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  1. Tam

    Rover stuff

    One of mine!
  2. Tam

    Under bonnet label - early 2000

    Aye definitely if it's any good. I can take more if needs be and get you original. You can zoom into most of it. Not that I noticed any difference from a later one?
  3. Tam

    Under bonnet label - early 2000

    Got a mate to grab a pic when he was at shed. Not the best but it might clean up a bit more if required.
  4. Tam

    Under bonnet label - early 2000

    Looks like mine might still be in place. Long over due a visit to ARG as been tucked up for last few years. Will try to get picture this weekend
  5. Tam

    Hello from Glasgow!

    I think the ecu on the 75 seats is only for the memory function so power up the seats and they should operate fine.
  6. Tam

    Boot prop rod or measurements needed

    Where in Scotland? I have a spare prop. Near Dundee ;)
  7. Tam

    New Project begins, 1974 P6 3500 V8

    Just sitting in my shed. Not desperate to get rid of. Not running for a couple of years.
  8. Tam

    Anyone know this car?

    VIN 42500722A
  9. Tam

    Project...... 'PHAT' Rover!

    Brilliant!! Now you need to bring it up to Scotland so I can get a look :eek::D
  10. Tam

    Mirror, mirror on the wall.......

    As much as pains me to say it I would sell the 3500s. Think your profile picture lets us know which is your favourite :cool:
  11. Tam

    New member in Edinburgh.

    Hi Dean welcome to the Scottish membership section. I'm up the road beside Dundee but not been on the road for a couple of years with P6 though :)
  12. Tam

    New Custodian of a 3500S in North Scotland

    Stunning Gary just as I would expect! Surely a trip to SARR next Sunday then?
  13. Tam

    Project...... 'PHAT' Rover!

    Great to see your still going! Been following from the start. Might be a long time between updates but they are all great and worth waiting for :)
  14. Tam

    Other people’s photos of your car.

    My car at a local agricultural show!
  15. Tam

    Taste Of Scotland P6 Tour

    If you've got any spare time I'm up beside Dundee. Happy to put the kettle on! :)
  16. Tam

    Taste Of Scotland P6 Tour

    Crikey! It misses out most of Scotland!! Still be nice bit of countryside though ;)
  17. Tam


  18. Tam

    just seen this on flickr.

    That was 1964 2000 EOO 700B. Owned by a Michael Paul Silvester or his Dad.
  19. Tam

    White P6 in Stockport

    This one lives in Stockport! Fairly memorable number plates though!
  20. Tam

    Looking for a boot badge...

    I've had a couple of enquiries about my badge! As far as I can tell the new insert I have is the proper original style as fitted by Rover. As can be seen on this original still in the box NOS boot mount badge I also have and would need a fairly hefty offer to prize out of my Rover badge...
  21. Tam

    Looking for a boot badge...

    Did you get one? The really good one went for serious money!! If you still need I have one with really good chrome but the badge itself has started to fade. But I also have a replacement badge which is brand new. They used to be available on ebay but I don't see any just now. The insert is...
  22. Tam

    Drive it day

    No P6 for Drive It Day this year! Rusty 220Sli had to stand in. Spent the whole day looking at the back bumper of this though. Poor 220 had to stay behind bars encase he infected any of the others with his rust :cool: Mind you some of them were in extreme quarantine!
  23. Tam

    Good evening all. Graham from Motherwell. Joined a couple of days ago.

    Welcome Graham! Guessing you wont have it all back together in time for SARR then :cool: The Scottish All Rover Rally
  24. Tam

    Hello - just joined with an unusual project.

    Excellent work!! I've been hoping for an update :)
  25. Tam


    Not even seen mine for 2 years!! Could go to storage shed and it'll be a shovel job.