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  1. NickDunning

    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    Great to see you and OCC there Phil. It was really good having a car that's had an almost total restoration on the stand along with the cossetted ones like Rodger's and mine. She looked superb. Quite an inspiration to me with the paintwork. I'm struggling to find someone to do some paint on...
  2. NickDunning

    Latest Item For Sale, 2200TC Engine.

    Mr. Francis may well be interested in those seats :)
  3. NickDunning

    Rover Sports Register 70th Anniversary weekend, 9th - 11th June 2023.

    'Tis about time I posted this on here folks Booking is now open for the RSR Platinum Jubilee weekend on 9th-11th June 2023. 2023 brings the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the Rover Sports Register, in 1953. Something extra special was obviously needed to commemorate this landmark...
  4. NickDunning


    She's back undercover in Heritage. They say they will be restoring her in the long term. Would be fantastic if that was pre-2017 as we'd certainly want her for Rumblefest.
  5. NickDunning

    Establishing colour without spec stickers under the bonnet

    Arctic White was the colour until right at the end of 1975 - the changeover happens in the middle of December, the records are total anarchy due to the confusion going on at that point Replacement was Pendilican White (a more creamy colour) Arctic White is, according to folklore, exactly the...
  6. NickDunning

    Oldest V8 ?

    Without referencing the book the figure of just over 25k springs to mind.
  7. NickDunning

    1972 p6 2000 SC 5932miles for sale

    The over-riders would have been put on by the dealership. Same as another ultra low mileage Mexico Brown 2000 which surfaced some years ago had 'S' type wheeltrims and nuts on it.
  8. NickDunning

    Interior Smells

    There are a few overt P6 smells: 1) Leather. Depending on the colour of the seats and the age of the car they can all smell very different. My 1964 2000 smells exactly like a shoe shop - it must have been the process used on the hide. Late 1960's car have that 'bottle it' Rover smell that you...
  9. NickDunning

    Which model of p6?

    Dave is on the money. The best car possible, as there's a lot of crud out there. For ease of maintainance and because they are a bit more more idiot proof - a 2000SC or 2200SC manual would be my choice. I'm continually shocked at how quick and motorway friendly my 2200SC is, brilliant car.
  10. NickDunning

    how long have you been hanging around the forum?

    October 20th 2002. I'm in at number 10, Alan Francis (5) and Rudiger (8) are ahead of me, so I'm the third longest serving still active member. At that time I was just starting my sojourn as editor of 'Driving Force', and, as we checked the other day, the P6 Club had circa 280 members. By the...
  11. NickDunning

    Platinum VIP

    I got to use one for a couple of weeks many years ago - OOA472R, belonged to Rob Pinner. It was fantastic. The interior was beyond funky. Yes Gary is completely right about the build quality though, Steve Walker's car had been resprayed again 1977/1978, which was the reason it still existed...
  12. NickDunning

    Platinum VIP

    The car is the real deal, I've had correspondence with a gent in Cornwall recently who remembered it, there were two VIP's in close proximity to each other down there for many years. I have physically counted them in the registers. There were 77, 44 in Platinum (the first batch), and 33 in...
  13. NickDunning

    Rover 2000 at MIRA

    The driver of the 2000 in this clip is the legend that is Rob Lyall. The car is one number out from the surviving Copperleaf Earls Court 1964 car (BXC650B). I will get his story written down for the magazine at some point soon, this man has some incredible tales to tell. :D
  14. NickDunning

    new members series1 pics

    It's going to get more pronounced as the number of available S2 3500S's will not get much higher. Joe Public tends to always want a 'Mint 3500S' first, then, on finding that such a thing is hard and expensive to find, go after an S1 V8 for the looks and power.
  15. NickDunning

    I love this colour - Tumeric 3500S

    I'd think so...
  16. NickDunning

    storing your car

    Modern fuel goes 'off' in a few months, so I wouldn't store one with a lot in it. My 2200 has saggy springs at the back, I think brought on by being laid up for long periods with a full tank and tools in the boot.
  17. NickDunning

    Talago in Classic & Sportscar

    Couple of updates: Now with a better photo of the original logbook from Richard's website - the car was colour changed on the log book to 'dark green' and the engine changed to another pre-production four cylinder engine in July 1969. It appears a fresh set of panels were procured from...
  18. NickDunning

    Talago in Classic & Sportscar

    An small additional piece of info on the whole saga of 16DYF came to light a couple of weeks ago - this from Richard Fishwick's secretary, and also Denis Chick (ex-Rover Engineering): She remembers when she started at the company in the early 1970's that the car was either Arden Green or a very...
  19. NickDunning

    Early 3500S - age verification (changed subject title)

    Re: Early 3500S - series 1 base unit? Ringer? I've just had a look at this thread. I do get the feeling the car is a later 3500S that's got the plates of a 'K' reg on it. The base unit number is far too high for an early manual 'S' (BM being p6B Manual). There were only about 17000 of them...
  20. NickDunning

    Pricing help

    I'm not sure this car's transition from being an early S2 to an S1 would probably make too much difference to a prospective buyer. I'd have thought the £4k marker is about right - maybe more. Anything is only worth what someone's prepared to pay for it though :)
  21. NickDunning

    sill covers colour

    The bonnet was standardised across all cars for S2 - simply a cost cutting thing, same as the base units were standardised in that the battery went in the boot of all, including the 4 cylinders. The twin bulges are just a design thing as far as I'm aware, not sure there was any link to the...
  22. NickDunning

    Are exceptional 4 pots pushing the price brackets?

    Seemingly a really good four pot now goes for either side of £5k. Real concours level vehicles will be ahead of that. The 2000 with the (beautifully fitted and done) 2200TC engine sold in three days and I could have sold it twice at least. That said - all the cars I've sold for various people...
  23. NickDunning

    Is this S1 actually an S1...?!?!?!

    Looks like an S1 with a large amount of later additions to me. The fuel reserve pull is correct for 1965, as is the dash rail. Ignition is in the middle of the dash. If you were simply swapping log books and a few bits this would be quite difficult to accomplish. Shame though. Needs putting...
  24. NickDunning

    p6 vip

    If there are any photos/details of this car forthcoming I'd be interested. Have a spreadsheet with all known VIP's on it, would be interested to know which one this is.
  25. NickDunning

    p6 vip

    Andy I think we all would like to see some photos of that car if they appear. Keep us updated :)