2000 tc

  1. E

    Steering Wheel Removal

    Can someone please help me remove the steering wheel base on my 1969 2000 TC? I am trying to get to the turn signal/horn signal. I was able to get the wheel off but not the base that looks like it slots into the indicator. Do I need a puller to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  2. P

    Wanted- series 2 2000TC

    Dear All The time has finally come for me to start my journey into p6 ownership. I am after a very good example of a series 2 2000TC. In any colour as long as its an original p6 colour in any country. As long as it does not have a vinal roof. The later the better as i do prefer the later...
  3. Dominic Yates

    1972 2000 TC Valuation?

    Good morning everyone. After a recent employment change I am in need of a vehicle a little more practical and to be honest, it would be a shame to see Black Betty used as a work vehicle anyway. As much as it pains me to see it go, the Rover deserves more than just being used as a work bus so...
  4. T

    Rover P6 2000TC 1968, Swedish car, no rust, in The Netherlands

    Hi, I have for sale: a dark green Rover P6, 2000 TC from 1968, so an early model. Car is located in the eastern part of The Netherlands, about 2 hours drive from the ferry. It is a very nice car, with a good engine. It was registered in Sweden, all its life it was in Sweden, so there is no rust...