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    engine number

    My engine number for My 2200 auto is 47605837A| can any body tell me is this a later engine with the main beaing's all with the oil groove or is it the early type with the middle bearing plain . Regards John
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    engine oils

    As a rather old fashioned person I have always used 20/50 oil in my cars but as a member of a classic jaguar forum I asked about engine protection for cars that are not used very often, a member who has worked In the oil industry all his life has said to move to a fully synthetic oil to...
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    Power steering pump

    Rover P5 And P5B, what was the mump model and what pressure did they work at Regards John
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    p6b power steering

    Rover P6B anybodu know what the power steering pump model was and what pressure they run at Regards John
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    Fuel pump for a 2200 engined P6

    What make are the original fuel pumps I always assumed that they were SU but according to SUCarbs.Co they are not
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    Borg warner 35 sump gasket

    can anybody tell me is the sump gasket on the BW 35 generic to all makes of cars I was after an upgraded neoprene gasket but the ones Iv seen have been quoted for other cars ? regards John
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    reversing lights

    Loss of supply to the inhibitor switch for the reversing lights. anybody know where the lucar connection is prior to feeding the switch, Green feed changing to purple. John
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    My battery is about 9 years old now so I think I need to replace it so a recommendation for a replacement to go in the Boot for a 2.2 S2 car please Regards John
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    BW 35 check valve

    Has anybody info on fitting a check valve on the BW 35 gear box to stop drain back, I understand that one can be fitted to the return pipe on the oil cooler if so what type/part number should be used Regards John
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    borg warner 35 oil leak

    my auto box has a leak from an oil seal that is just below the inhibitor switch, I believe that it is the seal from the manual gear selector cross shaft. The question is what is the procedure for replacing it. Best wishes John
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    Borg warner DG gear box conversion

    I have a P6 with a Borg Warner 35 auto box but I also have a classic jag with a Borg Warner DG gearbox that has a column mounted gear change, The idea is can the gear change be moved to a floor mounted change? . Regards John 1972 Rover p6 1964 S type jag
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    Battery cover wanted

    Wanted a Battery cover for the series 2 P6 cars ( battery in the Boot) I am located on the isle of Wight and any postage is normal UK prices Tel:01983 740271
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    ignition condensers (capacitors}

    Just a query, apart from fitting styles are condensers all rated the same? for example I have a condenser (new) from my 2.2 p6 and it is the same fitting style as my sons mk3 ford zodiac 6 cylinder, can it be used on his car ?. I now have electronic ignition so it is no longer needed. Regards John
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    automatic transmition/ reversing lights

    Just a bit confused, the reversing light's have stopped working, as the car is a auto they are fed through a inhibitor switch for the auto transmtion. the wiring diagram shows two (2) separate switches one for the reversing lights Green and then Green and brown and the inhibitor for starting...
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    electric power steering

    I Know that there have been many blogs regarding conversion to power steering, but has any member tried a full electric system Not using hydraulics at all. See this add about easysteer. Its called easysteer and basically a electric motor is fitted within the steering column and all the...
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    unleaded fuel

    I am sure it must have been asked in the past but will the 2200 engine run without a lead fuel additive, without damage. john
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    battery disaster

    Last week My son moved our rover and reconnected the battery conditioner charger Ctec .8amp and he put the leads the wrong way round and it was 3 days later when I found that the leads were wrong. I have reconnected but the Battery although showing fully charged will only just turn the engine...
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    choke cable

    I have just bought a replacement choke cable from Wadhams and it is 48 inches long , will it be long enough for my P6 22oo single carb car john
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    2200 sc choke

    Can any body give me the length of the choke cable for the 2200sc Auto. Regards John