1. Jorgenson

    Recommend clutch for a 4.6 Engine

    I will soon install a strong 4.6 liter in my p6 with R380 5 speed gearbox. I have the 5 speed box already installed for some years with a normal sd1 clutch. I'm not satisfied with the clutch, it does not feel good, especially when approaching. Now I want a better clutch for the 4.6. Can you...
  2. alfesti

    4.6 oil pick up

    Hi, Ive got a question for the folks who've done a 4.6 conversion. Im part way through and have found the oil pick up strainer on the GEMS 4.6 is mounted to the timing cover - on the 3.5 it was in the middle of the block. The 4.6 still has the older mounting so I can bolt the oil pick up...