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  1. Pjim6

    Bonnet compatibility

    Hi , Can somebody please tell me If the series one Bonnet is the same as the series Two , Thank you.
  2. Pjim6

    Change of Tyre size ?

    Hi , I have been offered a set of Pirelli Cinturatos 185 / 70 / 14 for a good price. My question is as my car is a 72 2000 TC with standard wheels and is now shod with 175 / 80 / 14 would these be suitable or would I need to source a set of V8 wheels. Thank you in advance .
  3. Pjim6

    Gaz shocks fitting problem.

    Help . I have just purchased a set of Gaz adjustable shockers for my P6 2000 1972 . I have checked I have the correct part number but they appear to be 2 inches too long. I have tried jacking up the suspension by placing a wooden block under the disc but all that does is raise the whole car ...
  4. Pjim6

    Bath and West Show . Shepton Mallet.

    Hi , Can somebody please tell me which Rover club has a stand at the above show . ?
  5. Pjim6

    White horse classic and vintage vehicle show

    Anybody from the P6 club or P6oc or any p6 owner going to the White Horse classic car show in Westbury. Over 300 vehicles are booked in . It should be a great show.
  6. Pjim6

    Bowood house Classic car show

    Hi , Anybody going to the Classic car show at Bowood House tomorrow ? I am going hoping to see a nice tc for sale .
  7. Pjim6

    MOT exempt

    Just started looking for a decent 2000 tc . I have had a conversation with my insurance company regarding MOT exempt vehicles . They told me on a new policy they would like proof of roadworthyness or an MOT certificate. They stated that in the event of an accident without any MOT on the vehicle...
  8. Pjim6


    Hi , I am just about to enter the world of P6 ownership . I have had a Jaguar , TVR ,various MGs , Gilbern and a Scimitar. I do most of my own maintenance. I am looking for a decent 2000 tc ( separate post on this subject ). I am based in Trowbribge, Wiltshire.