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  1. marc78

    1964 French "Sharks Tooth" 2000

    Hello, After my initial presentation 'French touch', opening a dedicated thread to this car's new life seemed then next thing to do. So I am Marc from France and I have come to realize I have a « sharks tooth » car, is that right ? And here is the beginning of the adventure : Sept. 23rd 2019 ...
  2. marc78

    Where to source a 2000 workshop manual either paper or soft?

    Hi all, As says the title, I am looking for procuring a workshop manual and did not find the answer on the forum. I might have missed a section though! Thanks for your suggestions! Marc
  3. marc78

    French touch

    Hello, I am Marc and a proud owner of a 1964 time warp P6 that wants to fire again after 29 years in the garage. Engine is not seized nor is the gearbox. Steering box had it though. Will post next stages of the back on the road adventure!