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  1. Dean

    What altenator??

    Ok taking a previous post on a different direction. Trying to identify my alternator. 1975 2200Sc. There are no markings or legible labels. My Haynes manual claims it is an 11AC. I have looked under bonnet and drivers glove box and can't find any relay or 3AC unit. The wiring loom near the...
  2. Dean

    Brake and Ign warning lights.

    Todays job was to look at refitting a tacho into my 1975 2200SC. It used to have one many years ago as it is featured in a classic car mag and clearly seen in the photo. Step one remove speedo....tick Care note taken to wiring, and took lamp cluster off to limit cross wiring. Step two locate...
  3. Dean

    Miscellaneous Switch

    ok here's one for all you geeks out there. My speedo packed up today whilst going out to pick up a steering wheel. Luckily I had a spare from an P6 auto to hand so I got home and started to replace it. for some reason fittting the speedo cable was an absolute ****** today, but whilst my head...
  4. Dean

    Central gear stick console.

    Hi me again. I have scoured the net to find the cemntral console, in good condition. It appears that these are as rare as rocking horse manure mixed with a good dose of hens teeth. Mine has the lugs for the gearstick missing and whilst trying to fix it I have snapped and cracked the main chassis...
  5. Dean

    Wanted 17 inch steering wheel.

    Hi everyone. I am looking to replace the steering wheel in my 2200 Sc. I have, I think the 16inch PAS style but looking for the larger original type. I have the central cover that shows 2200 engine size, I just need a wheel to fit it to. Many thanks.
  6. Dean

    Needle in a Rover haystack

    Whilst looking through some old photos, i found this photo. Question is does this still exist.... hence the haystack. Quite willing to send original to owner if it does.
  7. Dean

    Seaton Sands. East Lothian.

    Out for Sunday drive in Ginger and spotted a lovely blue P6 parked outside the garage at Seaton Sands in East Lothian. Beeped but no sign of occupants. No more details of car as unable to stop at that point.
  8. Dean

    Thirlestane car show 2019

    Have just Ginger Spice into the show next year.... not that she is in any way a show car, just thought it would be fun. Anyone else going?
  9. Dean

    Towbars for 2200SC 1975

    i everyone, i am looking to get a towbar to tow small lightweight trailers. not seen anyone on Ebay but wondered if anyone on here knows of one going spare, or who makes one to fit. many thanks
  10. Dean

    Roof vinyl.

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and have done a search for this subject but unable to find anything but apologise if this has but brought up before. At some point i am looking to replace the black vinyl on my 2200 SC. i have looked online and found that Martrim do various styles... is this...
  11. Dean

    New member in Edinburgh.

    Hi everyone, recently bought Ginger Spice from Adam Birch reg KCH107N. Residing up in Scotland this will be my daily driver so keep your eyes open for her.