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  1. Hairyrover

    Conversion charts,Imperial to Metric tools etc.

    Please note,I am retiring and selling off all my stock,the web site will be taken down sometime in the future so Id suggest you copy any info in those charts (or find it on other web sites who have copied it already).
  2. Hairyrover

    site for all the rover v8 colours and more

    Does anyone know if the burnt grey of the P6 series is the same as the P5b ?. I was told that Rover changed paint supplier and there is a slight difference in the shade as a result. Is there any truth in that?.
  3. Hairyrover

    Ebay scams with cars.

    I have recently been watching a group who publicise and act on ebay scams. Most involve cars or motorhomes but many others involve classic cars and machinery.Basically the scammers use false or hijacked accounts to list stuff at what would be bargain prices. They invite people to contact the...
  4. Hairyrover


    I have heard the 3.9 and upwards engines are prone to problems with their liners. I know one engine rebuilder told me that none of them can stand being overheated or tolerate it as well as the 3.5. .
  5. Hairyrover

    Imperial tools,sockets and spanners etc.

    Decent quality stuff is still available from UK makers.Its getting people to pay the price thats the hardest part.
  6. Hairyrover

    Taking responsibility, both as a club and as a supplier

    Ebay do not allow the seller the right to reply or to leave bad feedback no matter how they are treated by the buyer.Every single buyer has 100% feedback,hardly a fair or level playing field.
  7. Hairyrover

    Taking responsibility, both as a club and as a supplier

    Agreed,a can of worms. Sadly there are poor suppliers but there are also poor customers. I can remember when someone rung me late at night for advice on socket sizes,after the conversation went on for a very long time with interruptions and laughing on the other end of the phone I pointed out it...
  8. Hairyrover

    spark plug spanner

    If anyone wants one of the Koken spark plug sockets give me a call .
  9. Hairyrover

    Imperial tools,sockets and spanners etc.

    I've now got some six sided whitworth/BSF sockets in.Proper professional quality. I've also combined the spanners and sockets on a single page to make selection easier. Contact me for post costs on multiple orders or overseas.
  10. Hairyrover

    spark plug spanner

    Koken do a nice quality one. Slim but nice and strong.
  11. Hairyrover

    No servo support...

    Sounds like the piston is stuck. If its the one with a band wrapped around the outside secured by a bolt,like this one,you can remove the end safely as the spring is a return spring and should be held in place by the clip mentioned. I rebuilt my servo,nothing too hard about it if you work...
  12. Hairyrover

    Brakes: Nothing, then Everything!

    The fluid outlet from the servo should be pointing up and the air valve down. There is a very short rubber pipe between the air valve and the rear casing of the servo. The powertunes do not get a very good right up,being a cheap copy of the Lockheed units.
  13. Hairyrover

    Weird spanner

    I sold a couple of open ended spanners a few weeks back on ebay.They had one end a AF size and the other a metric,both clearly marked. They are the only ones I've ever seen,I think I've still got a picture somewhere.
  14. Hairyrover

    Borg warner 35 and fluid on the floor.

    Thanks Harvey. I seldom use the old girl so I think Ill have to get used to starting it up every few weeks or put up with puddles on the floor.
  15. Hairyrover

    Borg warner 35 and fluid on the floor.

    My Rover P5b has a trick of sitting for some while and then suddenly depositing a cup full of fluid on the floor.If started every few days it doesnt seem to leak but if left for a couple of weeks fluid seems to fill the filler tube up to almost the top . I'm assuming this is fluid leaking back...