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  1. South Gippy Rover

    Collection of Rovers spotted

    Hi All, Saw this interesting collection of Rovers while driving past a farm in South Gippsland, Victoria. The P6 is a series 1. Unfortunately, the road I was taking the photographs from is notoriously dangerous, so I was somewhat reluctant to try and get photos of the front of the vehicles.
  2. South Gippy Rover

    Compression test. Spark plugs in or out?

    Hi All, When doing compression tests in the past I have always removed all the spark plugs at the start and then tested each cylinder in turn. I mentioned this to a mate recently and he told me that you should only remove the spark plug from the cylinder that is being tested and leave the rest...
  3. South Gippy Rover

    Plug lead question

    Hi guys, Have a 1975 3500s. I’m looking at replacing the HT leads and am wondering if there is a noticeable difference between the 7mm and 8mm leads when fitted. Any pros/cons, limitations, personal experience gratefully received. Cheers, Paul.
  4. South Gippy Rover

    Oil pressure gauge question

    Hi all, I have a question about oil pressure gauges. I suspect that the dash in my 1975 3500s is not the original. (The clue is the hand writing on the back which reads “rover V8 - RHD Km/h” This is the oil pressure gauge I currently have. I have a spare dash courtesy of eBay which has this...
  5. South Gippy Rover

    Faulty fuel gauge fixed!

    Hi all, This weekend I decided to fix my faulty fuel gauge. Running out of petrol with 3 kids in the car was the painful incentive I needed. After checking the advice in previous posts I need to thank Vaultsman for his labelled PCB photos in this post: Fuel & Temperature Gauges - Series 2...
  6. South Gippy Rover

    3500s for sale in Victoria

    Hi all, Just come across this on eBay. 1972 Rover Sedan P6 | eBay
  7. South Gippy Rover

    Unable to select gears

    Aaarrrgghhhh! At some point over the weekend someone has replaced my gearstick with a broom handle and a bucket of marbles! The gear selection was never that great but now it’s almost impossible. Now very difficult to select any gear including reverse. Gear selection seems ok with the engine...
  8. South Gippy Rover

    Position of coolant expansion tank

    Hi All, When I purchased my 3500s the coolant expansion tank was missing. I recently picked up this replacement, which is the same as in my previous P6. The problem is that it does not fit to the inner wing as the power steering and brake servo pipes are in the way. I’m guessing that the...
  9. South Gippy Rover

    Mid life crisis

    Just seen this book for sale in the Aldi UK catalogue for fathers day. I suspect that a few of us will end up owning a copy on the day.
  10. South Gippy Rover

    What are these tools for?

    Hi All, I am currently in the UK visiting family and have rummaged through some of the stuff I left behind. I have found a few rover items that I bought years ago (previously owned a 2000 sc from 1991 until 2008) and there are, what I think are rover tools, which I cannot recall what they are...
  11. South Gippy Rover

    Short lived joy

    Hi all, Yesterday my 3500S finally got its rego and plates 14 months after buying her. :) Apologies for the plate but I couldn’t resist! Spent all afternoon driving around having fun and finally enjoying the car. However, I returned home for 10 mins and needed to go out again so decided to...
  12. South Gippy Rover

    Slightly modified P6 on eBay uk...

    Hi all, Just stumbled upon this 3500 for sale on eBay UK. ROVER P6 4.6 V8 SUPERCHARGED MANUAL HOTROD DRAG CAR | eBay
  13. South Gippy Rover

    Which coil to use with Lumenition ignition module

    Hi All, My 1975 3500S has Lumenition electronic ignition fitted. It is currently fitted with a Bosch GT40R which has died. When I went to buy a new one, the guy in the shop (who seemed very knowledgeable) said the car needs a plain ignition coil with no ballast resistor required, as there is...
  14. South Gippy Rover

    Non starting 3500S - What have I done?

    Hi All, I have owned my 3500S for a couple of months now. It always started (past tense) first time (not drivable due to brakes and clutch) but I appear to have now broken it. It has an after market electric fuel pump and electronic ignition. I now have no spark at the plugs and no fuel from...
  15. South Gippy Rover

    V8 spark plug removal

    Hi all, Slightly embarrassing question. Is there a special spark plug tool required to remove the plugs on a V8. I've got 3 spark plug sockets all roughly the same diameter (approx 28mm). They are too wide to fit in the hole to remove the plugs. Is there a 'thin walled' socket I need or...
  16. South Gippy Rover

    Hello all. Introducing me and my 1975 3500S

    Hi All, I am now the proud owner of a red 1975 3500S. (For the Aussie members who watch eBay you may have seen it very recently). It's in pretty good condition and comes with a factory fitted sunroof. I have never bought a car 'blind' before, but was unable to travel and view the car before the...