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    Blue P6 taxi on Shakespeare and Hathaway BBC

    Blue P6 being used as minicab. Nice touch Episode with the Oligarch and the Art Stash.
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    My P6 Sunroof now on Evilbay....n wooden frame though.

    Seller CV35Orchard But contact me via here so we can save the evilbay fees - I'm having a spat with them as I got caught by the mobile sale phone fraud they are habitually ignoring as they can make fees out of it - and the buyer leokr10 I recall, gets phones for free: basically you sell your...
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    SD1 wheels with legal tyres

    Hi Anyone got a set of SD1 14 or 15 inch wheels with legal tyres for sale? Preferably later series 2 SD1 rather than the older series 2 type. Thanks Ian
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    SD1 Vitesse and P6 5 speed

    Hi I went to look at a Vitesse this week and the chap had two cars he's selling. Both are very interesting but probably not for me (as I've now bought a Stag). P6 1975 N 5 Speed 3500S, rust free and (poorly in that finish is orange peely - 10 ft away it looks great) resprayed in Off White...
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    GRP Wings

    OK i'm going to sound really dim here, but what is objection to/reason for GRP wings not being well received on P6s? I know they are not OEM but no rust must be an advantage. Ian
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    Thursday 1 May near J12 M40 (Kineton) Classic cars and bikes

    Sorry, forgot to post this here but i've been helping organise these for a year or so - all welcome: Hello everyone, As planned, the first Kineton Sports and Social Club classic car and bike gathering of 2014 will be held on Thursday 1st May 2014 from 6.30pm. These events were a big...
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    Mounting rectangular fog lights under bumper

    Not sure if this is right place to ask but how do people mount these? I have two rather nice period Cibies that I want to fit - so do I need an extra bracket made to mount on Bumper mounting, or are these generally mounted straight onto valance? Thanks Ian
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    SD1 Alloy wheels, new wheelnuts and front hub dust covers

    I have 5 good condition SD1 Alloys with what look like new or relatively unused 195/70/14 Dunlop tyres. Complete with 20 wheel nut and two dust caps for the front hubs. 4 wheels have centres PM me and ill send pictures. £250 plus post- only selling as i'm going to keep mine standard and also the...
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    Steering wheel sorted .....but!

    One slight issue now is that the lock barrel etc has come loose and drops out of sight, how do I tighten/secure so it stays in the dash rather than presenting me with an empty hole?!?!? Ian
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    P6 GAA12K with 5 speed conversion for sale SOLD and paid for

    Hi Will post some pics later, theres just a bit too much for my time availability and limited skillset! Anyone with bodywork/paint skills will find this an easy project. Quick resume Solid (but some panels have more rust than originally thought) 1971 GAA12K 3500 with 5 speed; Red with beige...
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    5 speed conversion clutch foibles!

    No problem with clutch effectiveness, but: the clutch pedal is about 2 inches below the brake and has a very short action; clutch is noisy in tickover, until pedal depressed then quiet; so, is very short action normal and also if the noise is thrust bearing (purely on basis it sounds the same...
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    Doors and bits plus bonnet offers please

    Hi Swapping doors as some of you may know, so I have a full set of black door cards and associated handles etc in good condition. PM me with any offers, probably £15 at least to post. I also have a NSF window regulator - used but out of car, if anyone wants to offer for that inc post? Also I...
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    Beige door card please

    Beige door card please - front pass side, or a set if easier, plus a chrome window winder handle. Needed 'cos some idiot has glued winder on mine and im swapping doors. Thanks Ian
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    Oil pressure

    Took GAA for a Blast last week, oil pressure went down from halfway to zero, left car for a while, restarted it and all ok. Started car last night again and ran for 10 mins, oil pressure OK. So, could this be sender related to guage - no warning lights came on? How can I test - I have a...
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    Steering wheel - another idiots guide please!

    I need to get the wheel off, its the one as pictured. I can see spokes have to be vertical to undo two small screws on rear of spoke, what I cant seem to do is get any purchase with a phillips or flat head screwdriver, and short of ripping a mirror off, cant see what the head pattern is - so...
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    Manual gear lever gaiter/gear knob

    Assuming - that is - the gaiter will not be overstretched by a 5 speed conversion. Thanks Ian
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    Wheelnuts for SDi Alloy wheels - standard P6 studs

    Hi Anyone got 20 of these, happy with used ones as new cost £110!! Dont want to mess about changing studs if I can help it. Thanks Ian
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    Idiots guide to removing doors please? P6

    I am swapping the NS doors on my car for some better (but not rust free as the seller stated!!) ones! So questions: is this a one man job (sorry -"person"); how do you release the front door stay from the sill - looks like a cap not a nut; what order do I do things? how easy is it to swap...
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    Indicator stalk one left

    £6 inc UK standard area post? Anyone? Ian
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    Steering wheel...

    Looking for a 3500S wheel or other nice 'plug and play' solution for GAA12K, nothing wrong with existing one but I'm not a fan of the style....current one shown in pic, happy to swap? Presume mine has this type as it may have been an Auto originally? Ian
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    Rear Seat Belt Fitting

    Hi I am going to fit Securon 254 rear belts in GAA12K. Just a quick question, is the parcel shelf pre drilled for these (have found the two bottom mounting threaded holes) - or do I need to do some drilling? Thanks Ian
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    My daily hack ZR160 Mk2

    Well its an MG Rover - cheap to buy and run, doubles up as my trackday car as well. Great 'little' car but big enough when it needs to be (has P6 bootlid in the back at the moment!). And yes its had HG/studs/belts changed. Ian
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    My E28 BMW

    Not everyones cup of tea, but I always liked these - its an M535i so quick but nice autobox. M5 is the real one to have but prices upwards of £15K even for a 'needs work' one. This car has the added bonus of not being allowed into the BMW 'M' club as they think its not a real M...
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    Wheelnuts - what size/dimension

    Hi I have some SD1 V8S alloys to go on GAA12K (now running like a dream). What size/type of wheelnut do I need to order to fit these on the car? Ian
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    Speedo steady but under reading on GAA12K

    Hi Sorted all electrical glitches and had Powerspark Electronic ignition fitted, car came back to life! :D On road testing all seemed fine but speedo was reading very low - i'd guess 40mph at about 60, 20 at a real 30. :? Car has 5 speed conversion, probably relevant. Does the car need some...