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  1. Rovohn

    Weber carb conversion

    Just wondering if anyone has done a Weber downdraft conversion using a single carb head? Cheers,John
  2. Rovohn

    Rover iron on patch/crest

    Hey folks I‘m looking for an iron on Rover patch/crest for my jacket,anyone know where I might get one? Cheers,John
  3. Rovohn

    P6 Cosmic Alloy Rims

    4 Cosmics I just removed from my 72 P6 Excellent condition,powder coated Centre caps included $450 obo I am In Vancouver,BC
  4. Rovohn

    Nada V8 hood/bonnet fitment

    Hey Folks I’ve had a V8 hood in my storage for ages and I’m thinking of putting it on my 72TC Is It a simple bolt on or did the base unit measurements change from Series 1 to 2? I’m also thinking of painting it satin black as well,are there any others who did the same and are there any pics...
  5. Rovohn

    Single brake master cylinder

    It looks like I have to rebuild or replace my brake master of my ‘72 2000 TC I found this master in my box of goodies,can anyone identify it?is it Rover? Cheers,John
  6. Rovohn

    Rear Springs

    I replaced the front springs on my P6 and now my camber issue has cleared up,the old ones were 16” long when they were out,so quite a bit shorter than new. I need to replace the rears as they have sagged quite a lot I might have a line on some here in Vancouver but in case I don’t I might have...
  7. Rovohn

    Camber issues

    I have posted on here regarding my -camber issue but still haven’t managed to figure it out,until now,maybe, it seems the driver side spring has a pronounced curve whereas the passenger side is quite straight. Does anyone know what would cause the difference? collapsed spring? spring not seated...
  8. Rovohn

    4Cyl clutch cover/pressure plate

    Hi I replaced my clutch on my P6 but it appears that there are 2 diff covers,one is just the “fingers” the other has a circular plate where the release bearing contacts. The one I removed has the circular plate and I replaced it with the other style,but now I can’t get the clutch to...
  9. Rovohn

    Rear brake bleeding

    Has anyone mounted a remote bleed nipple to the base unit to avoid the usual pain in the neck rear bleed nipple on the caliper? Cheers,John
  10. Rovohn

    4cyl engine colour

    Good Morning I'm pulling the engine and gearbox and while it’s out I’m going to clean everything up,what colour should the engine block be? Cheers,John
  11. Rovohn

    Tc 2000 gearbox alternative

    Has anyone ever found an alternative gearbox option for the 4cyl cars? Mine will need a rebuild and I’m just wondering if a swap might be a less expensive option as there aren’t a lot of P6’s in BC and shipping costs really start to add up Cheers,John
  12. Rovohn

    Camber wear on tires

    I recently replaced the upper and lower ball joints on my 72 P6 I took the car on a 1000 mile trip last month,I am planning on another trip so I pulled the wheels to have a look and I noticed that both front wheels had inner wear down to the steel belts. Does replacing the ball joints affect the...
  13. Rovohn

    P6 Fusebox

    Out with the old and in with the new! Not a bad job really,just make sure you label the wires correctly,also working of my scissor lift I didn't have to be on my knees and twisting my back. Next job,relays for the headlights,and ball joints Cheers,John
  14. Rovohn

    Hif Throttle Adapter for 2200TC

    Hi I am looking for the,"The rod-to-cable 'see-saw' throttle adapter from the 2200 TC setup. I am swapping out my HS8 for Hif6 but being in BC Canada they aren't available over here. Can anyone help? Cheers,John
  15. Rovohn

    Cam cover

    I am looking for the later style cam cover which has Rover on it would anyone have one for a reasonable price? I am in Canada so the shipping cost might be an issue Cheers,John
  16. Rovohn

    New Member from Canada

    Hi All I'm John Walkden from Langley,BC Canada. I have a1972 P6 that was originally from Hong Kong. I purchased the car in 1999 an restored it 4 months later. I finally got fed up with driving a right hand drive car here in BC,so I converted it to LHD in 2008,now my wife doesn''t scream every...