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  1. Dave3066

    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    Been there, done that Phil so I feel for you. Mine was exhaust valve related but it's really frustrating when you are so meticulous in a rebuild or overhaul only to experience problems after a few thousand miles. Probably a feature of old cars :). The only time I had clouds of white smoke...
  2. Dave3066

    P6b project

    I've done that repair in the past too. Made a few small panels and was quite pleased with myself.
  3. Dave3066

    Oil leak on 2000SC

    This is the spacer and it sits in here
  4. Dave3066

    Garage refurbishment

    That does look good. If only I had just the one car.
  5. Dave3066

    Lockdown Jobs

    I would love to have the time to do those jobs, but like others who have kids and are able to work from home, my days have been split between childcare and homeworking. So my projects have gone pretty much untouched for the entire period of lockdown.
  6. Dave3066

    P6b project

    You must have a steady hand to use a handheld visor. I need to use both hands to steady the torch when I'm welding. Great work by the way. Been there and done that a few times.
  7. Dave3066

    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    This really is a great thread Phil. I'm learning so much about early cars from this. That rear brake pad contact is fantastic - and solid drive shafts - well I never!
  8. Dave3066

    Yorkshire Rover Show

    I'm taking the Lady C to this one. I hadn't realised it was the Richard Taylor classic show, for those of you who remember Richard.
  9. Dave3066

    beam speed limits and traffic information directly into cars

    Some parts of the UK haven't even got 1G yet so how are they going to ensure complete coverage. More Govt b*ll*cks as H says :D
  10. Dave3066

    Front Caliper Rebuild

    A foot pump is my goto for applying a little pressure to a brake caliper to free stuck pistons.
  11. Dave3066

    is it worth getting the Flu Jab?

    I've had a flu jab every year for the past 3 years. I got hit with flu the year before I started getting the jab and it knocked me for six. "Never again" I said. Also having 2 very young boys in the house I want to minimise their exposure to flu. Christ, it's bad enough when they get a cough...
  12. Dave3066

    P6 Club Calendar 2020

    I think we'd be happy to grab the cover shot off the Facebook page.
  13. Dave3066

    P6 Club Calendar 2020

    That's not the P6 Club calendar.
  14. Dave3066

    Where to source a 2000 workshop manual either paper or soft?

    The Rover P6 Club has all the repair manuals and parts catalogues on DVD available for sale to its members.
  15. Dave3066

    check your car on MIB, is it insured?

    Very handy, thanks. I often find myself wondering if I did actually renew the insurance.
  16. Dave3066

    New shock absorbers all round

    I'll be doing the same job on the front of my 2000 soon. Bought the Gaz shocks due to the perceived low quality of standard items. Anyway, I found the last time I did this with new bushes it helped to soak the bushes in boiling water to soften them. That worked after a fashion, but as my 2000...
  17. Dave3066

    is anybody on LINKED IN?

    The whole "LinkedIn is for professionals" is pretty much gone now with the proliferation of other social media platforms like Instagram etc. I'm on LinkedIn, FB, Twitter and Instagram and use all of them mainly on my phone. I probably use IG more than the others and arguably connect with more...
  18. Dave3066

    Hi from the Yorkshire Dales

    Hi Rob, you're in a lovely part of the country too. We do like visiting the Dales.
  19. Dave3066

    Chain rattle I think?

    I had one of those a couple of years ago. Ended up welding the mounting lug back on and it's been okay since. Dave
  20. Dave3066

    Pair of Front Shock Absorbers wanted

    Folks As the title says, I'm after a pair of front shock absorbers for the Lady C ('66 2000SC). If anyone has a pair I'd be gateful. Thanks Dave
  21. Dave3066

    What fuel for 2000 TC?

    I used to use Castrol VM plus and Lucas upper cylinder lubricant. My 2000SC suffered successive bouts of burning out exhaust valves. I'm not sure if this was a result of my carb settings or something else. I'm now using Tetraboost, which is the proper lead stuff they used to put in fuel...
  22. Dave3066

    Replacing vinyl

    The last person I know who did this was Mick Burke, former Chairman of the Rover P6 Club. He managed to find someone with a roll of the original vinyl to redo the roof and rear quarters on his car. From memory, that one you have linked to looks a bit lighter than original, but it's difficult...
  23. Dave3066

    HOK 36L - 2000TC Progress Report.

    Lots of great work there. That was a hell of a lever on that bench vice for fitting those bushes. I tried that once and managed to crack the vice giving it too much force.
  24. Dave3066

    Rattle from front somwhere on P6 3500S

    Check the security of the steering idler too. It suffers from two problems, first is coming loose from the bracket and bracket from the car, second is plain old age and wear in the bottom bearing. Both will provide similar symptoms to that you are experiencing. Try simply tightening up the...
  25. Dave3066

    Head gaskets where to buy etc

    Yep, that's the one Gaskets for Classics