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  1. Ban306

    beam speed limits and traffic information directly into cars

    How are we supposed to look at a screen in our cars with the speed limit on when we are already sending text messages at the wheel telephoning people or watching movies on our phones its so inconsiderate obviously not thought out
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    There are clock companies out there that will take on the job google is your friend, unless you can get into it yourself might just need a bit of gentle encouragement to work again.
  3. Ban306

    is it worth getting the Flu Jab?

    Hobby again my heart goes out to you and your loved one we are all P6 bothers and sisters here never is a P6 Brother or Sister alone in this world
  4. Ban306

    is it worth getting the Flu Jab?

    As a fellow P6 owner I just want to say your story stood out to me and wow you have been through the mill, You made the correct decision at the time and your one lucky P6 Owner
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    Never a Stupid Question has ever been asked or posted on this forum we are all learning including me and my knowledge only of this is sometimes its printed on the coil Ballast
  7. Ban306

    Heater box teardown and rebuild

    Your welcome Just have a wee dram before you start just to keep cold out of course :) I removed mine in winter so I feel your pain, The heater boxes are really over looked, even when I look at a really nice looking P6 I always wonder whats under the heater box its amazing just how a small...
  8. Ban306

    Heater box teardown and rebuild

    If it was me I would just remove your old unit and inspect underneath it and the bulkhead, as it can hide a horrible mess underneath, I removed one on a 2000 without removing the bonnet and it was easy to remove there is a seal underneath the heaterbox that I would suggest replacing.
  9. Ban306

    speedo, brake lights, engine leak, shock bushes, power steering fluid

    Nice one Falks excellent job Really stunning P6 as well :)
  10. Ban306

    Scrapyard alert down South

    I think there K&N air filters or a aftermarket kind
  11. Ban306

    Scrapyard alert down South

    wow the price of rust has gone up :D
  12. Ban306

    is it worth getting the Flu Jab?

    We don't have Evidence Hobby because the patient passed away from underline causes :oops: 2 People I know passed away from this S%h^t but it helped others to not get the flu :rolleyes:
  13. Ban306

    is it worth getting the Flu Jab?

    As our wonderful government want us to be well and not have the flu maybe the next step will be a free house :p
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    Battery Trickle Charger

    Personally I like to sleep at night Nothing plugged in and battery on the p6 disconnect
  15. Ban306

    ROVER Estate on ebay

    £17,750.00 Will I get a driver for that price lol :p
  16. Ban306

    Collection of Rovers spotted

    The Discos you can keep, Disco = Nightmare on 4 Wheels :rolleyes: Never a Rover please change history :p
  17. Ban306

    Four barrel conversion

    Hi Cobra, Thanks for the info on the bonnet scoop in the other post. I am also very impressed with the figures you got Well Done See you at the lights for a burn up lol :p in my 2000 :oops: Cobra is that also a custom built front valance ?
  18. Ban306

    Rolling road and carb setup

    it looks amazing and the wheels the series one v8 just looks like the dogs when you ditch the bumper the lower valance just sticks out and you kinda look at it and say ok so why was there a bumper hiding this masterpiece that was there in the first place
  19. Ban306

    Anyone know what car this is from?

    My vote is Morgan,
  20. Ban306

    P6 3500 spares

    Hi Brian, I would try Mark Gray Rover P6 Parts for the bits you are after or Wins internationalWins Unless things have changed I don't think you can get the original heater drain rubbers unless you can find good ones on flea bay Old posts on here of people using plumbing elbows and piping
  21. Ban306

    Flicking ammeter

    As it has shared terminals Roverp480 do you think it might have caused the smoking affect? That is an instant BBQ on wheels, it says made in Germany so I am guessing this control box was fitted from another car?
  22. Ban306

    Rolling road and carb setup

    I always admire your P6 Cobra, how did you do the bonnet scoop?
  23. Ban306

    Rust air ducts..

    Hi Cherry, I would suggest removing the heater box so you can see what damage its caused to the bulkhead
  24. Ban306

    Mexico brown 3500S with beige leather interior and 8 track music system.

    Well you learn something new everyday, thank you for explaining I have never seen anything like this I knew about normal tapes that you could turnover then CDs took over but not this set up, so I am guessing here, did you have to have a separate radio?
  25. Ban306

    Mexico brown 3500S with beige leather interior and 8 track music system.

    Lovely P6 I am not to keen on the boot having the wheel on the back, but I just might be able to look past the wheel, as it is a P6s :p What’s an 8 track falks is that where you can fit 8 CDs in then player?