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  1. Phil Robson

    Flicking ammeter

    My 1971 3500S' ammeter constantly flicks wildly & the ignition warning light never goes out, despite the battery charging well. It's been like this for around a year. Electrics are my absolute weak point with my P6s, so I tried a couple of garages who both say they can't find anything wrong. A...
  2. Phil Robson

    Under bonnet label - early 2000

    Looking at a nice '65 2000 on ebay made me think of the loss of my car's under bonnet spec. label: You cam see it here on the driver's side, which is where mine was. As it was almost illegible, I didn't save it when I did the inner wing repairs etc, but would like another. Would someone be...
  3. Phil Robson

    Series 1 clock

    I'm just attempting to get Hazel's clock working, but haven't really got a clue what I'm doing :rolleyes: Anyone got any ideas why it's stopped? (Please....)
  4. Phil Robson

    Series 1 Tacho - wiring

    Please let me first state that my electrical skills are sorely lacking & are my 'Achilles Heel' when it comes to P6s & in fact cars in general :(. I've had an intermittent speedo fault on Hazel (Series 1 V8) which looks to have been just the angle drive working a bit loose at the back of the...
  5. Phil Robson

    Rejuvenating (very dry) leather seats

    I'm starting this thread to put my attempts at leather seat renovation in front of you guys. Hopefully it'll be successful, but we'll have to wait & see! I've posted a few pictures elsewhere & repeat them here for completeness: The seats are in my 1964 2000 'OCC' & I doubt that they've ever...
  6. Phil Robson

    Early parcels shelf (dash panel)

    I stupidly replaced my early 2000's dash panel many years ago as it was in very poor condition. Looking back I'd have repaired it, but my car now has the usual plastic one rather than the correct one which was a sort of fibreboard that suffered scratches. I would like to put a correct one back...
  7. Phil Robson

    LED sidelights

    I seem to spend most of my time driving my P6s with the headlights on, to be seen against all the moderns with their 'running lights' & to stand out a bit in poorer daylight or when back-lit with the sun, to help me be seen. I use the headlamps (halogens) as the sidelights are very poor...
  8. Phil Robson

    On eBay every few days!

    Can anyone explain what the position is with this car (& the white & red ones, too)? is there a scam of some sort going on? They just pop up every few days. ROVER P6 4800 - SERIES 1 CAR - 45K - MILES HUGE RECENT EXPENDITURE !! | eBay They do look nice cars though....;)
  9. Phil Robson

    Series 1 Tacho / Rev Counter

    I've been having a thin out of spares & came across these 3 series 1 rev counter pods: I believe the top one is from a V8 & in fact recall buying it for 'Hazel' many years ago. I might get round to fitting it one day.... The second is from a TC I think, having 7,000 max revs, but I'm not...
  10. Phil Robson

    Seats spotted!

    Just a bit of a curiosity really - do you recognise the seats in this?;) commer walk through camper | eBay Grey leather too, unless they've been recoloured!
  11. Phil Robson

    Mirror, mirror on the wall.......

    Just supposing you have THREE P6s and it was starting to get a bit much keeping them all on the road together, when you have lots of other non-car things to do etc, etc....... ...& just suppose your P6s were the following: 1964 grey 2000 - around the 15th-oldest known P6 in existence - needs...
  12. Phil Robson

    MIG welder

    My SIP Migmate 130 'Turbo' is defunct - it just clicks when I press the trigger with no wire feed & there seems to be an internal flash! I've had it for around 25 years & have used it a lot. My question is; do I try & get it repaired or get a new one? If a new one, which is best for a hobbyist...
  13. Phil Robson

    Early front parcel shelf

    Hi all, My '64 car's 'fibre' front parcel shelf was quite badly damaged when I got the car, so I replaced it some time ago with a later plastic one. Foolishly I threw the original one away :(. Does anyone have an early one they'd sell me please? I believe some or perhaps all cars up to...
  14. Phil Robson

    Airfield of cars including scrappage classics

    Has anyone seen this? Video: Scrappage scheme classic car graveyard uncovered P6s :( at around 5 mins; drone footage of classics is interesting at around 15 mins.
  15. Phil Robson

    Engine Timing

    Please forgive my next 'Noddy' question :rolleyes:... I've been setting the timing my 2000's engine with a strobe connected to No. 1 spark plug lead. I have marked the pointer under the flywheel inspection cover & have also marked the position of 4 deg BTDC (I think!). Presumably this is when...
  16. Phil Robson

    2000 sump gasket

    I may be missing something obvious, but where can I get a 2000 sump gasket? I really would like a rubber one, but any would do! Mark Gray seems to sell bottom end sets, but not sump gaskets by themselves....
  17. Phil Robson

    ...and what do we all think of this one...?

    Rover P6 | eBay o_O:confused:
  18. Phil Robson

    Brake Bleeders

    I’m looking at getting a brake bleeding kit & wondered what you guys recommend. There seem to be basically ‘suck’ or ‘blow’ types out there with varying reviews.
  19. Phil Robson

    Not P6s, but....

    I saw this pair in the local scrapyard recently. I don't know if I'd want the bottom one's number plate...:p
  20. Phil Robson

    Sound deadening - rear seats

    Hi all, Does anyone have the sound deadening from behind the rear seat squabs for sale? My car didn't have them when I got it - I think the previous owner must have set fire to it whilst welding (as he did with the carpet...:rolleyes:) Both sides of this area would be great. Preferably the...
  21. Phil Robson

    Wire wheels for 4 cylinder cars

    I have acquired 11 wire wheels for Rover 2000s & will retain 6 for my own use. However, that leaves a set of 5 that I don't need. If anyone is interested I will post some pictures. Those I will be selling are pretty good but do not have any hubs, spinners etc, so of course will not fit standard...
  22. Phil Robson


  23. Phil Robson

    Series 2 Wiper motor assembly

    Hello All, I'm currently fitting PAS to 'Hazel', my series 1 V8 & have discovered that the series 1 wiper assembly has to go & I will need a series 2 assembly as these are located on the n/s rather than the o/s. Doh! :rolleyes: Has anyone got such an assembly please? I have a motor & indeed...
  24. Phil Robson

    What do we all think of this one...?

    Rover 2000 Saloon, 1967 only 13400 miles | eBay
  25. Phil Robson

    Press SD1??

    For the SD1 fans on here; wasn't this a press car? Rover 3500 SD1 5 speed manual | eBay Nice looking car. Now if only I didn't have 3 P6s.....;)