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  1. v8guy

    Anglia Area Meets

    Hi to everyone I'm The area Organiser for Anglia on behalf of the Rover P6 Club, just sounding out if there are enough people on here in the Anglia region who would be willing to meet up for a friendly chat Rover or anything else bi monthle or quarterly to start. Its a big area so once we know...
  2. v8guy

    I'm Back

    Well time has flown by and can't believe it's over 3 years since I moved and so much has happened not all good but I'm still here and now hopefully will be back on this great forum more regularly. Lots to catch up on no doubt and look forward to speaking with you all. Like to thank Richard for...
  3. v8guy

    Birthday wishes suffolkpete

    Many happy returns Pete hope you have a great day mate :D
  4. v8guy

    Happy Birthday Adamjack

    Adam do have a great day mate what ever your up to......hopefully not working but having fun or maybe both :wink:
  5. v8guy

    Snover P6

    For those that may not have seen my effort at a Snover p6 here's a link to a pic ... =1&theater hope that works hope you like it... :D
  6. v8guy

    Birthday Wishes Mr Q

    Many happy Returns of the Day Richard, have a good one :D
  7. v8guy

    Birthday Wishes NICK DUNNING its your day ;-)

    Happy Birthday Mate hope your wishes are granted and have a great day hope to see you in the new year.... :D
  8. v8guy

    Moving Home......

    Hi all, some of you know that I'm moving home. Just got the moving date confirmed today 100% after two let downs, so as of the 29th of November I will be on the east coast Suffolk, So my question is how many forum members would there be with in the area that would be interested in possibly...
  9. v8guy

    BIRTHDAY WISHES :-D Kiwirover

    Happy birthday Al, hope your enjoying your day doing what you like best :wink:
  10. v8guy

    Loading Pics.....AAArrrgghh!!!

    One of the new members (oldlook) was/is having trouble uploading pics on to the forum..... its been happening to me too.... I's a very quick and simple process on my phone normally but the last few days it just don't want to know....wondering if anyone else is struggling with this.... I have no...
  11. v8guy

    Classic Car Rescue........

    A new programme on channel 5 that was on tonight at 8pm for an hour, Did anyone else watch it? IMHO to say I was disappointed would be an understatement, typical tv drivelle, could have been a lot better if they concentrated more on the resto, looked like a lash up to me very disappointed. :| :?
  12. v8guy

    Mikep .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY .... :-)

    Happy Birthday Mike, hope you have a great day, what ever your doing :D
  13. v8guy

    p6ers at Croxley Green

    A nice day at Croxley the rain held off and 14 p6ers came to show :D some pics... And a selection of other vehicles...
  14. v8guy

    Hit n Run!!

    Some of you would know that my boy has been restoring and hot roding his minor and he was very close to completion at the end of the month.......well this morning he moved it yo the other end of the yard for about half an hour while a shift about took place in that short time someone done...
  15. v8guy

    Capel Manor Vintage and Classic Car Show 09/09/12

    This is a very well attended show year on year with a very good mix of vehicles, entry is £6 a classic car on the day 10.00-17.00 hours. If you want something to do please come a long I will be there with a number of other p6ers.. Capel Manor College Bullsmoor Lane Enfield EN1 4RQ...
  16. v8guy

    Classic car show Waltham Cross 11-Aug 2012

    Attended this local to me show today. Nice weather for a change :lol: here are some pics;
  17. v8guy

    could it be?

    After a 134 mile drive yesterday and my usual 8 mile trip today in buttercup, it dawned on me that I filled up 340 miles ago and I'm still running the same tank :D the most I was achieving before was 280 miles, the only change during this time being the addition of the bonnet scoop. So could it...
  18. v8guy

    Birthday Wishes Adamjack

    happy birthday Adam, Make a wish, hopefully the p6 will be purring again as it should... have a great day and see you again soon.... :D :wink:
  19. v8guy

    Royal Gunpowder Mills Classic Car Day 15/07/12

    After the disapointment of Uxbridge being cancled today, I had to get out to a show seeing as the sun was shining and I was planning to come to the Gunpowder Mills but didn't book as it clashed with Uxbridge. So this morning it was a phone call but no reply so jumped in the modernish and drove...
  20. v8guy

    Vintage and Classic vehicle display Hoddesdon 14/07/12

    A very wet day, 180 vehicles booked in , approx 83 vehicles braved the weather. Apart from a dry spell of 1hour 20 mins it rained the whole time to differing degrees :roll: some pics;.....
  21. v8guy

    Buttercups facelift ....

    I apollogise now for the lack of pics but there are some at the end :oops: First stage of the face lift where the clear lenses a nice and easy transformation. Second stage is the bonnet scoop which needed some therapy including drilling out the old bolts and rethreading, also bare metaling a...
  22. v8guy

    It's Happy Days's Birthday. :-)

    Many very happy returns of the day Mick, have a good one and if your working take it easy old boy :lol: May be we can celebrate 21 next year :wink:
  23. v8guy

    Birthday wishes Demetris

    happy birthday Demetris, hope the sun is shinning for you and its not too hot out there have a great day :D
  24. v8guy

    Pump House Museum classic car meet. 1st Tuesday of the month

    Got handed a flyer while at the Enfield Pagent, thought I would go along and have a nose as I've never heard of it and its been running five years I learnt tonight. To me it is a smaller version of whitewebbs museum, they have just won a lotto grant for an extension and some revamping. Well the...
  25. v8guy

    Buttercups M.O.T

    Well took buttercup in for her M.O.T A pic on the ramps while she waits to be inspected. And she passed with a single advisory for slight corrosion on near side front inner arch :?: turns out the front wing attachment has come loose so a little job for Saturday morning to put right. Think they...