can still drive the oil pump when I'm fuel injected and edis coil packed. Let me know what you might be able to part with :)
  3. 1396midget

    P6 back on the menu (after slight delay)

    MY P6 has been sick.... It's currently sat in the garage with no side on it after discovering very poorly sills. I've fixed the inner and the outer is ready to be offered up again, just the other side to do, and the boot floor, and the etc etc.... Lost a bit of momentum with it as so often...
  4. 1396midget

    BW35 help...

    Hi all Found this question, thought someone here might be able to help, even though it's a Stag, it has a BW35.... Need suggestions please! My Stag is an auto, and reverse has packed up, and will only drive now into 2nd gear - 1st and 3rd won't engage at all. When you put it into reverse and...
  5. 1396midget

    NADA spotted in Austin Powers

    Just accidentally watched the second Austin Powers film. He's picked up in a vette by heather graham (mmmmm) and then subsequently chased by (will ferrel???) in a black or dark looking NADA P6. It's supposed to be 1969...
  6. 1396midget

    Backlash and drivetrain clonk

    Hi everyone Recent bad running and epic electrical cut out resulting in full engine braking being applied suddenly and fearsomely and somewhat repeatedly has resulted in a bit of an increase in diff backlash and associated driveline shunting, which is quite unpleasant. Is this...
  7. 1396midget

    Series 2 bonnet - what's it worth?

    Hi all. Got a friend who has a series 2 bonnet that he wants rid of. It's white, I've asked for pics but does anyone want one, or know how much it might be worth?
  8. 1396midget

    Welcome to the North?

    Who else is up here? Yorkshire and upwards? I know a few on here are, and have seen a few about that might not be on here. How about a Northerly forum meet up? I'm in York, if interested post a location below and I'll have a look at somewhere central for a catchup :) Rob
  9. 1396midget

    Total cut out and restart

    Hmmmmm. Off on the way to the rolling road and there are some issues.... Tootling along the A64 it'd died, 3 times, for about a second each time (just enough to give you a massive heart attack) then restarted itself. Meaning slowing down from 65 to 50 rather suddenly under engine braking with...
  10. 1396midget

    S1 V8 at the rolling road

    Hi all Off to Aldon Automotive in the big blue beasty tomorrow for a go on their rollers. So now taking bets on what bhp I'll be getting! Car's a 1970 S1 high compression V8 running unported SD1 heads and a 20 thou overbore. Standard cam that looks in good nick, steel timing gears & electric...
  11. 1396midget

    Spectuacular Fuel Vapourisation issues

    Hi all Had a bit of the old stutter and die twice yesterday - first after stopping in a petrol station to fill up, then later in traffic. I've got an electric pump in the back pushing through the mechanical one so thought that this would have fixed it; and I've not had a problem since I fitted...
  12. 1396midget

    A proper V8 noise....

    I finally got round to doing a video with decent noise on it... Turn your speakers up :twisted: V8 noise by 1275midget, on Flickr As a reminder, this is a twin exit system with only the first 'silencer' left in. The rest is just pipe. Glorious. DSC_0012 by 1275midget, on Flickr
  13. 1396midget

    Towing with the P6

    Hi all Anyone got any experience towing with their P6? As part of the latest blue-ness and all round tidying up I painted the towbar black so it looked nice, and in the process welded it up at the bottom where it had squashed a box section. My bar seems to be joined on to the back underside...
  14. 1396midget

    Playing with the other toy

    As some of you may know, (one of) the other toy(s) is a K series midget that I built myself. After recently fitting a aftermarket ECU and bumping the power up to 120 bhp (up from std 105, not bad for a 1400!) I was talked onto taking it on a track. Here is is on the rolling road (it didn't...
  15. 1396midget

    Janspeed Twin Turbo SD1 on eBay ... rmvSB=true cool. Top interior. I've never seen a suck through turbo setup before, you'd think the turbine blades would insta-ignite the mixture. Wonder what it's like to drive :)
  16. 1396midget

    Anyone tried these exhaust manifolds?

    Found these on my internets ... oduct=1506 Has anyone tried them? What do you reckon - would they fit? I've got a set of cast range rover manifolds, and the passenger side fits fine but the driver's one won't even think about it...
  17. 1396midget

    odd things are happening with my engine temps

    Evening all. Anyone got any thoughts on the following? Car appears to overheat when driving at motorway speeds. It's started recently, the first symptoms were odd: it would climb the temp gauge after slowing down, all the way up to about 110 C, then would go back to normal. For this I...
  18. 1396midget

    wot? have I put it together wrong?

    Well this is weird. Car is back together after a stripped water pump bolt. All started up fine, ran nicely so I thought I'd time it up properly rather than just guessing. But I can't, cos the vacuum advance hits the top hose where it's on the stat housing. Eh? Can't get less advance than...
  19. 1396midget

    oil pressure gauge?

    Hello All Where does one plug one of these into? Thought I might try it while the front is all in bits. Do I need an adaptor on the pressure switch take off or is there another location where a take off for a pressure gauge can be installed? Much thanks :)
  20. 1396midget

    Slack in timing chain - how much is too much?

    I've been taking the front end to bits to mend a sheared water pump bolt... got that sorted, re-tapped thread after very carefully drilling out the snapped end. so how much play is allowable in the timing gears? this is what I have at the moment Stick it back...
  21. 1396midget

    water pump replacement - sheared a bolt :-(

    Booooooo :-( Pulled car out of garage this morning, what's all this pink on the floor.... Oh dear. Coming from the water pump seal judging by the stains. Whip that off, no bother, right? Wrong. Snap goes one of the longest thinnest rustiest bolt ever... So now I have to take all the timing...
  22. 1396midget

    aaargh it died, but it's better now...

    Got towed home this evening... No fuel coming out of the top of the filter, or put of the bottom of the fuel pump (the outlet) Raged a bit at it after being towed back, stopped the car on a downhill and the fuel was pooouuurring out of the pump outlet where I hadn't put the pipe back in. Runs...
  23. 1396midget

    aaargh it died, but it's better now...

    Got towed home this evening... No fuel coming out of the top of the filter, or put of the bottom of the fuel pump (the outlet) Raged a bit at it after being towed back, stopped the car on a downhill and the fuel was pooouuurring out of the pump outlet where I hadn't put the pipe back in. Runs...
  24. 1396midget

    It's a bit blowy out!

    Plenty windy here in York. P6 did a sterling job taking me back from work in horizontal rain and 60mph gusts. Stay safe and above water all :)
  25. 1396midget

    A nice drive in the country - V8 on board

    Got a new camera for Christmas :D Popped it in the car for a bit - get the noise turned up! This was at the end of a 100 mile trip, all running perfect (though a bit rich - fixed now) and it's a little greasy. Enjoy!