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    Exhaust parts wanted

    Hello, I'm looking for exhaust parts for my series 1 3500, on a budget as I've got my wedding a month today, but need the car right for the big day! :)
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    Number Plate P6 WJK - anyone interested?

    I have the reg P6 FJK and haven't got it on a car at the moment. I think it was £250 from the DVLA.
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    Introducing Eve

    What an incredible thread! As someone who now has two P6s on the road, I don't want mine to be off the road for as long, but it shows how life can get in the way sometimes! I love to see cars which have a real story behind them, and yours certainly has that! Once you're finished it sounds like...
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    Ruskie the 3500s

    Looks like an absolutely superb project, Colin! Well worth scoping out something of that calibre, because of the complete lack of welding you mention! What are your plans for the car? :)
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    2016 National Rally

    I really wanted to go, but I'm booked for a show in Hebden Bridge, and can't really pull out at this late stage. Hopefully it'll be a fantastic event!
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    1969 3500 Series 1 in April Yellow

    Thanks everyone! Been rather lax in updating this, as I started a new job in a new area in July, but I'm now home on holiday, so can update on progress in recent weeks. Immediately after the last update, I bought four new tyres, and had them fitted, just in time, by all accounts, as the...
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    FOR SALE 1967 Rover 2000TC - HOT - Now Sold.

    Fantastic car, and the work you've done is to a very high standard. Sorry to see that you're selling Paul! Good luck with the sale.
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    Tony's French Zircon Blue

    Absolutely lovely 2000! Looks terrific in that colour with those Rostyles!
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    Rear mudflaps

    After a pair of the rear mudflaps with the Rover logos on them for the 3500. Doesn't matter if they aren't the tidiest, as my 3500 has plenty of patina, but I find it looks a bit funny without them, as the 2000 has them fitted! :) Let me know what you have!
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    GAN 340J 1971 series 2 V8

    I've just read this thread from start to finish and the work so far is spectacular. Amazing back-story too, and I cannot wait to see more!
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    Rover 2000Tc for sale in California on Ebay

    Really like the look of that! Buffalo interior is fantastic; pity that more cars weren't ordered with it.
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    Looks a beautiful example! Hope you find a buyer!
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    Why do people buy and run classic cars

    I have classic cars because I enjoy them, and that's about the size of it! I bought my 2000 originally, because I'd always wanted a P6, and after looking at various other small classics, felt that I may as well get something bigger. I don't regret it one bit. The 2000 couldn't be much less...
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    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    I found that my 2000 pinked horrendously, as I wasn't getting the vacuum advance I was meant to. I put an electronic distributor in mine, in the end, and it eradicated the problem! :)
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    1969 3500 Series 1 in April Yellow

    Thanks James! Seeing your progress on your 3500 has been amazing, and although I cannot guarantee the same levels of quality, I'm hoping to improve this car as I go along! Would be great to meet up for a drive out some weekend if you're free! :) More to come on the 3500 once I can get...
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    1969 3500 Series 1 in April Yellow

    Thanks for the positive comments, everyone! I'm truly delighted with it! Yes, the colour is a significant part of its appeal, combined with it being my favourite P6 variant! Good to hear from you again, Harvey! :) Yes, I'm hoping to investigate it all tomorrow evening, with a view to...
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    1969 3500 Series 1 in April Yellow

    Well, this wasn't planned. As you know, I've got a very yellow series 1 2000, and have something of a yellow Rover fixation. Anyway, I received a Facebook message a week ago, from a very nice fellow who I'd never met, telling me he had a Series 1 3500 in April Yellow which he needed rid of in...
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    P5B - His Lordship

    Glad to see you're still enjoying the car a great deal, James! I've now acquired a Series 1 3500, so I'm very much enjoying being back in V8 ownership!
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    P6 Newbe

    I've got a 1979 SE6A manual overdrive in yellow, and have just sold my 1978 SE6A, which was silver/green.
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    P6 Newbe

    Sounds like an excellent project. Only way really to find out is to take the head off, and have a look, I suppose. Nice to hear of another Scimitar owner with a P6!
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    SARR 2016 sunday 29th May

    Really hoped to be there this year, but it didn't work out! Hope it was a good event! :)
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    Josephine's Revival (Youngest owner)

    Looks like you've got an excellent example there to tinker with. I'm so pleased that P6s have really taken off with younger owners, as they're immensely satisfying to own. Glad that you've got a car with what sounds like an excellent base unit, that you can do a lot of work on as you see fit...
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    Project...... 'PHAT' Rover!

    Amazing work, and a terrific insight into modifying to a high standard. Sorry I didn't get to meet you when I collected that TC head and carbs in February. Look forward to seeing further updates!
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    Hello World!

    Great to read of more young people with P6s. I bought mine as my first car, too! The TC should be a lovely car to live with, and it looks very distinguished in black, with the toledo red leather. Keep us updated as to how it goes! :)
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    Rover 2200SC - MRW 392P

    Gorgeous car! I remember people telling me that they thought they'd seen my P6 in places I hadn't been, and never traced the other mythical local P6. I assume it must have been this one, a few years ago. Looks amazing, and great to see another Scottish member!