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  1. roverp480

    Series One Hazard flasher

    Can anyone advise if the P6 was ever fitted with Hazard flashers for US market with a Lucas flick switch as opposed to the later push/pull type on S2, if so has anyone the part number? Thanks
  2. roverp480

    P6 at Brightwells

    Lot 63: Timed Online Auction of Classic Cars & Motorcycles. Bidding Ends: 18 Feb 2021 £4,000-6,000 - Brightwells - Brightwells Live
  3. roverp480

    P6 2200 TC Exhaust manifold

    October 1975 TC . I am just changing the side covers on the block & have taken off the exhaust manifold & its a bit of a bodge, massive amount of weld and perforated. I had another used spare and find the there is a difference where they join the exhaust pipe . The outlet on one has a sort of Y...
  4. roverp480

    P6 Sales aid propelling pencil (SOLD)

    For Sale. may be of interest to a collector of P6 Memorabilia Old Propelling pencil that I understand was available as a Sales Aid to Rover dealer during the Launch of the P6 Rover 2000. It has a window that slides open when the pencil is tipped up revealing a message on a square , stating in...
  5. roverp480

    P6B in Auction

    Rover 3500
  6. roverp480

    Rover 2200SC

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of P6 reg. SUY 34P, I owed it once & have some info. that an owner might find useful. According the DVLA last taxed 1990
  7. roverp480

    RVI Tachometer

    I have just picked up a used RVI tacho, clearly marked 4 cyl, to use on my old Land Rover . Connected it up and its reading twice the engine speed! Anyone any ideas why that might be? Thanks in anticipation.
  8. roverp480

    Vac Pipe

    Can anyone advise there the vacuum pipe from the vacuum advance on the distributer connects on my 1975 2200 TC . I cannot see any connection on either carb. There are the pipes for the flap valve in the air cleaner, ie inlet manifold to thermal sensor, and sensor to flap. Thanks
  9. roverp480

    Main Wiring Harnes (SOLD)

    New old stock LUCAS wiring harness. Lucas Number 54934745. Understood to be Rover Part 545367 Series one P6 2000 SC RHS to 40011803B £100 plus carriage A lot less than a new Autosparks one. Derek HR4 8NT
  10. roverp480

    Pad for Toeboard

    Does anyone have the Foam pad for the toeboard, Part No. 371297. for my 2200TC ? Thanks
  11. roverp480

    Fuel Gauge reading full

    Rover 2200 TC. Just purchased second-hand .The fuel gauge is reading full all the time. Disconnect wire at the sender and it still reads full. Had the gauge out and it works correctly . No reading with 10v supply connected but no sender connection, and full scale with the sender connection...
  12. roverp480

    Paint code MONZA Red

    Hi. Can anyone supply me with the paint code for my Sept 1972 Rover 2000, Monza Red, Rover part number for 2oz tin 389383. Thanks
  13. roverp480

    P6 Speedo Cable

    Hi Just bought a 1972 P6 2000 TC. The speedometer cable is not connected to G'Box .I understand from Rover Workshop manual there is a hole in the tunnel to access the connection . Can anyone tell me exactly where it is to save me getting underneath? Thanks