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  1. amcdonald

    Engine Installation - What not to do?

    Hello So, I have got my rebuilt 3500 motor back from D&D Fabrications, a rebuilt BW35 slopbox and torque converter, and the part I busted on removal from HRH HarveyP6. I am nearly ready to start putting it back in. I have never done this before. question: I am not looking for detail here but...
  2. amcdonald

    All the P6’s in Wisconsin.....

    Probably shown here...... 1966 Rover 2000 | Valenti Classics
  3. amcdonald

    AED versus Choke Conversion

    On my rebuilt V8 engine I have it in mind to keep the AED for originality instead of doing a choke “upgrade” to the HS6. It was working, albeit with an aftermarket isolation needle valve in line. Do I need a mental health review if I proceed with this plan? Are there any odds that a serviced AED...
  4. amcdonald

    BW35 Selector Rod Bracket (oops)

    While removing the engine, a bit of a problem related to snagging or not disconnecting everything, I don’t quite recall, arose, The sliding bracket (compensator?) that holds the BW35 linkage plastic part was destroyed. I am looking for the bracket or the whole thing. The bracket PN is 561269...
  5. amcdonald

    Viscous Fan

    Hello I have the mysterious (to me) viscous fan on my NADA. The engine is off at Aluminum V8 for a redo and it’s threatening to make a reappearance here in Cal, but I came upon the fan when tarting up my ancillaries. The fan rotated pretty freely, which I gather is not ideal but then how free...
  6. amcdonald

    Tachometer Flick Trick

    Hello While it might be a charming feature, for the last 10yrs I have to flick the glass on my 2000TC S1 tach to get it to move. From then it works perfectly while the engine is running. Works every time, but any suggestions about how to get it up to par as the feature is slightly getting old.....
  7. amcdonald

    PAS O Ring - yes or no

    Hello Doing a rebuild of the PAS pump while the engine is out, and I have the o ring in the kit that seals the two halves of the pump. The pump was working OK and no leaks but there was no o ring in there. What’s more, the groove is interrupted by a locating pin so it looks quite unsuitable...
  8. amcdonald

    San Diego Carlsbad Cars and Coffee

    Weekly gatherings show up a varied sprinkling of Rover friends, many of which you are not often going to see with Rovers........
  9. amcdonald

    Surging, when cold

    Hello Fresh from achieving smoother running victory installing a new coil and thermostat (88degrees if I recall) on my Federal 2000TC, I now have the next thing on the list to solve - putting to one side for a moment that I neglected to set the handbrake adjustment when installing rear calipers...
  10. amcdonald

    Rough from cold - Thermostat?

    Hi Well my Federal 2000TC does not get too many miles put on but lately it’s really been horribly rough. Usually I put it down to inability to tune it up at my skill level, despite all the attempts over the years but I noticed that the temp needle is struggling to get out of the blue. It’s...
  11. amcdonald

    Front Spring Boing

    Hello When I come up the driveway for example and make a turn up the hill leading to some longer than normal driving spring travel there is a springy boinging noise that comes from the front (although not currently as the engine is removed). I have attached some pics and I wonder if anyone has...
  12. amcdonald

    I love the California DMV

    Maybe I am the first to say that, ever. At the risk of gloating a bit here is what I just received not long ago for the princely sum of about $30 a year or something.
  13. amcdonald

    NADA 3500S Might be for Sale

    Hello I have a 3500S (LHD) that is here in San Diego. It is a project that might have to be sacrificed. The unpleasant part of that (for me) is that it has a $7000 paint and body job completed. The car is free of rust as you might expect for the location and has some nice black seats and Magnum...
  14. amcdonald

    TC in SD, CA

    Not super common round these parts: 1969 ROVER TC2000 CLASSIC
  15. amcdonald

    Curved V8 Bonnet Badge

    Hello I have had two holes where the badge should be for too long. Really would like to cover them over! Actually I stupidly threw old old one away thinking that I would just get a new one. Hmmm. Thanks Adrian
  16. amcdonald

    Rear Springs Needed

    hello Can anyone recommend a source for a pair of springs for 2000TC. I had some bad experiences on this topic in the past with rears (too wide did not fit properly - needed the angle grinder to shave down to fit into cup) and fronts (no flat end so don't sit right and make a lovely boinging...
  17. amcdonald

    NADA TC on I5 in Del Mar California Magstar Wheels

    Hello Just as I got my own 2000TC back on the road, if only on Sundays, my wife snapped this one traveling North up away from San Diego. She did not gesticulate or otherwise harass the driver for fear of being determined as a nutcase. I have never seen one on the road in the USA except mine in...
  18. amcdonald

    RPMs versus MPH Mystery

    Hello In what might be my first post since the early days of the Obama presidency, I have managed to dust off the cobwebs but one mystery remains as it was then. I have a 2000TC "ornament" that I bought with 31k miles on it. Now, I am starting to rack up the miles as I am storming up on 32k...
  19. amcdonald

    Colourtune Diagnostics - or not

    Hello OK, so cylinder #1 shows a splashy, quite erratic and non steady flashing. Cylinder #4 (of 4) is quite steady without the erratic flashing and irregularity in brightness, in terms if the color and flash pattern. A can't get it to idle unless it's rich (HS8), but I don't think that is...
  20. amcdonald


    Hello On the front passenger side of my 3500S nada, on which I replaced the ball joints and springs, I notice a noise when the wheel gets deflected up (such as when driving up a ramp fast ish) that is boingy in nature. Just a little boing when the wheel goes up or down too in the reverse of...
  21. amcdonald

    Rough Running - What Next?

    Hello Apologies as this is pretty basic level stuff. Without much skill in the tune-up department, I am struggling to get my NADA3500S going. Well, it goes but badly. The power is really poor, but it is smooth at idle - especially compared to the 2000TC I am more used to. The symptom is a sort...
  22. amcdonald

    BW35 Fluid Level

    My NADA 3500 came with a pretty nasty gearbox dipstick enhancement with the aforementioned coming up into the passenger side footwell to drip on the carpet upon inspection. I chopped it off, plugged the hole, and replaced it with just the bottom portion of the dipper stick accessible from...
  23. amcdonald

    Curved V8 Bonnet Badge

    Like an idiot I threw mine away. I need an excellent condition one of these, or maybe just a replacement I can have refinished. Anyone have these? I would need the insert plugs too.
  24. amcdonald

    2000TC San Diego

    Here at the British Car Day recently. Bonus: The new wire wheels stayed on.
  25. amcdonald

    S2 Waist Trim Fixing - or not

    Hello I have some new black clips for fixing my side strips back on - eventually - and the first door that I did is terrible. The trim piece rattles around and slides about, and it appears like the clips are rather small. If you went over a bump too vigorously it might even fall off. I actually...