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    Spark Plug Sockets for P6B V8

    Yes... I know normal sockets won't fit. But it's simply years since I've had to buy one that does............. And a friend is in urgent need............... Anyone have link to one that is known to work? Either box spanner or proper plug socket or anything in between?????
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    A New Auto Transmission Option for P6B and P5B

    "I'm sure you need to adjust your kick down (throttle position sensor), it really does make a big difference to the behaviour....." Is Peter's box electronic, then? I thought he had a mechanical control box? HP22/24, not HP22/24E?
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    Differential Output Shafts - Time to give up?

    I'm on record as being a fan of the Rover Diff, stating that the diff itself is pretty bomb proof and that all it needs is stronger output shaft material. That's drawn in part from knowing that the better material approach works for the long input shaft in the extension case. And from never...
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    RPMs versus MPH Mystery

    Problem solved. Beautiful car. Envious. Were the problem not to have been solved, there is one other (unlikely) possibility that you guys missed. There were TWO final drive ratios available for the 2000 and 2000TC. Standard was 3.54:1 as everyone knows. But optional was 4.1:1. Developed for...
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    LDV Pilot gearbox (R380) or LT77 17A

    Rover themselves trialled overdrive on the P6. Their first attempt was to simply borrow a Triumph 200 O/D box. But their second attempt was more interesting. Instead of mounting the overdrive on the back of the box, they mounted it on the front of the diff, behind the prop shaft. In that...
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    A New Auto Transmission Option for P6B and P5B

    Peter is a fan of modern multi gear auto transmissions. So am I. But not behind a Rover V8 that retains most of it's broad power band. There isn't really a "sweet spot" in the engine's power delivery, so it's silly to try and keep the engine spinning at a particular rpm. I reckon four gears...
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    A New Auto Transmission Option for P6B and P5B

    Any gearbox with an overdrive top gear - less than 1:1 - is going to leave you very high geared............. But there's a double win available. It isn't only the diff and box that determines overall gearing - the rolling diameter of the tyres is in there too. So, fit tyres that are undersize...
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    Auto gearbox V8 p6

    The guy who wrote the W/M and the Owners Instruction Booklet may well have been several guys and may well have been selected for writing skills............... All the engineers knew already and never used the books............. But seriously....... Rover treated the box as a bought in lump. The...
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    1966? I dont think so!!

    You'll find me on the Australian P5 and P6 FB Group, Mike.........
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    1966? I dont think so!!

    As regards the interior details. A careful look at the photos of the 2000S in the James Taylor book shows that everything was ready by 1965. You can speculate endlessly as to why these weren't incorporated in production P6B. My personal best guess is around the timing of P6B launch. The final...
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    1966? I dont think so!!

    Remember also, MikeMelb, that when the batch of Buicks arrived from the US there were no specific P6B's to put them in. The second series of P7's were repurposed for trialling Buicks and no doubt they finished up in other mules too. I too saw the Fishwick engine in the metal. By then it was...
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    A New Auto Transmission Option for P6B and P5B

    Apparently there is a fairly narrow window where the boxes have lock-up but are still on cable/rod control.....
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    A New Auto Transmission Option for P6B and P5B

    There is news from Down Under in Australia...... A second automatic gearbox has been identified that fits and works readily in P6B (and P5B). In the UK and Europe, the upgrade to a ZF HP22/HP24, sourced from a Range Rover, is an established retro fit. That gives an additional overdrive 4th gear...
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    rear suspension on a Pb6

    The oil lubed tubes rely on bronze bushes for the slidey bits. So oil is essential. On the grease tube these are replaced by a yeloow mesh of a PTFE loaded nylon. They need only the most minimal amount of grease.
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    Sleipnir's very early original engine

    Mmm. Rust in the bores... Why did you sideline the engine in the first place? Given rusty bores, the correct action is to pressure test the block to see if you have a loose/slipped liner... If not, then start by trying the existing rings in the bores to see what their ring gaps are... A...
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    Rover P6 4.6 V8 Road/Race car.

    Alex, I rckon the uprated roll bar will be a revelation. My guess is that you'll need to go up to 600lb at the back to keep the same handling balance. Or put up with a tiny bit more understeer. Cobraboy, I'm intrigued to see how you did the neg camber. I've worked up a couple of ways in my...
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    Making Moulded Replacement Lamp Lenses

    A while ago - a long while ago - there was a thread from someone, I think in the USA, who had been making side/tail lamp lenses in a colour of their choice by creating moulds - perhaps latex or similar - and pouring a form of plastic into them to produce new lenses. I've had a search and can't...
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    Next Club Magazine - Pictures Please!

    The next Driving Force is now entering production. I'm doing a couple of articles. The first on Ranald White's recent and epic Monte Carlo Historique, the second on fitting a tow bar and sorting the electrics. I'm looking for good quality photographs of the detail of fitting a towbar to a P6...
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    My '72 P6 V8 is back in use on UK roads and once again wearing its silver on black 'K' plates!

    My understanding is that dropped liners are rare on narrow bore engines. But then Pilkie had one not that long ago.... Good luck.
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    V8 Questions

    Easily the most important part of your overhaul is the cleaning. Don't be tempted to do it yourself, get block, crank, heads and INLET MANIFOLD chemically dip cleaned. That way you can be sure that all oilways have had the tarr / scale removed and that YOU haven't dislodged scale into somewhere...
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    Rover P6 Diff - How Strong is it? Other options?

    Incidentally, the front suspension geometry is officially known as "Modified Lawrence Link". Rover went to the trouble of buying out Chris Lawrence's patent..... Google his name and be prepared to be Very impressed.... Chris
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    Rover P6 Diff - How Strong is it? Other options?

    Back to the diff. There's a reasonable consensus amongst people who have actually had them fail. They never fail on the crown wheel and pinion etc, ie the diff itself - except for a small number of cases where the crown wheel bolts have come loose and worked out until they have smashed the...
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    wood dashboard

    As a boy I remember this sort of thing being called "Formica". So try googling Formica.... You'll arrive at Not merely are all the original P6 "woods" still available, but also real wood veneers not to mention all sorts of other interesting and exciting finishes...
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    P5 Rostyle Wheel 205/65/15

    The other good reason to stop at 195 section is that the P5 Rostyle sits further out than the ideal. ie it doesn't have enough positive offset.... Chris
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    Rough running at low revs

    Pat180269 is spot on. Almost certain to be an air leak. But there's a few more options for the source. Since the carbs are HIF's, the most obvious one is damaged O rings on the the throttle spindles. Not difficult to replace with the carbs off. The second obvious source is the arrangement for...