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    3500 Brake Calipers

    Same one as you saw about 4/5 years ago. Nearly ready for the road at long last.
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    Recommendations for a car upholsterer who can re-trim a black flat pleat leather interior?

    One of the nicest retrim jobs I think I've seen on a P6, looks indistinguishable from factory finish.
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    3500 Brake Calipers

    Does anyone have a full set of serviceable front and rear calipers they're willing to sell? Common sense says buy recon exchange units but they're a little beyond my budget for the foreseeable future. Thanks in advance.
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    Series 1 rear doors

    Not quite the same, no anti burst pins on series one 2000s if I remember right?
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    It is Raymond Mays and I'm guessing the racing car is probably one of his own BRMs.
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    When was this engine used?

    Plenum chamber appears to be the type used on the Triumph TR8 prototypes?
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    Dismantling hydraulic lifter

    A method I employ to clean tappets is to soak each one individually in thinners in a glass spice jar, they're the ideal size. This also means the tappets can be kept in order if desired, only downside of course is trying to find sixteen of them.
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    Given the number of people who use the Retro Rides forum, it might be worthwhile sharing this information on their 'Stolen' section? Best of luck.
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    just seen this on flickr.

    Found this, caption next to the picture reads 'Colin Welland with the Z-Cars cast':
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    just seen this on flickr.

    A little confusing that picture, Colin Welland ( third from right) was in Z-Cars but not Softly Softly so not sure why he's there.
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    Number Plate P6 WJK - anyone interested?

    A nice plate but I think it can only be transferred onto a car 1996 or newer?
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    Clutch master location for conversion

    What a brilliantly simple solution, I wish I'd thought of that years ago when I did my conversion.
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    Two Rover P6 Estates

    Can't recall having seen a Lunar Grey one before, very nice indeed.
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    Spot the P6

    Petrol cars will vanish in 8 years, says US report
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    My 3500s project - future daily drive

    Nice pictures. We had our family holiday down there on a couple of occasions late '70s/early '80s in our 2000 TC. For some reason (possibly because it was the most direct route) my dad always chose to use Porlock Hill on our way to Ilfracombe. In those days there were signs on certain parts of...
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    Press SD1??

    I'm sure I saw an advert for this elsewhere recently which mentioned that the plates were for show purposes only. Edit - It was on Car and Classic: Rover 3500 SD1 V8 Manual For Sale (1980) on Car And Classic UK [C850078]
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    Asking for photos & a few questions - comparison of 14" and 15" rostyles (+alternatives)

    Lovely looking TC Demetris. What size tyres are you using?
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    Asking for photos & a few questions - comparison of 14" and 15" rostyles (+alternatives)

    Around 25 years since I modified them, but if I remember right, careful use of a hammer to flatten the inner profile a little and a scissor jack to ease them outwards slightly.
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    Asking for photos & a few questions - comparison of 14" and 15" rostyles (+alternatives)

    I used this site to compare the difference between the two sizes: Will They Fit - Online Wheel and Tyre Fitment Calculator Crucially, the speedo reading is only very slightly higher with the 205/70 tyre. My wheels are 6" wide, the offset is not shown on them, but if I've measured correctly...
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    Asking for photos & a few questions - comparison of 14" and 15" rostyles (+alternatives)

    I use 205/70 14s on my Minilites. This company offer quite a good selection of 14" tyres and are cheaper than most: Car Tyres - MPV Tyres - People Carrier Tyres - 14"
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    Front crankshaft oil seal, not rope, part numbers?

    I understood all P6Bs manufactured from around 1973/4 onwards got the later lip seal? Not sure what engine numbers would denote this if in fact they do at all.
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    5 speed install and off to the painters !

    That looks wonderful :) Great colour choice in the end.
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    Interceptor wheels

    These have been on ebay for a couple of days with no bids as yet: Jenson Interceptor Wheels Classic Car V8 Rover P6 | eBay Not connected to sale in any way.
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    top money for this one

    A cigarette lighter would be nice too.