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    Exhaust parts wanted

    Hello, I'm looking for exhaust parts for my series 1 3500, on a budget as I've got my wedding a month today, but need the car right for the big day! :)
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    Rear mudflaps

    After a pair of the rear mudflaps with the Rover logos on them for the 3500. Doesn't matter if they aren't the tidiest, as my 3500 has plenty of patina, but I find it looks a bit funny without them, as the 2000 has them fitted! :) Let me know what you have!
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    1969 3500 Series 1 in April Yellow

    Well, this wasn't planned. As you know, I've got a very yellow series 1 2000, and have something of a yellow Rover fixation. Anyway, I received a Facebook message a week ago, from a very nice fellow who I'd never met, telling me he had a Series 1 3500 in April Yellow which he needed rid of in...
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    Pair of Cibie Driving lights

    Due to the fact my 75 is costing me a fortune in clutch-related woes, these Cibies are for sale. A lovely pair of Cibie driving lights, as so often fitted to Rover P6s, particularly Series ones. There is one foglight, and one spotlight, and both lamps come complete with covers, which still have...
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    Lunar Grey 2200TC in Castle Douglas

    A few of my friends have reported seeing a 'Greyish Green' Rover 2200TC around Castle Douglas, yesterday. I assume this is Steve JVY? If so, my friends have all commented on how nice the car looks! If you're still in the area, and see the Scimitar, give me a wave! :)
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    VIP on ebay!

    Just spotted this, and a very interesting car, it would seem! I've never seen a VIP in reality, but I've always been curious about them! ... 23397ca83a
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    Slot Mags for P6

    Not too often you see these for a P6, and, on the right, very 70s car, they could look excellent! ... 2ed121fdaf
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    1990 Rover 827 Fastback

    Provisionally for sale. It's with a heavy heart that I'm advertising my Rover 827 for sale. It is a lovely, genuine car, with a very low mileage of just 39,800 miles, though this is rising, and will likely be 40,000 very soon. It had one very long term owner from 1990, until 2011, and since then...
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    A non-Rover joins the fleet

    Well, it seems that my urge to buy older cars could not be stopped, once again, and, as a result, I'm now the very proud owner of a 1979 Reliant Scimitar SE6A. It's in very agreeable condition, though it requires a little bit of work, but it'll be a fun car to work my way through, and enjoy! It...
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    Selection of Non-Rover factory workshop manuals

    I've got some factory workshop manuals for classics/older stuff, which I need to get rid of. So, if you've got a Triumph TR7, Dolomite Sprint, Dolomite 1500, Acclaim, Rover 418, Maestro van, Austin Allegro, or MG Magnette (Farina), or Riley 4/68, 4/72 or Riley 1.5/Wolseley 1500, please get in...
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    Nice, honest-looking S1 2000

    This looks like a very genuine 2000, to me. Arden's one of my favourite colours, and although it looks like a polish could be in order, I think it's tidy. The interior is very unmolested, and aside from the questionable painting under the bonnet, I think it's good car...
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    3500 Series 1 with air-con

    Certainly a fair amount of work to be done on this one, and it's got a Series 2 bonnet, and, I suspect, front valance, give the way that the grille isn't sitting properly. However, it has got air-con, and a Toledo Red interior in its favour. A lot of work, but, potentially, a nice car. Bit more...
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    What a mark-up! 2200SC

    This is interesting, as I reckon the original selling price truly reflects the current P6 market, whereas the current price is just preposterous. Before: ... 19e980fab9 After: Hope they've sorted the colour...
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    Another dear P6

    This has been tarted up a lot since it was on ebay last year, looking very dejected, for very little money.
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    Early 3500 back up for sale

    I see that the very early Tobacco Leaf S2 3500 (27) that formerly belonged to Pilkie, is now back up for sale, at £1995, on Gumtree. ... 1049795818
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    Hollandia Electric Sunroof

    This is something I've never seen for sale before. I've seen manual ones, but an electric one seems very unusual! Certainly not cheap, but could be a lovely accessory for someone to fit. ... 3a8af4518a
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    Very late, S-registered 2200TC

    This looks like an interesting car, being on such a late registration. 2200TCs are a variant that I'd like to own at some point in the future, but this one is just too far South for me to consider, at the moment. Pity that the rear valance and rear wings have a considerable amount of black...
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    I've bought another Rover, and a type I've not owned before

    It seems that I've bought yet another Rover. . It's a 1990 H registered 827Si, with an auto box, 2.7 Honda V6, and it's quite nice being a pre-cat, giving it just a little more go. It has only covered 39,000 miles from new, and has a very large history file. It isn't taxed or MOT'd, so it's very...
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    Moving a car from Motherwell to Castle Douglas

    Just on the off-chance that somebody fancies taking their car trailer for a trip, with expenses paid, to move a Rover that I'm in the process of trying to buy.
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    Mexico Brown 3500 with Mango interior

    This looks like a nice project, and given how nice the boxpleat looks, I could believe that mileage to be genuine, potentially! Worth a look for someone on here, depending on the extent of the welding it requires. ... 1c3a397278
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    3500 Series 1 Project

    This looks very original, and doesn't appear to have been messed with. Great colour, and a good basis for restoration, I'd say! Doesn't look too bad externally, but I wonder what it's like behind the panels. Could be a nice project. ... 3cd977d3b6
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    Rover 75 2.0 V6 Club SE

    I thought I may as well post a few photos of my Rover 75 2.0 Club SE manual, which I first purchased in 2011, as a modern daily, for the winter, to allow me to get some jobs done on the P6. At that time, it had done around 75,000 miles, and had one owner from new, with full history, all three...
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    1966 2000

    This looks like it's potentially a nice example. Looks like it's Arden Green, with what appears to be London Tan upholstery. Pity there's not much of a description, but it's reasonably priced. ... 1e82f62d96
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    2200 Automatic

    This really caught my eye. It's far from perfect, but, it looks unmolested, and genuine, unlike so many of the cars I've seen advertised. Obviously some panel damage, and a couple of rusty doors to contend with, but I suspect that this is a jolly nice car.
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    1967 2000 Automatic

    I've realised that I haven't actually put up any photos of my car in the gallery, so, here is a bit of a quick history of my ownership, in photos! Where it all began, in Chelmsford, 2010. Shortly after getting the car roadworthy, two weeks after buying it. Back on the road after major...