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  1. Tony58

    P6 2000 manual exhaust front pipe

    I recently bought a newish front exhaust pipe for my 2000 auto, and discovered its for a manual as it goes under the auto sump and not round it, is it any use to anyone, I'm in Bradford, £20ono and pick up or arrange your own courier
  2. Tony58

    Bw35 sump gasket

    I'm in the process of replacing the sump gasket on my auto box and I'm undecided which one to use, Cork or new materials, I also don't know whether to put a smidgin of sealant on which ever gasket I use, advice needed please
  3. Tony58

    Paint codes

    Hi All, I'm getting close to painting my 68 v8, I have all the details off the bulkhead and it just says white, the car has been painted before and is a creamy white, probably with age, as I'm doing it in cellulose I'm struggling to decide on what white to use. Does anyone have a name for a...
  4. Tony58

    Newtronic systems electric ignition

    Hi All, firstly my condolences to pilkies family. The knowledge about autoboxes will be sadly misses, I've a 68 3500 with a newtronic electric ignition kit. When I bought the car it was already fitted. The v8 ran well but has developed a misfire and I found the spinning disk in the distributor...
  5. Tony58

    Front wing seals

    Hi All, found this company that does all manner of rubber products and I've just received my 2 metres of outer wing to inner wing lip seal, was just over a fiver a metre, seems better than the original foam stuff that was on, I'm not a purist and like to upgrade to a better design if I can, it...
  6. Tony58

    Auto gearbox replacement

    Hi All, my borg warner 35 has now been rebuilt, will report on the quality of the job later, firstly I removed it leaving the bellhousing and torque convertor in place, but I think it would be better if I remove these and slide the convertor into the gearbox prior to fitment, do I need to grease...
  7. Tony58

    68 series 1 rev counter

    Hi All, I've recently acquired an original pod for my clock and rev counter, but I don't have a rev counter, the pod measures 3.5 inches for the Rev. As my car is the early v8, registered Aug 68 I assumed a pod from a 2200 would be the same, but I've searched for a v8 rev counter in vain, can...
  8. Tony58

    Survisors coloured

    Hi All my 68 v8 auto has got black leather seats and black door cards, a full webasto with black headling. My survisors are white. Is this correct, and the carpets were non existent, so I'm wondering what colour of carpet I should buy, and finally what type of underfelt as mine was completely rotten
  9. Tony58

    Bw 35 and 65

    Hi All. There seems to be a glut of Bw 65 boxes on ebay and elsewhere, my 35 is sat on the bench and I'm wondering whether to swop it, cost wise I know a guy in Keighley who will rebuild my 35 box for £300 and I'm also aware that if I buy another box I've no guarantee if it will be any good...
  10. Tony58

    Front seats

    Hi, I put a pair of front seats on ebay for 99p, passenger one leather is dry and split and the drivers one is usable but looks like it's been recoloured, there are no runners, free to whoever wants them or they will go to the tip, I'm in bradford, yorkshire, they are both of the box pleat...
  11. Tony58

    Autobox removal, resto of wgy172g

    Hi, I've recently joined the forum and found meterman66 used to own the car I'm currently restoring. WGY 172Ğ, a 3500, it's had the usual attention, welding, brake rebuild, suspension strip assess and repaint, I'm presently preparing for paint, but all these rubbers and channels are a nightmare...
  12. Tony58

    Autobox removal

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and the 3500 I've had for a year has never had a working reverse gear, I'm getting close to looking at what the problem is and would welcome some pointers. Can the box be removed and the bell housing and torque converter left in situe or is it easier to remove the...