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  1. ghce

    A rare Car in Oz, now for sale

    What an old thread but a goody. I know my 4 year old girl loves sitting in mine and makes all the appropriate driving actions, she loves it, unfortunatly its not currently going with blown head gasket and no oil pressure ( deprimed). Unfortunately the conversion on these was so poor that even...
  2. ghce

    My latest purchase

    Also known as cold custard lol
  3. ghce

    What's your longest trip in a P6?

    Longest for me was the whole length of New Zealand then back again in one epic Christmas holiday road trip, so about 5,500 plus KMs in about 1988. Achieved an average of about 27 mpg and on one or two stretches of road went over 100 mph but in general kept 60 to 70 mph. Graeme
  4. ghce

    Not a Rover, but...

    I am utterly surprised, having seen them in the past I had assumed they were custom jobs by talented amateur coach makers. Had I known they were a factory car I would have been tempted to hunt one down and buy it, such a useful shopping basket for going to the mall or super market! Graeme .
  5. ghce

    Not a Rover, but...

    Have sen also in NZ but I very much doubt its factory
  6. ghce

    My Rover

    And a bit rare even in their heyday. That car came to a sad end unfortunately in about 1973 on Easter Sunday when a car load of young hoons in a mini crossed the centre line at speed and tried to mate with the front end of the Humber. Their car bounced and spun off into the adjacent field, the...
  7. ghce

    My Rover

    We had a largish monsoon shield on out Humber Super Snipe Mark IV too, along with the obligatory sun-shield as well. 1955 model as I recall, that car was an unstoppable juggernaut which if you were lucky you could Squeeze out 16 mpg put of it, if you weren't 12 :) Think I preferred the 1955 to...
  8. ghce

    My Rover

    Great refresh of this thread Ron, love that Monsoon shield, looks larger than most of the period ones I have seen but I guess as you say you dont want those bugs inside especially being Australia where every thing wants to kill you :). You not only have the longest ownership but the highest KM's...
  9. ghce

    One for the V8 guys

    Rags to riches to rags to riches to rags, ya gota feel for the guy and at the end of it not bitter at all. Must be a movie in their somewhere. its the sort of humanistic stuff that gets made in The US these days or possibly the BBC might pick something like that up either way I am sure it would...
  10. ghce

    What's on your xmas list?

    Coal powered :LOL: nah its electric, Xiaomi Mi365 :) Graeme .
  11. ghce

    What's on your xmas list?

    Well these are on my wish list. But what I will probably get is this
  12. ghce

    More Cowbell

    Enjoyed that and it got me to thinking about other Walken greats such as the Fatboy Slim Weapons of choice video Walken did That led me down a multitude of You Tube rabbit holes watching all the remakes. All very topical of course in that Weapons of Choice seems to mostly be an Homage to Frank...
  13. ghce

    Replacing your Rover

    Honda Accord Hybrid and a Suzuki Bandit SV Hybrid
  14. ghce

    Recommended Vieving : Paul Brodie's Shop

    Really enjoyable video. What stands out for me is the similarity of his thought processes and solutions that mirror the way I design and execute similar projects, first time I have seen someone with similar skill sets that thinks like me! Been watching a few similar videos recently as I have...
  15. ghce

    Battery Drain

    Normally would expect memory circuit to take less than 1 mA, basically in the micro amp range however thats not to say that the stereo isn't a bit fritzy as I recall that the car factory radios that 90's Honda Civics used had a common fault where the stereo would draw quite large current after...
  16. ghce

    Battery Drain

    40mA whilst not sounding a lot is pretty significant especially if left like that for a week or 2, I always estimate that no more than 10mA should be drawn especially on a low tech car like a P6, in the big scheme of things 40 is too much. One thing of note in flooded lead acid batteries is...
  17. ghce

    What is a reasonable life expectancy for a car battery?

    I too have found the exact same thing, many of my cars have been on permanent maintain at 14.20 Volts for many years, my presumption is manufacturing defects or poor design parameters being employed by the manufacturer rather than sulfation or lead loss by other means. Causes are likely inter...
  18. ghce

    What is a reasonable life expectancy for a car battery?

    My 1998 Honda Accord's original battery died last year, so 22 years of excellent service, one of the cells suddenly went high resistance under load, up till then it was great. Graeme
  19. ghce

    Putting a three litre in a 90.

    Hi and welcome to the forum, I am sure someone will know of a conversion, got any photos of the car? Cheers Graeme in NZ
  20. ghce

    SD1 3500SE spotted

    Wott !!!! an SD1 not in a garage, that will be a rust spot on the ground by lunchtime tomorrow. Oh you are in OZ , lunch time next week. :) Graeme .
  21. ghce

    what's your best 60s Ford?

    For me, my best ford was a MKIV Zodiac 3.0 litre V6 four on the floor manual with comfy bucket seats that had been an ex Police car so had some suspension mods (slightly lowered) and I am sure a few other tweeks, handled like it was on rails. Lovely metallic green paint it looked the mutts...
  22. ghce

    Hello from me !!!!!

    eww shiny! Nuthin better than a freshly painted shiny motor, but you seem to be missing 4 cylinders :LOL: And a lady bug to boot! Graeme .
  23. ghce

    Series 2 2000 Bonnet Badge

    Yes, aged plastics tend to micro crack and its not visible to the naked eye. If you use any solvent based paints you could be in for a nasty surprise as Gerald found out. I doubt there is any way to stabilise the plastic safely. A water based paint? but even then the water may find those...
  24. ghce

    Disconnect the Clock

    I think the pulse time is more like a minute between resets, as the mechanism gets worn ( unserviced) the time may become shorter, also the solenoid contacts become pitted causing other problems of their own. I had mine serviced a few years ago, made a big difference, the draw current pulse was...