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  1. Talago

    My slot-car (Scalextric) model of my Rover P6

    The only Rover cars made by Scalextric were SD1s. There are also MG Metro 6R4s , MG Maestros and Range Rovers, but no P4s, P5s or more importantly P6s. FPF do make a resin bodied slot car based on a model of the Bill Shaw’s Racing P6, with flared arches and large bonnet scoop. However, I...
  2. Talago

    VIP P6 on ebay

    No connection with me and maybe should be posted in 'Cars Spotted' but I thought it might be of interest. Brabus (my brother) phoned and told me about it. Link: ... 233a478d1a
  3. Talago


    Just watching 'Agnetha - ABBA and after' Now, that is proper music. She is still beautiful. Dancing Queen my all time favourite song.
  4. Talago

    Happy Birthday Brabus

    Well Bro. Happy Birthday - Have a good one :D :D :D
  5. Talago

    P6 in AXA Home Insurance Advert

    I was watching Minder tonight on ITV 4 and a advert came on for AXA home insurance. There was a P6 parked in a street near the start of the ad. I thought I was seeing things, but it came on again two breaks later. I didn't get the reg, but it was a series two and looked like almond. Will...
  6. Talago

    AOI 426

    AOI 426 is my 1969 Three Thousand Five. My Dad had her from new and she is a Belfast registered car (from new) I have had her from 1986. In 1987 we attended our first Classic car event and have attended an average of around 20 shows each year since. So she is very well known around here...
  7. Talago

    Only 35 P6s left ???

    I was reading an article on the 50th anniversary of the P6 on 'Honest John'. One of the links took me to a page which says there are only 35 left! ... d/rover/p6 Where did they get their information? Attendance at a few of the recent P6ROC and P6...
  8. Talago

    A young hooligan!

    10 year old son at the wheel. All wheels off the road. Responsible dad taking the photo. Just as well it's not real. Colin
  9. Talago

    What is a 'Classic Rover'

    Maybe this has been asked before, but what is defined now as being a "Classic Rover"? The first edition of James Taylor's Book 'The Classic Rovers' covered the years 1934 - 1977. So that was up to end of P6 production. The second edition (1996) covered up to 1986 - The end of SD1 production...
  10. Talago


    Lovely red series 2 V8 on Eastenders tonight. 'Old School' Nearly fell off the sofa. Anyone know who owns it. Colin
  11. Talago

    P6 wheels - tubless or not?

    Stupid question? I got two new tyres fitted to my P6 3500 (S1) by an ex-Rover main dealer today. During the time the guy was fitting them, his boss came over to me and said "those aren't tubeless rims, they are the wrong shape for tubeless tyres and shoud have tubes in them." I told him I...
  12. Talago

    Classic engine rebuild

    Came across this on yutube..... If only it was that easy. Colin
  13. Talago

    It's Star Wars Day again

    I nearly forgot. It's Star Wars Day again today. May the fourth be with you. Colin
  14. Talago

    Rover 2000 Charm

    I previously mentioned these items in a couple of Rover Club magazines. I bought the two of them together a few years ago and paid around £25 for the pair. The first item is a boxed silver Rover 2000 Charm The silver charm measures approximately 3cm long x 1cm wide x 8mm high. On the...
  15. Talago

    Steam P6

    Came across this old photo. Could well have been on the forum before. Not sure if it would be any cheaper to run than the petrol car, but it would be nice and warm inside. Colin
  16. Talago

    Toy and Model P6s - Model Collector Magazine

    For those interested in model P6s, there is a good 4 page article on the P6 in this month's (December issue) Model Collector magazine. Article is called P6 Passion. Features the well known models as well as some of the rarer ones. Also features Wilf Bainbridge's own 2000TC with wire wheels...
  17. Talago

    Santa Spotted

    Santa was spotted earlier making an early start on his deliveries in County Antrim. Colin.