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  1. vaultsman

    Battery Drain

    Having been away for a couple of weeks, I came home and went to start Occie, my Series 2 3500S, only to find the battery was completely dead. No voltage reading at all on the multimeter. Managed, to my surprise, to get it back to seemingly fully charged using the CTEK charger in Recondition...
  2. vaultsman

    Series 1 2000SC on ebay - anyone know it?

    A friend of mine in Ireland is interested in this. Does anyone have any knowledge of its history/issues? 2000SC on ebay Thanks, Stan
  3. vaultsman

    Wiring Electric Fuel Pump

    After one or two issues with the mechanical pump, I'm thinking of installing a Huco sucker pump in the engine bay. I've seen different opinions from people who've gone down this road about the need for a relay, or just a new 12V ignition-controlled feed to the pump via a fused inertia switch...
  4. vaultsman

    Engine Removal - 3500S

    I've never had cause before to pull a P6B's engine, but the time has come. The WM, and the usual method no doubt, is to remove the engine and box together and split them on the floor. Is this the best way to go, or is it possible/advisable to leave the (LT77) box in situ? Any other tips...
  5. vaultsman

    Which way to go.....

    Forumites may have seen in this section that Occie, my 3500S, is pretty poorly at the moment and won't be coming out to play for a while. Long story short, the main and big end shells are badly scored and she can't get oil pressure above 20psi. But worse is the fact that the two main crank...
  6. vaultsman

    4-pot on Gumtree

    Spotted this on Gumtree.....hopefully be worth saving if someone's looking for a project. Rover P6 2000 Breaking. | in Newark, Nottinghamshire | Gumtree
  7. vaultsman

    V8 Distributor, or at least the Drive Shaft

    Hi all, Lost the driving dog off the bottom of the distributor when the oil pump failed: Oil Pump Woes Would anyone have a V8 distributor, or at least the drive shaft, they're willing to part with? Thanks, Stan
  8. vaultsman

    Oil Pump Woes

    Tooling along in the outside lane at 70....suddenly sounds like a bag of spanners rattling under the bonnet. Checked the oil pressure. Managed to get over to the hard shoulder without incident....recovery truck home. Took the distributor out to find the pump drive shaft seized...
  9. vaultsman

    Dunlop Brake Cylinders & Pads

    Any Dunlop-braked P6's needing work on their front calipers? Those with longer memories on here may remember I was part-way into restoring an early 2000 before circumstances prevented its completion. As part of that I'd bought a pair of professionally-rebuilt calipers that were listed for the...
  10. vaultsman

    Paris to ban pre-97 Cars No consultation or voting, it would appear.
  11. vaultsman

    V8 Mechanical Fuel Pump

    Hi all, Occie, my V8, has developed the habit of taking ages to start on the key when the car's been standing for a day or more. Once started, restarts are fine. I'm thinking it's likely to be a problem with the non-return valves in the mechanical fuel pump leaking down, but I can't just buy a...
  12. vaultsman

    Richard! Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, mate! Late today to the forum, so only just spotted this. Hope you've had a great day. Stan
  13. vaultsman

    Fundraising for PROSTaid

    I must be mad, but.... This Saturday 12th September I'm tackling the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in a team of 12 from my local pub, to raise money for the prostate cancer charity, PROSTaid. 24 miles and around 5300 feet of ascent in 12 hours or better...we'll...
  14. vaultsman

    Odds 'n Sods - Collection at Bowes possible

    A few bits and bobs that may be of use to someone. Collection from Leicester, or postage at cost. I'll have a little ( :)) boot space free on the way up to Bowes at the weekend, so collection from there is also possible. I can put piccys up if you'd like. 3500/3500S Airbox in Satin Black...
  15. vaultsman

    HNJ 290 - 1966 Jaguar 3.8S

    In August last year I happened to be in the right place at the right time (for once) and managed to pick up what seems (so far!) a pretty tidy Jaguar. Some forum members may recall the thread I put up at the time... Since then, I've...
  16. vaultsman

    V8 Heads, Carbs, and Inlet Manifold

    Making a bit of space in the garage! All ideally for collection from Leicester, but could post - PM if interested and I'll get prices. SD1 V8 Heads. Bit of surface rust on the valve springs. £60. HIF6 Carbs from an early SD1. Tag Numbers FZX1270. £40. Excellent V8 Inlet Manifold from...
  17. vaultsman

    '66 2000 Parts

    As spring approaches, it's time for a little garage clearout! A few '66 2000 parts...don't want to tip them, so free for collection from Leicester. Don't want to get into posting/courier on these myself, but if you wanted to arrange your own pick-up that's fine. Bell housing, gearbox case (I'm...
  18. vaultsman

    Electronic Distributor & Coil

    Powerspark electronic distributor with the early male drive for pre-SD1 Rover V8, complete with genuine Lucas module, the 3-to-2 pin converter lead required, and Lucas DLB198 electronic coil to suit. All items only used for approx. 1200 miles. £100 + postage, or collection from Leicester. Stan
  19. vaultsman

    2000 Final Drive/Differential - Dunlop Brakes

    From Rebekah - June '66 low-mileage car, one of the last with Dunlop brakes. £50 - collected from Leicester, or I could put on a pallet for a courier. Stan
  20. vaultsman

    Speedo Flexible Drive Cable

    Hi all, Would anyone have an old inner flexible cable knocking about they don't need? The gearbox-end angle drive has failed on the Jag due to a stuck input shaft on the speedo head. The angle drive has a flexible cable stub that locates in the gearbox and this is now chewed up. I've got it...
  21. vaultsman

    Series 1 Black Seats and Interior - SOLD

    Rebekah's cabin innards on ebay as of today. Stan
  22. vaultsman

    15" Rostyle Wheels - Set of 4 - SOLD

    Will need a refurb/repaint....I've just listed them on ebay. Stan
  23. vaultsman

    Rostyle Wheel Query

    I have 4 off Rostyle wheels that I'll be looking to move on but before I list them, would anyone know please what car(s) they would have been fitted to originally? 5 x 5" PCD Stamped 6JK-15 Offset +1.1/2" (38mm) i.e. offset into the car Stan
  24. vaultsman

    Another tick on the Bucket List!

    As a young chap in the mid-70s with ideas well above his station ( :) ), apart from the 3500S, I always fancied myself in a Mark II Jag. The Sweeney only served to reinforce this but, alas, marriage, offspring and the resulting parlous bank balance combined to ensure this remained just a...
  25. vaultsman

    Carpet Set from a 2000 Manual

    Full set of carpets from a 1966 2000 Manual, including the sound-deadening & underfelt. Exposed areas somewhat sun-faded and the rubber heel mat has worn through in a couple of places. £30 collected from LE4. Stan