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    Yorkshire Rover Show

    Me three. My P6 Likely won't be ready but I may pop along.
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    The real story on forced induction and RV8s?

    Rob's long term Supercharging project Also consider a Water/methanol injection system to keep charge temps down.
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    The real story on forced induction and RV8s?

    M112 in the V. Flat low profile water-air intercooler, throttle body in front of the heater box. Thought about it a lot. Not done it, because life gets in the way...
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    that looks great!
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    Happy New Year

    2020... what is going on! My car will be 50 next year! Better get it going again as a present!
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    damn. I'd hoped you were going to blindside me with a "oh they just need this" They are being challenging and saying things like 'oh nobody else has ever had this problem" Sigh. A job for the next decade I think! Happy New Year all!
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    I'm making a manifold. Got a nice radio (retrosounds one) to go in so might idly do that. @quattro , did you ever get your AVO shocks sorted on the front? I've got some to go on...
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    V8 front valance in Fibreglass

    Do you know what make it is Phil?
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    Diff Oil Specificiation

    I don't specifically know the difference between GL4 and GL5, though I do know that GL5 is not recommended for drive systems which contain 'yellow' metals. Lots of the MG differentials have brass/phospor bronze thrust plates in the diff, and apparently some of the additves in GL5 eats them...
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    Rob's long term Supercharging project

    Now that air con idea is an interesting idea. I have an Eaton M45 in the shed (which is probably a bit small). The air con system sounds like a much improved air/water intercooler. I'll have a dig about! EFI is on the list an any case.
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    Rob's long term Supercharging project

    Oh, below the collector is a Rover 25 down pipe, which matches the 4 bolt mount and does a long 2 into 1 with a flexi pipe. I think a new one was £13 in Rimmer Bros Sale. I've got one for each side.
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    Rob's long term Supercharging project

    collector is from a Rover K series manifold. MGF/MGTF/Rover 200, 400, 25, 45, 75. About 20 quid off eBay, buy the whole manifold and you get loads of weirdy little bends as well, some of which are useful! Yes, it's a lambda boss, going to be used in the future. They are quite nice...
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    Rob's long term Supercharging project

    I've made another manifold (well, half made it) There is not much space on this (the Driver's side) because there's a clutch master cylinder in the way, and a lot of engine mounts and starter motors and all sorts. Still, this just about fits.
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    Too many sump plugs ?

    It's the only car I've ever come across that does drain the oil cooler into the sump. It's a lot more efficient (in terms of cooling) to force the hot oil through a cooler then straight into the engine than to return it to the sump.
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    Too many sump plugs ?

    ^^ that! My Land Rover has 2 sump plugs, one was a return for an oil cooler.
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    sad day

    All the best Rich, it's hard. I hope the new owner takes as much care as you did :)
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    Uk new owner of an old car and new to the forum.

    That's cool, I like it. I'm also a fan of the slightly non-standard. Far rather have something a bit rough that works... My heated rear screen also doesn't work, never has. MY windscreen also leaks from the middle at the top, but only if cracking on in the rain. Which I've not done for 5...
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    Future of the forum

    I'll just add: I can't help because I don;t know what I'm doing and I have no time with little ones to learn it. I would like to express massive thanks to Rich for getting us this far, and I will support where I can whoever and however we move forwards. I'd forgotten what a great repository...
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    Rob's long term Supercharging project

    a mammoth effort last week: All rear suspension back on, diff back in, rear wings on, valance fitted, wheels on. Riding high on all new bushes. Adjustable shock in the back now. Boot floor and edges all repaired, areas behind rear wheels repaired, welding is FINISHED! 3 rolls of MIG wire...
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    Bell crank bushes and front damper works

    This is cool. Well done all! I've been away from the forum for a bit, so catching up now.... Saw a video referenced above but I can't see it. I like the idea of the extra link. Has anyone looked at the bulkhead to see if it could be stiffened?
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    Rob's long term Supercharging project

    Oh my. Hadn't quite realised how long this has taken..... As an update, I now have new old stock rear arms, media blasted elbows and new rear suspension bushes all round. All the inside of the rear arch is done, and the terrible patch on the inside of the rear arch is done, after being...
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    Clutch master location for conversion

    I got mine to juuuuuust fit in. DSC_0445
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    Front Link Bushes, Rubber or Polyeurothane?

    "Just split the taper, remove the three 1/4" unf bolts, and knock the joint out of the pillar." Yeah, this took me a DAY! haha!:D:D:D:Do_O
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    Hello and I am glad to aboard

    Welcome. if you need a hand searching just ask. I know from the current state of my own car where the rotty bits are!
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    Rob's long term Supercharging project

    getting there! Outer D post tacked on to make sure the doors still fit DSC_0149 by 1275midget, on Flickr They do (hooray) Inner D post welded on, along with the stiffener plate. DSC_0151 by 1275midget, on Flickr and all epoxy primered up DSC_0168 by 1275midget, on Flickr and one from...