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    how slack is slack.. - steering box.

    Hi Bill Did you have the wheels off the ground when you checked and tightened the idler? Thanks Mick
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    Electronic Distributor which is the best for reliability?

    I have an electronic distributor manufactured by performance ignition in Australia. It's fully electronic, not an add on to my existing dizzie. Not cheap but definitely worth the spend. I also purchased their scorcher performance coil and leads. Cheers Mick
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    Power Steering

    Ok will do. Thanks for that
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    Power Steering

    No I haven't. Thanks I'll check it out tomorrow. Cheers Mick
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    Power Steering

    I'm in Sunbury. I might give them a call. I'll see how I go with a further adjustment first. Thanks
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    Power Steering

    Hi all I have a little play in my power steering. It's enough to be annoying. I've tried adjusting it, but it doesn't do much. I'm not sure how much to adjust it. How many turns of the adjuster nut do I give it? I'm hoping I don't need a rebuild? If so, any ideas where I can send it in...
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    Ceramic Coating

    Yes I had mine done in Melbourne. They coat them inside and out. I paid $300 but it should've been$450. Money well spent. Engine bay temps are significantly lower and cabin much nicer to be in. Also said to improve performance but I don't know as my headers went there from exhaust place...
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    suddenly a rough running engine

    I had my original distributor replaced as I knew they can be problematic for an electronic ignition distributor. I purchased one from Performance Ignition in Melbourne. A very nice piece of kit but, as you say they are not cheap at around $800. Also replaced all leads and coil to quality high...