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    Where's Dave Herns?

    Alive and well but decided to give this forum a break. I seemed to have annoyed enough people on various topics such as smoking , parking and my dog pooing on the pavement that I felt this was no longer a friendly place to be. May well be my own fault so those that want to criticize me need not...
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    Practical Classics

    Someone here (I've forgotten who) has bought it and the camshaft has gone ....
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    Thinking of getting a Rover 75......

    The Rover 600 range seems to be both forgotten and under-rated . The one my friend had was mid-range but a really nice car .Probably not many left now
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    Obstructing dropped kerbs

    - Are we having a bitchiest comment contest ? Thanks TRM for some sensible advice.
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    Not Rover...but British

    I assume the ute is home made ?
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    Dutch Rover V8 "4600" - (former 2200TC topic)

    Should you/can you bleed your brakes by only using short pedal strokes to avoid this happening?
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    My 3500s project - future daily drive

    Exactly the same reason I gave for upgrading from an 18ACR elsewehere on this site Any reason for using a 4cyl Land Rover alternator ? I wonder if the engine runs better because the voltage is higher at tickover?
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    Project ARJ...Part 2

    It's best to have relays on the headlamps anyhow as the fuse box seems to be a weak link and can melt/burn whatever headlamps you use Halogens are a massive improvement over sealed beams
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    Carpets - Owners alternatives to the ubiquitous mortlake.

    Those seats look too good to sit on
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    Sort out front guard.

    When we say modern paints , I take it we don't mean cellulose ?
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    Oil Pump Removal and Upgrade Kit

    - how can it go a greater distance ? You've lost me I did A level Physics when I was a boy and there's some formula about pressure and volume but I can't remember what
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    Ignition timing and distributor position

    Could you have a blocked exhaust ?
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    Where to find Wiper motor BRUSHES

    I found a site on EBay selling motor brushes for all sorts of power tools .Sometimes it's a case of making do if the need is urgent and nothing else is available Wiper motor brushes don't get much wear
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    Glowing Ignition Light

    Is it silly comment season ? If your alternator doesn't charge at tickover , it means that when you stop at junctions ,traffic lights etc, the battery is discharging . Not good if you've got your lights , HRW etc in use. If I was using mine daily I'd upgrade to a modern high output alternator
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    Obstructing dropped kerbs

    Thanks chaps I suspect some people don't know what parking in London areas is like . When I was working I was covering areas near Heathrow where you'd be lucky to find a space to park . I never deliberately blocked anyone's drive . I always made sure they have room to get in / out as was the...
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    Not Rover...but British

    I think the Interceptor and FF are fine looking cars , remember they came out in the mid 60's
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    Lady Charlotte - 1966 2000SC

    Sorry , I should have been wearing my new glasses .Ignore my comment
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    Dutch Rover V8 "4600" - (former 2200TC topic)

    Did you have brakes before you decided to bleed them ? Have you loosened off a nipple ? It does sound like a seal in the master cylinder has gone
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    Lady Charlotte - 1966 2000SC

    Maybe it's valve seat recession due to lack of lead ?
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    My Rover

    - taking photos for our benefit ?
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    New P6 joins fleet! Meet No:27,now sold!

    Re: New P6 joins my fleet! Meet No:27 Don't risk it till you are 100% fit
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    Obstructing dropped kerbs

    I'm being fined for slightly obstructing my mother's neighbour's dropped kerb on Monday .I knew I was slightly over the edge but there was ample room for him to get his 13 reg Jaguar in as he did indeed get onto his drive while I was still parked there ... Seems he went indoors and phoned the...
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    Oil Pump Removal and Upgrade Kit

    What timing chain you fit depends on the depth of your pockets amongst other things ! I'm tight and when I did mine I used the basic stuff I think that oil seal has been fitted back to front - the "open" side with spring visible should be facing into the engine
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    Ignition timing and distributor position

    The timing could be correct at tickover but not at higher revs if the advance weights etc were siezed or broken
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    Where to find Wiper motor BRUSHES

    Can you not buy motor brushes on somewhere like EBay and file them down to fit ?